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blkcouple (2K)Black Love, in Modern Day America

Don't say a word, let me guess; you've experienced betrayal, violent abusiveness, (physical and/or verbal,) rejection, disrespect and oh yeah, apathy. You've probably also been forced to wonder, "Isn't there anything sacred?" Now, you've probably also wondered; "If a truly monogamous marital commitment was ever meant to be, then why does it never seem to work?"

This is the "glorious" optimism of our people! And in truth, there is nothing more beautiful! Honest inquisition of any subject is always beautiful. Because it is pure, untainted by filth of any kind. It is the last source of purity, as a matter of fact, on earth. And yet, it is also a double- edged sword, and I'll show you why.

First, let's examine the root cause for your misery. Not some of the root causes, the root cause. Because PERVERSION is vital in this society, (and in mostly the entire modern world that they so confidently boast about,) to coagulate its own purpose, the perverse has intentionally been encouraged to infest every area of any life it can. Why? Because it makes "good business," plain and simple. Without perversion as the anchor of the industrial machine, the American economy could not survive. Are there any "alternate economies?" Black people, that's up to you.

Speaking of creative economies, Black people, do you think you could have ever been enslaved if there'd never been anyone who hadn't given "honest inquisition" in the matters regarding the fruits of destroying your dignity and making you a slave? It, (the thought) was pure filth untainted by any remote resemblance of humanistic civility what-so-ever. Yet, it was pure of its own intent. Such are the properties of the double-edged sword. Think about this.

Brothers, brothers, I'm convinced, there's no creature in existence more beautiful than a Black woman, and no, she is not perfect, but, she is worth every effort we in our relatively "obtuse" masculinity itself; can summon-up, to encourage her and heal her and respect her and love her. She needs us too.

This society has run so violently and determinately over her self-esteem, her dignity, her heart and her innocence for so long, she has become numb with indifference and hopelessness. Are you surprised?

Therefore, I'm not even remotely suggesting that you give-up! On the contrary, I'm suggesting that you get even deeper involved with your natural woman, our sons require it of you. We're worth it. Turn the television off!

© 2004 by B.W.Hamilton

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