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cointelpro (4K)Liberal Leaders Make Liberal Followers

The reason Black America has only liberal leaders who are continually spotlighted in the media is because it is an agenda purposefully planned that way. If the people see only liberal, indoctrinated Black leaders speaking the agenda of progressive white America, then the people will tend to believe liberal ideology.

There is no real Black militant leadership, a leadership that stands before the American public and pronounce truth and expose racism, or teach Black people to think and become independent of the U.S. government, or to form Black resistance to the social and political trends of society. The nation fears this. They feared it when Marcus Garvey spoke of Black Nationalism and when Malcolm X sought to teach Blacks how to resist Uncle Tomism.

It is not because Black America has lost its militant identity or that the nationalist concept is dead, but because there is no promotion of it to the masses through the media, it is censored and those voices are silenced. As the FCC regulates what Hollywood can and cannot produce, they and political and social gatekeepers regulate what message is sent to Black America. This is done through the long-standing concept of organized coercion.

Cointelpro 5 main objectives
1. Prevent the coalition of militant Black Nationalist groups.
2. Prevent the rise of a "messiah" who could unify and electrify the militant Black movement.
3. Prevent violence on the part of Black Nationalist groups.
4. Prevent militant Black Nationalist groups and leaders from gaining respectability, by discrediting them.
5. Prevent the long-range growth of militant Black Nationalist organizations.

Orchestrated by the late sinister J. Edgar Hoover and carried out by the FBI, Cointelpro (counterintelligence program)

How to get Around Cointelpro Ideology

Black America must not support liberal leaders promoted into the political arena. We must withdraw from the U.S. political party system altogether (meaning Democrat and Republican) and organize a system rooted in the interest of Black America only. Only then can we relate to other minority races and cultures genuinely, if we first organize for ourselves.

We must orchestrate a doctrine for our children and an agenda for our schools. We must address the problems of the Black family by building a moral foundation based on nature and not social trends. We must recycle our money back into our communities and resist giving it to suburban communities.

This will give Black America a strong moral identity and the media or American gatekeepers cannot undermine that. Though we would be watched thoroughly by U.S. Intelligence, we will have complete control over our own affairs and this is called, personal, or collective responsibility.

© 2005 by Afro Staff

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