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Doggy and Pussy Rule: A Message For African Liberation
By Ras Jahaziel

In answer to the question "why commemorate African Liberation," the reason is very simple. It makes sense to STOP pulling the plough at least long enough to ask yourself HOW COME more than five hundred years have passed since being BROKEN-IN and enslaved on the plantation, and yet we can barely rest one day from our job of building the master's house?

One time we were LOCKED DOWN in the cotton fields from dusk to dawn, and now we are LOCKED DOWN in the concrete time bomb, heads bowed in servery, still laboring from dusk to dawn, STILL LABORING TO MAKE THE BOSS RICH.

The truth has to be faced. IF YOU ARE NOT GETTING MORE FREER, YOU ARE GETTING MORE CHAINED and more locked-down. No condition is stationary today. If you see a man tomorrow you can rest assured that he has either grown stronger or grown weaker. If you have to bypass your own self-development now because of economic necessity, chances are that old age will find you STILL A CONCRETE SLAVE.

The goal of African Liberation cannot be achieved without the liberation of the Black family, and the shackles that now grip the Black family are not just economic. They also stem from THE DETHRONEMENT OF THE BLACK GODHEAD. This dethronement means a loss of self-control, a loss of vision, and a loss of direction. How can you liberate a race or a nation if you cannot restore the spiritual health of the family? The family is the thermometer of the nation. Check the condition of the family and it will tell you where the nation is going.

A healthy family starts with A KING AND A QUEEN who have a relationship that goes far beyond sex, and in a dollar-bill system where even oxygen will soon have a cost, they must also have an economic base that is capable of meeting their growing demands, without compromising their spiritual base.

If you are a LANDLESS slave-descendant trapped in the grim conditions of the concrete time bomb, it is very easy to sacrifice your spiritual base on the altar of compromise JUST TO SURVIVE. The pressures are designed to make you a helpless pawn in the game of economic imperialism, and many today are selling even their self-respect. It is not an accident that SEX TOURISM is one of the main income earners in the third world today.

These are the mounting and relentless pressures that now confront the Black family, and without vision and self-control, many will blindly wear the mark of the beast. A time of crisis demands strong measures of self-discipline. Without it, misery will increase and your soul will soon become mummified under the concrete.

Many are the families that are breaking up because sex was the only cement that brought them together, or because stress and strain developed when growing demands could not be met. These are the forces of disintegration that are at work in the Black community today, and every Black youth needs to be educated to understand these forces which threaten to stress out their lives and hasten old-age prematurely.

Too many relationships are based on sex alone, and too many families have no viable economy that can meet their growing demands. Out of such stress and disharmony, children are born mixed-up and confused, psychologically mal-adjusted in a system that thrives on "correcting" them by means of the prison-house. Torn by the winds of confusion and without any stable force in their lives, it is little wonder that at a very early age so many are capable of manifesting demonic attitudes. From their very beginnings, everything points to violence and the prison house.

In every Black community it is the same PERMANENT CRISIS. Every where can be found children that only know one parent, and every where can be found the single woman with many children from different men. The Plantation never had a shortage of breeders, but up to this day there is still a very critical shortage of FATHERS.

That is the prevailing pattern, which must be checked, or else sufferation will continue to increase. In most cases, mouths are increasing faster than food provision, and what is the result? MALNUTRITION, DESPERATION, and also SPIRITUAL STAGNATION, because as history has shown, a people who are unable to meet their daily needs of food, clothing and shelter can hardly be expected to attain to the higher realms of culture and spirituality.

In such a condition of CONCRETE BONDAGE one does not even have TIME to think. One is always too busy in pursuit of the dollar, and one's thoughts are always preoccupied with THE PROGRAM THAT THE SLAVE MASTER PUT IN ONE'S HEAD. It is like if one is running, running, running, and the dollar bill is always just beyond reach, never able to get enough. It really is true that "we've been trodding on the winepress for much too long." Just continuing to build another man's castles while living from RENT TO RENT.

To a people who are plagued with this long continuing and worsening malady, it should be fairly obvious by now that the slave-master has cleverly contrived a way to get his JOB done, and he is so smart that he does not even need a whip. He has set up instead; something called DOGGY AND PUSSY RULE. He makes sure that all the foods that are consumed by his slaves are laced with APHRODISIACS. Not only the foods that go through their mouths, but also the foods that go through THEIR EARS AND THEIR EYES, the spiritual food that is manufactured by places like LOWLY-WOOD (holly-wood)

Fed with these APHRODISIACS, even the smallest child is geared up in a frenzy of SEXUAL OVER-DRIVE, and the result is CHILDREN GETTING CHILDREN. Normally, the horse should go in front of the cart, but now children are being born before their parents even know how to provide for themselves. The birds wait for the right season and then build their nest. After they have done all that, they start to lay eggs. Not so in the kingdom of DOGGY AND PUSSY RULE.

There is no "right season". Anytime, anyplace, and even with anyone. "I like you, you like me, it feel sweet, let's do it." That is how the community is growing, multiplying in numbers and multiplying in misery. By all means, between the legs must be kept hot. If one man jumps off, another must jump on right away. But this is the way of DOGGY AND PUSSY RULE. It is not the way of the CONSCIOUS ITHIOPIAN whose eyes are set on the vision of AFRICAN LIBERATION.

The CONSCIOUS ITHIOPIAN knows that as a people, we are in a very, very deep hole that is getting deeper year by year, and the options that have been left open are very limited: one can cling to the ways of habit and custom without change, and decide to run harder, run faster, run, run, run, and thus fulfill the role of the horse that is running down the hill behind the cart and trying to catch up.

One can tell oneself "I will continue to do what I am doing and hope for a miracle, maybe Jeezus will drop out of the sky and change things." Or like a CONSCIOUS Ithiopian one can take a mirror and look oneself in the eyes and say "I WILL NO LONGER ALLOW DOGGY AND PUSSY TO RULE MY HEAD. I will remove pants and panties from over my head and instead put on my thinking cap. I refuse to be just a penis on two feet with no head, no vision and no direction. I refuse to be just a thirsty clitoris living only for sensual satisfaction."

Now is the time more than ever to say the mantras of self-redemption:

THE RESURRECTION OF BLACK ROYALTY will start with my family. As King and Queen we will start to relate to each other according to A DIVINE ORDER and not on an animal order.

We will equip ourselves with SKILLS, with KNOWLEDGE, and with SELF-CONTROL.

We will focus our energies and meditation on creating spiritual and physical gardens that can nourish our children like young plants.

We will seek diligently to create an alternative culture in light of the fact that the beast is surrounding our children every day with all kinds of enticements.

We will not give the job of nurturing our children to the likes of WALT DISNEY.

We shall build a cultural and spiritual umbrella that will shelter our children on this journey through the land of Sodom and Gomorrah.

We are not bringing these children into the world to carry the mark of the beast.

We are getting children to fulfill the higher vision of AFRICAN REDEMPTION AND REPATRIATION, not getting children to replenish the ranks of the concrete slave system.

In all our getting of children, we are not getting MORE LABORERS FOR THE FACTORY.

We shall break the spell and put an end to the cycle that condemned us to be PLANTATION LABOR-SUPPLIERS FOREVER.

We shall use our creativity positively so that we will not continue to live every day JUST ENOUGH FOR THE CITY, sweating every day in the massa's sweat shops, from youth to old age, from generation to generation, and from rent to rent.

The fulfillment of this vision of AFRICAN REDEMPTION must involve making a big stop. STOP DOING THINGS IN THE WAY OF PLANTATION NEGROES. The crazy-ness must stop. The helpless-ness must stop. We cannot afford to be driven any longer on the currents of animal desire, rudderless and thoughtless.

The flow of our lives must be directed and controlled from ABOVE our waist and not BELOW our waist. This is the way of THE DIVINE FAMILY. This is the way of THE HIGHER ORDER, A KING WITH A QUEEN and not a man with a man or a woman with a woman according to the batty-man order. Respecting THE BOUNDARIES OF NATURAL-NESS and equipped with the disciplines of SELF-CONTROL., the people that were lost are bound to achieve the goal of TRUE AFRICAN LIBERATION.

When this ROYAL ORDER is set in place, the multiplying of numbers in the Black community will no longer mean a multiplication of concrete slaves and the multiplication of misery, but a multiplication of that spiritual and cultural force which alone can break the age-old cycle of misery and abject dependency.


RAS JAHAZIEL - Rastafari Visions

© 2005 by RAS JAHAZIEL

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