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Transfer Your Skills for a Change of Career
Rita Fisher, CPRW, Copyright, 2002

Remember, your work history is the SUM of your paid AND unpaid work experiences. So, don't be intimidated because you don't have paid work experience in this new industry. In fact, you might have more skills and accomplishments for this new job than you think. Let's see what we can do to find them.

If you don't have paid experience in this sort of job, do you have volunteer background in it? I want you to realize this: WHAT MATTERS TO EMPLOYERS IS YOUR WORK ACCOMPLISHMENTS REGARDLESS WHETHER YOU GOT PAID FOR IT OR NOT.

Think through the times that you have volunteered in the kind of position you are now looking for. What kind of skills did you use and what kind of skills did you gain and develop while volunteering? Skills can be industry specific hard skills such as bookkeeping or soft skills such as organizational abilities. What about your hobbies? Do they have anything to do (even remotely) with the kind of position you are looking for? What are you most proud of regarding your hobbies?

After you have some answers to the above questions, write them down in a list format on one side of a piece of paper. Opposite from this list, try creating another list composed of how you could transfer the already listed skills into the world of work. For example, let's take the case of a Mom who has stayed home with her children for a few years and now would like to return to work.

Moms are greatly experienced doing many things at once, so a Mom could write down: "mastered multitasking." How would you translate that for a resume? Like this: "Successfully prioritize and handle dozens of simultaneous responsibilities." Let's continue with the Mom example.

Did you coach Little-League? You have definitely developed some patience, understanding, cooperation, teamwork, training, development, motivating and counseling skills. Did you volunteer at the church? Or at a school fundraiser? The list is endless. Think back: what kind of help did you provide for others? What skills did that require? What abilities did you exercise there? What skills did you develop? (Sales, marketing, customer service, rapport-building, etc.)

Have you been using a computer at home or while volunteering? Make sure to include "use computer daily" in your resume if you use your computer on a daily basis. If you use it occasionally, say: "computer literate."

If you have developed Internet research skills or e-mail proficiencies or any other computer related skills, include those like this: "experienced with Internet research, Outlook Express and Word."

Have you been writing/editing the church newsletter (or any other document) in your "spare time"? If you have, definitely include all your computer and software skills along with your editing, organizational and writing abilities.

Attending industry specific seminars can make or break your candidacy for the job you are seeking. If the interviewer sees that even though you don't have actual work experience in the field you are interested in, BUT you have taken training courses, attended seminars or classes, you will have a greater chance of getting the job. Therefore it is very important to list all workshops or seminars that have relevance to the job you are seeking.

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