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interracial (1K)Inner-Race Relations in a Racial Society

Interracial dating and marriage is another taboo social issue often avoided in everyday conversation, though is going on all around us each day. When someone of one race decides to "change teams", there is always opposition from either one or both sides.

According to a study from the Pew Research Center, recent data reveal that 63% of people polled believe that "Interracial marriages are GOOD because they help break down racial barriers" and 26% believed that Interracial marriages are BAD because mixing races reduces the special talents." Six-percent were neutral on the matter and 5% did not know.

Out of those polled, 70 percent of whites and 82 percent of blacks approved of interracial dating. Why is it that more Blacks approve of interracial dating and or marriage? Let us analyze this theory.

Most would think that Blacks are more apt to turn toward the white race because they believe they are getting a better deal. On the other hand, why would whites change teams? Some would feel that whites would because they would like to try something new and different, maybe even living on the "wild side."

This would probably be the first notion of the reasons. However, let us look at the individual sexes. Black women are more likely to go white men because of the shortage of Black men and or they feel they would have more control. Black men may change teams because they know they would have more control and or they are trying to prove a point.

White women may "go Black" because they were told all their lives not to and white men "go Black" because it is probably in their nature to, like their forefathers. Whatever the reason for either of these species to date outside of their race, interracial dating and marriage draw criticism from the opposing team at every site of a mixed couple.

The opposing viewpoint would rather keep everything in its proper perspective and not throw the cosmos out of sync. Many believe that inter-mixing of the races is not right before God, such as the Bob Jones University, who remains in a state of third world ideology despite their recent removal of the ban on interracial couples at the school.

Others do not care and believe that love matters before race. This mind-set is one that takes a multicultural snapshot of society and weighs the odds for the future. At some point, America will be the complete melting pot of the world, but how will this mix affect race relations? Will it hurt or strengthen America?

Depending on the tolerance of racism in America's future, no one can tell. However, it seems that the old die-hard racist of the country are dying out and a new generation is evolving. One that is more willing to accept a mixture of peeps and who will not view race at a factor when it comes to love.

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