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poetry (4K)Displaying the poetic talents of Black America, Afro Poetry & Prose section captures the imagination, expresses the inner-thoughts and experiences of emerging and established writers.

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An Honorable Salute - ArtistCHD

Bush, Drugs, Cheney, God, and Jihad - Reynard N. Blake

Just Imagine - By Henry Brown

Distractions - By CarierX

My Colors - By R. Lee Gordon

When U Smile Angels Cry - By Yahoiakim Ysra'el

A Swingin' Affair - By Eric L. Wattree, Sr.

Addiction for Black Women - By Johnathan Brown Jr.

Mush-Bush Imbroglio - By Nandlal K Pancholi

Girlfriend - By Kecia

Dear SAMAFORM - By Mankind Olawale Oyewumi

He Loves - By Irresistible

Turn Tyrant Tradition Topsy Turvy - By Nandlal Kanjibhai Pancholi

That Man - By Marcus

Gnalafostohk - By Rethabile Masilo

Transparent Techknowledgy - By Kumi Rauf

Movement - By Ba'Kojo AbeamAlight

Holla - By M. Bennett Hooper

Burned - By I-khan

African King - By Erika Hudson

Survival - By Chukuka

Lament of "The D" - By Rev. Reynard N. Blake, Jr

Acknowledgment of a Colored Child - By Celebre

Neocon Artists - By Reynard N. Blake, Jr.

Possessed By My Ancestors - By Kwaku

As I Ponder - By Chukuka

Refused To Be Used - By Delores Thomas

Diversion to the Soul - By Ekt

Quiet Quick - By Erika Hudson

What's Happenin? - By I-kan

Clockworks Are Not Time Pieces - By M. Bennett Hooper

Love That Woman - By Kevin D. Ervin

Unforgiven!: Poems from the American Left - By Ozark Jack

Evil Criticism - By Olawale Oyewumi

For The Blood Of Our People - By Cheryl Butler

Katrina Genocide - By CartierX

When Nature Call - By Osiris Akkebala

My Pain - By Kwkau Omobamidele_ Ifayomi

Words Are Like Light In The Dark! - By Rfuaw Diarra

From Birth - By Celebre

Day by Day - By T. Duffy

Before My Death - Mankind Olawale Oyewumi

Complacency is the Imputes to Failure - A.J. James

Our Fine Forum - By Mankind Olawale Oyewumi

Children of Afrika - By Haadiya Zahirah Asiya Aamon

WAKE UP! - By Anonymous

Our Plight in His-story - By T. Duffy

Tomorrow Africa - By Mankind Olawale Oyewumi

Memories - By Anonymous

Double or Nothing - By T. Duffy

A Tireless Soul - By Osiris Akkebala

How To Love A Thinking Man - By Marvin X

When a Black Woman says She is Tired - By Charlotte A. Bacon

DNA: DestiNation Africa - By Linda Hayes

Aloud (for cs) - By Aisha Raison

I'm Ready! - By Angela

Spiritual Walker - By Isis Akkebala

The Beauty Of Love - By Osiris Akkebala

Reflection - By T. Duffy

There IS Something in Thee Air - By Isis Akkebala

You Think You Look Good - By Kathryn QitQat

Corporate American Dream - By Kai Shariff

A Question of Innocence - By T. Duffy

Avidly - By T. Duffy

Im A Black Man - By Reynard Blake Jr.

War on Freedom - By CartierX

Totally Erotic Woman - By Nia Nandi

Song of the Departed - By T. Duffy

Babylon System - By Bob Marley

Prose By Ervin - By Kevin Ervin

The Devolution IS Being Televised © - Reynard Blake, Jr.

Prayer for the year 2005 - By Dele Olawole

A New Year's Gift - By E. Lee Sullivan

A Warrior Has Fallen - By Herbert Harris

A Tribute to Humanity: The Quake that Rocked the World - By Oladele O Olawole

Prose By Ervin - By Kevin Ervin

Balance - By Kevin Ervin

A Difficult Task - By T. Duffy

Reflection No. 5 - By M. Bennett Hooper

Lyrics - By Nathiel Richardson

My King god Man - By Goddess IsIs

Forgive or not Forget - By T. Duffy

See that Black Woman? - Unknown

On The Grind - By Anjela

Poetry By Kevin - By Kevin Ervin

I Am Not Ishmael - By Rodney

Clothes - By Maya Angelou

How Shall We Give Thanks - By Rodney

Looking at Ourselves - From the T. Duffy Collection

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