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shopping (4K)Marketing to Black America

Tis the time to be manipulated by corporate greed through the use of commercialism and targeted marketing techniques. Every holiday brings a form of propaganda meant to encourage all people, and in many certain situations Black people, to spend into debt for the purpose of showing their loved ones how much they care.

The marketing business is an apathetic business. It specializes in learning the spending, leisure, and working habits of income earners. Regardless of what race, gender, or sexual preference, marketing companies collect data on the individual and family in order to sell them their goods.

Niche marketing is one technique used to narrow down the demographics of a certain group of people, from the wealthy and their habits, to the working female, to the father, to the Black single female parent and many other groups. Once these habits are learned, they appeal to that group through various mediums using different appeals.

The Black market is tracked and targeted in their weekend shopping habits within their communities. Using tracking devices such as discount-card key chains at certain stores where the shopper frequents and department store credit cards owned by the shopper.

After they learn the spending habits, they project advertisements through the cable programming the consumer most watches. Using celebrity appeal, marketers promote goods and or services to that audience. For instance, in the Black community where there is a high volume of season ticket holders of that city's basketball team, promoters use the local or well-known basketball celebrity to appeal to that group. People with weak minds and that are star-struck are most vulnerable.

Sex appeal is the most prominent form of marketing because everyone believes that sex is the ultimate desire in everyone's life. This is when they exploit the female body image to sell their goods. The exploitation of the female is okay for marketing, but not okay, when it comes to sexual harassment based on dress code in the workforce.

Through bill boards in urban areas, magazines often bought in one zip code and surrounding areas, and by way of local television viewing is the Black community targeted with goods that marketers believe most appeal to that group.

The advertisements and sale prices are completely different in other parts of the city and nation because the demographics are different. The advertisements in rural Oregon are extremely different from the ones in urban Miami or Chicago. The lifestyles of people and their needs and wants in addition to their buying power has a lot to do with what is marketed to them.

Electronics and music is marketed to Black communities more often than other goods because this is the pattern Black consumers show when making purchases. Why does Coca Cola use so many Black people in their commercials? Because marketers know that Blacks buy a lot of coke.

When we contribute to this economy and help build stronger this capitalist system, we become weakened more because we are giving them more power to track us and manipulate our habits. This does not help the struggle of Black America to become free and independent, but more dependent on the system that keeps us suppressed as consumers of goods we truly do not need.

© 2004 by AfroStaff

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