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Thoughts of a Black Youth

The Myth of 'Western Salvation' and Crusades Against War or Poverty
By I-Khan

For those of you who think that this is a bunch of rhetoric with no substance the links and book recommendations are at the bottom and in the writing.

If you watch mainstream media (last time I checked AOL/Time Warner owned 95% of the media in the world through smaller corporations) then you are probably bombarded with data that alludes to world problems and how the "west" (with Japan) wants to 'solve' them for the native people. Nothing could be further from the truth.

First I will examine who makes up the current world economic, social, and political leaders. They are better known as the G8, they consist of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Japan is the only non-European/White dominated country that takes part, but considering their humiliating defeat in World War 2 with the atomic bombs, I would suspect that they are nothing but pawns.

The policies they towards Afrika are told in the media of being a 'great feat' for those who need it. Common sense would tell anyone that the powers in this world that are mundane would not destroy something that they profit of off. The policies such as the 'make poverty history' when examined, show a true reality since 'the devil is always in the details.'

It is also not a "conspiracy" as much as it is a reality. It also shows how asinine it is to believe that the same powers who colonized, helped enslave, and brainwashed you are actually going to help you in the end. Do not forget that it is lastly used to make those countries dependent so that they are easily manipulated.

Will it end poverty? Are they the 'good guys'? Of course not. A Section entitled "G8 proposals for HIPC debt cancellation" says that the 'poor countries will only be granted debt relief if they adjust their assistance flows by the amount of relief given' which means that the 'aid' will be cut as an equivalent amount to the debt relief so that nothing is gained. The G8 also pick and choose which countries to 'assist' so that those that are rebellious to neo-colonialism slip deeper into poverty.

The billions (about 55,or at least that is what the media said) are cut to no higher that 1 billion spread over 10-18 countries so that they can 'develop private sectors that are foreign and domestic' which will also put them in more DEBT, possibly doubling its amount by 2015. Temporarily, for every 1-dollar put into the continent as 'aid', 3-5 dollars are taken out of it.

Lets take the Congo for example: Multinational corporations continue to control the resources of Congo along with much of the political structure, within Congo are 32 companies that are all that have headquarters within G8 countries. Those same countries (France, the U.S., and Britain along with Belgium) supply millions in arms to military factions in order to find one that will comply with their agenda. If they do not comply with their agenda than their leader is usually killed.

It is now getting out that Eisenhower ordered the assassination of the democratically elected leader of Zaire (Congo) years ago. So when you here about wars on the continent keep in mind that may be responsible for inciting them.

You have probably heard about the militia called the 'Janjaweed' in Sudan that claim an Arab background (but are really not, they claim the Arab background since they are Muslim) and wage wars on the innocent people. The Sudanese government is said to have been supporting the Janjaweed militia but what you do not here about is how, and from who they get their arms from, the U.S.A. via the C.I.A.

As conquerors do as they did during the slave trade, they play one people against the other and stand back to show the rest of the people the results, but not the cause. The origin of the divide in Darfur is inter-ethnic fighting over the farmland that is being overtaken by the Sahara, in order to stop Sudan from centralizing is natural resources and developing itself, the western powers have sent military aid and put sanctions on the government.

The Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter terrorism (ARPCT) in Somalia are backed by the people in the U.S. Government and that fact recently got out in mainstream media on the net even though 'they' deny it. Regardless of such, Somalia is a land of untapped natural resources and the U.S. government via the C.I.A. have given millions of dollars to the ARPCT from a base in Kenya so that the ARPCT warlords can purchase guns from the black market.

Now the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) has declared victory over the ARPCT in controlling Mogadishu so that is a set back of the U.S. government since U.S. companies have been quietly tapping into the oil reserves that the former dictator Mohammed Siad Barre made deals with so that he may stay in power in turn for giving away Somali's natural resources.

He was overthrown in 1991 by a militia led by Mohammed Farah Aidid who was once intelligence chief for Barre. Later on after the overthrow Somalia was divided into various warring factions and under the guise of 'humanitarian intervention' the U.S. sent 20,000 troops to Somalia in order to later assassinate Barre and regain control of the natural resources.

Now if 'they' would do this in Afrika, imagine what they are doing in the "Middle East' as you read....

I could go further but that would be redundant, take nothing at face value as it is given to you in the media and realize that the current people on this planet live under a one world economical and socio-political system that is not designed for true freedom but to work in the favor of a much smaller population. In this world there is an economic globalization that has taken route and it benefits a small (extremely, i.e. those with socio-political and economic power to control, not 'rich' people) portion of those in power.

'They' have unleashed a terrible karma that will return those individuals and anyone who supports them knowing that what they are doing is wrong.

If none of the above data changes your mind on how the world, in terms of economics and politics, operates than see my sources for more data.

I could lead you to the truth but I cannot make you think.


The U.S. Role in Darfur, Sudan

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© August 2006 By Afromerica

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