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mgarvey (12K)Biography Briefs

We are reminded continuously about the efforts of the Civil Rights leaders and the Movement toward equal rights; however, we are not given enough information about the nationalist leaders past and present, who were defenders of Blacks from all American oppression. People like Gabriel Prosser, Joseph Cinqué, Divine, Father, Marcus Garvey, and John Mercer Langston.........[more]

inventors (4K)Black Inventors and Inventions

Blacks have contributed to the building of this country in many ways. Below is a list of Black inventors and their accomplishments. You may notice that some ideas conceived by our people are currently being credited to whites.........[more]

fencedThe Fox and the Hunter

The fox possesses a wisdom the hunter wants to acquire. However, the hunter has yet to perfect the gift of negotiation whereby he can gain this wisdom from the fox rightfully, thus he resorts to what he knows best, the practice of subtle deception. The fox by nature is the essence of human naiveté existing simply as a creation and dependant of the earth from which he came. As a result of the fox's character the hunter was able to capture him. ........[more]

womanthinking (1K)Articles To Live By

Cultural literacy means having the basic understanding of everyday etiquette and knowledge of simple rules to living life. These rules would make life much simpler for those who would value and practice them.......[more]

blkmales (3K)Black Men Should Only Apply
[A pocket guide for young black men] - By T. Duffy

At the end of the 20th century, black men were still dominate in the prisons, as per population, still dealing with drug use and serious crimes, presumed less educated and employed and most likely to be killed before age 30. To say all this and realize there is never a concerned effort to change this, but I'll ask, where would we have to start? Should we try to restructure the habits and character of those who fit this profile, or should we start with younger men who some may feel are destined to follow in their footstep?......[more]

Wise Use Of Credit Cards

Would you go to a bank and borrow money to buy a pair of shoes? How about applying for a loan for an outfit that you must have? Most people would answer no, yet this is essentially what you are doing when you use your credit card to purchase frivolous 'you think you have to have' items......[more]

dear (1K)7 Ways to Improve Yourself

Everyone has goals, hopes, and dreams. No one is completely satisfied with his or her current situation, even if you ask them and they say yes they are happy; there is always room for improvement. For people who are caught in this web of social monotony here are seven ways to improve yourself:......[more]

homebiz (3K)Starting A Business - The Series

Afromerica is developing a series about starting and running your own small or home-based business. The series will be weekly and ongoing and will explain step-by-step how to go into business and succeed. Check back weekly with Afromerica for new developments.....[more]

Also in this series:

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Starting a Business

Starting a Business with as Little Money as Possible

Succeed and Not Fail - Biz Series

stats (3K)Statistics Lie

While researching the statistics on race and abortion, Afromerica researchers came across and interesting contradiction. In one study the rate of abortion among Blacks and whites looked like this:......[more]

When Community College Will Do

Is there any real difference in a Community College education and a four-year University education? Yes, there is. In fact, there are three (3) major differences that stand out most. The age ranges of the students, the income level, the ethnic make-up, and the risk factors, all in which we will examine in-depth.......[more]

Education and Sprituality Bring Success

With a few years of decent education and knowledge of God's true will (not the preacher's) as factors of self-development, a person can survive most of the trails of life.

An education can bring you a job or career paying enough to provide for your and your family's basic needs, and a relationship with God will sustain your survival. Any and all aspects of immorality add to the chances of failure. With a solid knowledge of what's good and what's evil, a person could get and hold to that which they consider valuable in life.

Thinking of Returning to School?
You're not too old.

Getting a degree to continue your education can offer you a lifetime of experience and credentials. Ask yourself these eight questions before returning to school again....[more]

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