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The Bureaucratic Monopoly of Necessities

Afromerica is a firm believer of people having rights to the necessities of life, such as food, water, shelter, and of the more recent modern necessities of electricity and gas, which are not actually necessities in the sense of human survival but needed in today's society for a decent life. Food, water, and shelter are necessities that if a person is deprived of could result in health problems, which in turn could lead to death. Thus, these necessities should never be withheld from anyone.

The human body is made up of 75% water thus we need water to sustain us. We need water to drink, bath, and to use for cooking. There is no reason anyone should have to pay for water simply because it is a God-given resource. The government should provide water services free of charge and no company should ever attempt to maintain a monopoly on water.

Some foods grow from the earth and these are also God-given and should not cost a dime. Though farmers work hard to bring forth the crop, they should be paid for their labors and once again, the government should handle that. Cattle, livestock, and fish are all God-given resources of protein meant for the consumption of human beings, what right does any company have to charge for what is naturally free.

Shelter is another necessity. Without adequate shelter, humans are susceptible to the elements. The current state of society in developing housing is outrageously selfish. Not only are many eliminated from owning shelter but home-owning privilege has been set-aside for people belonging only to the labor force. However, every year families lose their homes to banks and mortgage companies even after a job layoff.

If people cannot meet the expectations of the banking world, they are forced to rent or live in someone else's home until they can meet the standards. In other countries, the government pays for family's homes for the year or give them a home to past on to their children. The understanding is that people need shelter and cannot produce effectively without it, as with water and food.

In a society where survival of the fittest reigns as the social norm, anyone who cannot attain these necessities by way of contributing to the labor force will go without, which means that if a person cannot afford to pay for these necessities, they are not worthy of them. By what means and behind what logic do they justify this theory?

Based on the old founding father's philosophy of hard work and thrift and survival of the fittest, America has chosen to ignore the basics of humanity. This is the consequence of a predominantly capitalist society, however. The more money one has the more they qualify for basic human needs.

Though there are humanitarian organizations that specialize in providing assistance for these services, the overall social standard is to provide these services to people who will pay for them. The resources of the earth are here for all to live from and when these resources are withheld from the people the leaders will be cursed, not only by the people, but also by the God who gave the resources.

Hunger and homelessness is a problem created by social standards not by individual competence. In the richest nation in the world, there should be no hunger or homelessness. No researchers conduct studies or write reports that reveal the fact that more people are hungry and homeless because of social standards than are because of incompetence. This type study would not look good for lawmakers and politicians.

Money is the bottom line. Companies need money to cover cost, families need money for these services, and the government needs money for international trade. To produce electricity and gas-powered vehicles are man-made inventions and does require substantial amounts of money, but water, food, and shelter is not under the authority of man, but of God.

America is one of the few countries that charge for all necessities whereas many other countries provide at least one freely. Thus, the American economic system of capitalism is a crime against humanity.

© 2003 by C.R. Hamilton

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