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CBCA Personified Analysis of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC)

This is not about what CBC member voted for what bill or for which of the two evils a CBC member supports from a hidden agenda, no. This is about which stock of the Black America these people came from, their ideology concerning life and how they inherited it, and the self-serving agenda they impose on Black America and present to white America.

The CBC is a collection of bourgeoisie Blacks who have the primary goal of establishing an identity separate from that of the masses of Black America. Believe this, when video clip of the brother in New Orleans walking out of the store with a television on his shoulder played thirty times each day on mainstream media, these individuals of the CBC buried their faces in shame, which added to the chip on the shoulder of animosity toward the masses of their poor [Black] underlings.

Where is this coming from? The CBC public agenda itself, which if analyzed thoroughly enough, express those very sentiments and exposes an inherent psyche of the members collectively. The CBC is a conglomeration of individuals from the Black Greek letter organizations of America's colleges and Black colleges. Much of their support for Katrina victims come from Fraternal and Sorority societies along with more nationally known American relief and government organizations.

Psychoanalysed years ago by the mind of E. Franklin Frazier, he says:

"These Greek letter societies are especially important in molding the outlook of the Black bourgeoisie. In the Negro colleges, membership in these organizations indicates that the student has escaped from his working-class background and achieved middle-class status. In their social activities these societies foster all the middle-class values, especially conspicuous consumption" (Frazier, Black Bourgeoisie pg. 85).

Each individual member shines to God in their own way and no one knows the heart but God, however, when gathered together to represent American Democracy on the utmost professional and boigie level, the light of God is smothered beneath the persona of mainstream pretentiousness.

In a Radio address entitled "Message to America" Representative William Jefferson (D-La.) issued this statement:

"Hello, this is Representative William Jefferson and I represent the city of New Orleans and the surrounding suburbs. I am happy to speak to you today on behalf of the Congressional Black Caucus.

"As you know, Hurricane Katrina devastated our city with its high winds and unprecedented flood waters. As you may have seen in media reports, many displaced New Orleans residents are our poorest citizens and most of them are African-American.

"We, as a community, need to rally around our people, our neighbors. I am issuing a call of action to our sororities, fraternities, civic organizations, professional and community groups, churches, school groups - everyone to lend a helping hand. The displaced people in Louisiana and neighboring states need clothes, shoes, canned food and juices, water, toiletries, feminine products and other items necessary for survival in their temporary situations.

"I urge you to host food and clothing drives; get out in your community. If you live in a community that is hosting a large number of Katrina refugees, please do all that you can to help them. If you have family from New Orleans, please take them in. This is a time for us to come together and support those in need, and we are in dire need.

"To find out more about how you can help, please call the Red Cross at 1-800-HELP-NOW. Contact the local Red Cross chapter in Houston to donate directly to those people transferred to the Houston Astro Dome.

"And finally, thank you all for your prayers and support. On behalf of the Congressional Black Caucus, I am Congressman William Jefferson and this has been the CBC Message to America."

This speech was mere public relations. Though appropriate for the occasion, it actually reveals the overall agenda for the organization as a whole, which is nothing more than a public relations front for the Black bourgeoisie. The speech was a shout in an empty tunnel because many grassroots organizations - without the help of any bureaucratic organization - jumped to relief efforts from a humanitarian motive, not a public relations motive as did the CBC.

Dropping down from the stage of Katrina and the CBC's efforts, we now look deep into their everyday activities and how they actually serve the Black community. According to the priorities of the CBC, they seek to accomplish the below list. Though these things can be accomplished, the way in which the CBC has gone about accomplishing them are questionable, which is through voting and legislation.



Afromerica Interpretation
The core mission of the CBC is simply unattainable when depending entirely on voting and politics. Suggesting these ideas to Congress is as far as the CBC or any political interest group ever gets when the political route is taken. Disaster and revolution is what this country's leaders understand and will ever actually react to.


Since the formation of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), the core mission of the CBC has been to close (and, ultimately, to eliminate) disparities that exist between African-Americans and white Americans in every aspect of life. These continuing and troubling disparities make it more difficult, and often make it impossible, for African-Americans to reach their full potential. In pursuing the core mission of the CBC, the CBC has been true to its motto that "the CBC has no permanent friends and no permanent enemies, just permanent interests."

(AI) - Afromerica Interpretation
Remember, when the CBC refers to African-Americans, they are referring to their constituency, not the masses. They speak of those that fall into their clique and can hold their own in social gatherings of the elite. They do not give heed to the actual needs of the poor Blacks in urban America because they too - like their elitist white counterparts - have become indifferent toward the poor, and we will prove this.

The CBC acknowledges the unfortunate fact that disparities between African-Americans and white Americans continue to exist in 2005 in every aspect of our lives and that the historical mission of the CBC has not yet been fully accomplished. Therefore, the members of the CBC have adopted this Agenda in the 109th Congress that recommits us to the historic mission of the CBC - working to close and eliminate disparities and toward the goal of full equality. Consistent with our motto, we will continue to work with all who are willing to work with us to help advance our Agenda and achieve this goal.

Their goal? To achieve equality for the middle-class when it pertains to public recognition and clout, not actual equality as in human equality. They have abandoned that idea when they pledged themselves to American Democracy and Capitalism. It is not about equality among the people, but survival of the fittest, they prove this when they seek to advance themselves above the impoverished and uneducated.

When they come together to address the public or have a public "town meeting," the activities automatically filter down and out the lower-income groups by means of economic ability. Take for instance the latest Conference held in Washington DC.

SEPTEMBER 21 - 24, 2005
Washington Convention Center
Washington, DC

The Annual Legislative Conference (ALC) is considered to be the premier African American conference on policy issues. The ALC provides the platform for the 43 African American Members of Congress to share the progress of their work on legislative items and also allows for the exchange of ideas correlated to policy issues that are of critical concern to their constituents.

Forty-three African-Americans gather to discuss the "progress of their work on legislative items and...policy issues that are of critical concern to their constituents." Where does the critical concerns for the masses come in? What about the increase of Jailing of our Black youth? What about the man-made AIDS plague that threatens Black America? What about the biased family courts taking our children and destroying our families? What about drugs being pushed into Black communities? What about racist hiring practices, institutional discrimination, and mainstream stereotyping of low-income Blacks?

While the ALC provides the opportunity for attendees to acquaint themselves with the 43 Members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), the ALC is also a time for people from across the nation to come together in one place, at one time to focus on the pressing issues that challenge Black America. During this conference, people from all walks of life can be found in the Washington Convention Center. Anyone who cares about the health, economic, educational and political state of Black communities is certain to be present.

"Attendees, people from all walks of life, anyone who cares." In other words, the common folk aside from the CBC members themselves and their elitist constituency. Though these type people may attend, the agenda will remain the same, which is the agenda of the CBC and the interest of their secret societies and political lobbyist.

It is during the National Town Hall Meeting that a distinguished panel and audience members will further explore this year's theme as they engage in a lively dialogue about the most important issues that will help define a common agenda for Black people across the nation.

For those who want to understand the intricacies of our nation's policies, the ALC is an ideal conference to gather and process such information. Sessions such as the CPAR Future Focus Forums have been especially designed to equip participants with comprehensive information and analysis along with strategies that can be utilized to effect change. The topics that are presented during ALC cover just about all of the areas that are discussed within the halls of Congress.

The areas discussed within the halls of Congress are areas that serve the interest of Congress, not the people. The people are not interested in what Congress has to say because they already know what that message is, "you're on your own." The people want change and an end to psychological oppression and discrimination, stereotyping, family destruction, drug agendas in Black communities and other such real life areas not on the plate of Congress or the CBC.

A preliminary list of Issue Forum and Braintrust sessions is an indication that the ALC is for everyone. Elected officials, educators, government agencies, researchers, policy practitioners, students, clergy, community leaders, business professionals, corporations, public servants, organizations, entrepreneurs, industry representatives, retirees, activists and advocates, youth and everyday citizens will all find something of interest during this 4-day conference.

After a full day of substantive sessions, registrants are provided opportunities to network with other attendees, conference speakers and panelists, sponsors and Members of Congress during such events as the CBCF Chair's Reception and the After Dinner Gala. The Exhibit Showcase also provides ample networking opportunities as companies and organizations distribute information and products tailored to the needs of our attendees. Entertainment is provided to registrants who attend the Jazz Concert and the Gospel Extravaganza.

Notice the words Gala and Extravaganza, words adorned and idolized by the bourgeoisie. With guest who attended such as Halli Berry, Barak Obama, John Kerry, Jesse Jackson, Dick Gregory, Tom Joyner, and such of the liberal left along with the liberal media. It is this group whose agenda was on the plate, not Black America and certainly not the troubles of the poor of the Katrina catastrophe. It is this "Gala" type mind-set that the bourgeoisie clings to and flaunts in aftermaths and public forums for the publicity and glory, not to actually help build a better Black America.

The ALC also serves as the CBCF's main fundraiser. Your purchase of tickets to events such as the Prayer Breakfast, the Annual Awards Dinner and the CBC Spouses Events helps CBCF to fund its core initiatives and programs that are described throughout the CBCF website.

This is where the elite are separated from the masses. When the tickets go on sale and when dinner is served at $40, 70, 100 a plate. This is how the masses are weeded out and the elitist get to socialize amongst their own kind and discuss their true agenda, which is to remain atop the African-American scale of stratification. To hell with the victims of Katrina, we must maintain our status.

We hope that you will decide to be a part of this important educational and empowering 35th Annual Legislative Conference. It promises to be moving and momentous!


Not to suggest that the CBC does not care about the state of Black America, it does, but not the Black America you and I know of and live every day. They care about the Black world of make believe that E. Franklin Frazier refers to when he said:

"The delusion of power also appears to provide an escape for middle-class Negroes from the world of reality which pierces through the world of make-believe of the Black bourgeoisie. The positions of power which they occupy in the Negro world often enable them to act autocratically towards other Negroes, especially when they have the support of the white community. In such cases the delusion of power may provide an escape from their frustrations.

It is generally, however, when middle-class Negroes hold positions enabling them to participate in the white community that they seek in the delusion of power an escape from their frustrations.. Although their position may be only a "token" of the integration of the Negro into American life, they will speak and act as if they were a part of the power structure of America society. Negro advisers who are called into council by whites to give advice about Negroes are especially likely to find an escape from their feelings of inferiority in the delusion of power" (Frazier, pg. 199).

Source from:

© September 2005 by CR Hamilton

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