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africa2 (3K)The United States of Africa
By Mark Wood

The founding of the "USA for USAFRICA" movement calls for nothing less than the formation and conception of a "United States of Africa" as a way to insure the survival of a pivotal continent in the development and history of Mankind.

The position and purpose of the USA for USAfrica coalition is to lobby for Mr. Kofi Annan to be elected as the first President of a United States of Africa - ratified by the vote of all Africans in Africa's first continental election and action as a United Africa by the end Mr. Annan's second term as head of the United Nations in 6 years.

"There are no words to describe what I feel about the possibility of the achievement of The United States of Africa. The applause of the entire globe could not give this cause justice, and justice is what this cause will bring. I am sure that the US of Africa will mean the extinction of poverty and the promotion of world Unity. I know the day will come when its constitution is signed. It will be signed not with greed and power in mind, but instead with love and unity. My prayers and deepest salutations are with you all." - Jared

"All of us may not live to see the higher accomplishment of an African Empire-so strong and powerful, as to compel the respect of mankind, but we in our life-time can so work and act as to make the dream a possibility within another generation." - Marcus Mosiah Garvey

We, the organizers are working under the following premises: That we are living in a world where the term globalization denotes exploitation of labor and natural and human resources for the vast majority of the world's population. For that reason, struggle in Africa finds itself at the world stage. A local struggle must by necessity locate itself in the global struggle. The international arena has become the theater of change.

Therefore, those serving change, whether as writers, historians, scholars, and/or political activists in and for Africa have to be willing to serve, in word and deed, contemporary struggles against continued marginalization elsewhere.

"On the structure of the United States of Africa, there appears to be no clear agreement yet among African nationalists. At the Accra Conference, Dr. Nkrumah stressed the necessity for such a communion of our own to give expression to the African personality...

Best regards,
Mark Wood
Founder, USA for USAfrica


If there was ever a United States of Africa, or United Nations of Africa …There would have NEVER been a Rwandan Genocide. If there were a United Nations of Africa…. Starvation throughout Africa would have NEVER occurred. If there were a United Nations of Africa, AIDS would not be decimating Africa…

Imagine if you will your reaction, if tomorrow morning you turned on CNN to find that over the last five years, the entire population of the following US cities (totaling 5,459,516) had been killed: Boston MA (589,141), Washington D.C (572,059), Denver, CO (554,636), Kansas City, MO (441,545), San Francisco, CA (776,733), Atlanta, GA (416,474), Las Vegas, NV (478,434), Long Beach, CA (461,522), Sacramento, CA (407,018), Oakland, CA (399,484), Miami, FL (362,470) (all figures from the US 2000census)

5.5 million Congolese were slaughtered in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Kinshasa) from 1996/97 to 2001 when the governments of Uganda and Rwanda invaded DR Congo.

100,000 Congolese slaughtered a month. 3,000 Congolese murdered a day. A September 11th everyday for five years. This would not have happened in a united Africa…


Oprah Winfrey, Harpo, Inc. - Concerned others…
Here is the update on the screenplay progress, could I come on the show to bring the country up to date and spur the needed debate to keep the issue moving. I assure you, this will be one important movie franchise. You know me from the old days, call me direct at 661 270 0798 and review the website asap.


Stedman Graham:
I could use your expertise on this, please call me direct and forward a copy to Oprah, I'm from Milwaukee and we both went to Nicolet High… her in class of 68, me in 72. Also, you know Mr. Mandela personally and I would appreciate you forwarding this to him for his comments.

Congrats on your new level of success, help me save a lot of lives and give countless ones a chance!


Email Wobeken, Vibe Magazine:

UCLA James S. Coleman African Studies Center:
Michael Moore, Film Maker:
Bill O'Reilly, Fox News:
Sherry Lansing, Paramount Pictures:
AFRICAN UNION Members: Please forward to all…
Kenneth Roth, Executive Director, Human Rights Watch

Upon it's release, the movie will inspire enough debate to take the cause to the next level, a continental vote by Africa's people to declare it's intent to unite as one union. Each of your areas of expertise will be integral to authenticate the cause.


I am seeking to sell screenplay rights for a movie on the formation of a United States of Africa in the 1 - 3 mil range. This will fund the Internet marketing of the coalition in tandem with the impact of the high box office potential from the 1st film of the franchise.

I would like your opinion, input, representation and expertise. Can you review the synop and call me? 661 270 0798…

Do you know me? Muhammad Ali does and so should you and the platform we are presenting. After reviewing these links: - see page 2

"There are no words to describe what I feel about the possibility of the achievement of The United States of Africa. The applause of the entire globe could not give this cause justice, and justice is what this cause will bring. I am sure that the US of Africa will mean the extinction of poverty and the promotion of world Unity. I know the day will come when its constitution is signed. It will be signed not with greed and power in mind, but instead with love and unity. My prayers and deepest salutations are with you all." - Jared

Commitment to vote "YES for the United States of Africa" In order that the African people may be relieved from today's multifarious and overwhelming poverty so as to live in peace and prosperity, I pledge to participate in the process of uniting Africa politically and economically, before the year 2005, by transforming the OAU into a Confederation comprising among other institutions, an Assembly of Heads of State and Government, already in place, a Pan-African Parliament, a Pan-African Court of Justice, a Continental Government, a single Continental Market with a Common Currency(AFRI), a Common Defense System, to be instituted immediately, an African Civil Society Organization, etc.

Consequently, I shall vote and help vote "YES for the United States of Africa" at the Pan-African Referendum to be organized on this issue. Prof. Campbell agrees. "Qaddafi is trying to catch up to African people and to Nkrumah, who had proposed the idea of a United States of Africa decades ago," and

Towards the United States of Africa / Pan-African Union

You can see time is running out on getting the worldwide attention and action due this proposal. Needless to say we require the most knowledgeable minds available on the African Diaspora.

Mark Wood, founder USA4USAfrica- 1996


We met several times back in the day and you'll recognize me from the photo on my website for the coalition at

Mr. Muhammad Ali himself spearheaded the idea from our private talks at his Freemont Place home in L.A. in the late 80's and it's launch in 1996 has led to the next phase.

This could be your most important music project and Prince is also contributing tracks and advice. I want you guys in…

The tracks I need help on are uploaded on the USA Africa site and my music workshop site at - take a listen and help me out..

Debates are being setup at U.S. colleges and Universities regarding a United States of Africa. "Towards an Africa without Borders: Unification and Fundamental Change"

University of Wisconsin-Madison…The conveners welcome papers that address the wide range of issues having to do with change and unification in Africa, from the role of the African writer to the question of language and unity, from the part played by art in social change to the literary and artistic aspects of the African Diaspora. Within the context of Pan-Africanism, we invite papers on such subjects as feminism, racism, political activism, globalization and neocolonialism.


Kofi Annan and Bono of U2
African leaders: 'Let us unite'
OAU summit ends in agreement to speed pace toward One Africa Movie Synaposis and screenplay sent and confirmed delivery to: Movie Website:

* When I called, your assistant said to send the fax of the synopsis of the screenplay for the movie "The United States of Africa" to your attention…

Except for some new revisions and updates reflecting SUDAN Genocide, the screenplay is practically done.) @ less cost than i.e. a Shane Black screenplay and we guarantee a movie of both historical and humanitarian success to the producers of this film.

"For all the former African colonies are now ruled by indigenous peoples, unlike the Americas and the Antipodes, most of whose aboriginal natives were all but exterminated."

* The position and purpose of the USA for US Africa coalition is to lobby for Kofi Annan of Ghana, the seventh Secretary-general of the United Nations, The first Secretary-general to be elected from the ranks of United Nations staff, as the first President of a United Nations of Africa ratified by the vote of all Africans in Africa's first continental election and action as a United Africa by the end of Mr. Annan's second term as head of the United Nations in 5 years.

The USA for US Africa is a historic and global organization and production company that is working to Consolidate Africa into a unified political, social, and economic entity, by, among other things, promoting high standards within the governance structures of the United African Union, compliance monitoring, and engaging the broad masses of Africans in the process of integration.


Kofi Annan being a Nobel peace prize winner with the admiration and respect of not only Africans across the board, but the EU and the United States AND the IMF which holds the glue and key of a United Africa holding it's new self together by relieving the debt which threw most African nations into disorder. The only way to stem the continent wide atrocities of famine and war is for every person born on African soil to be able to travel and seek opportunity and lifestyle in ANY African country of their choice or journey.

Only now and only a person like Kofi Annan can assume such a monumental task and make it work and work with world nations as well. A united federalized and democratic African republic of the combined nations of the continent would create a super economy that would raise all economic boats of the world. Not only can it be done (with the accepted great difficulty) - but it MUST be done.

i.e. Have you ever for instance played the computer modeling game Sim - City? OK - Apply the same game technology to a borderless map of Africa and develop it according to known resources for export, royalties, tax etc. - add in a human factor, make that human factor "free people" able to travel and develop anywhere on the "United Continent of Africa". You will see a profound development and growth curve that is not only exponential but realizable in reality. IF - There is a United borderless Africa working in development as a United Nation.

That said, I invite you to review the web site for the USAforUSAfrica, which is already gaining notice and members via the Internet. ICM gets first crack because of Mr. Muhammad Ali's recommendation and because your clients Denzel Washington, NAS, India Arie and P Diddy are interested.

Prince has given his interest in providing two songs and we have a reply e-mail from U2 reps at their web site who want to contribute at least 1 song.

This is shaping up as a positive movement with real impact and the fictionalized movie version of the movement from beginning to a fast forward future of a United Nations of Africa in place in the year 2020 will shed a ray of light and hope that things will change for the better and basically visualize the reality so people have a vision of a dream to grasp on. The movie will drive the movement, which will make history, positive history.

Since it is on the Internet, I won't be sitting back waiting for long. If you read my fax the movement has a 6 year window between now and the expiration of Kofi Annan's second term leading the U.N. where upon the movement should be in full motion.

I appeal to you to be a part of something bigger than showbiz, something that will make history in its attempt or success.

OK - consider this, in an odd sort of way: Gene Roddenberry a white man, who wrote and created the TV series Star Trek, who wrote the part for the only black in the cast Lt. Uhura. Dr. King himself said she was a pivotal black character that allowed blacks to dream of being in her position or involved with space travel period. HE (Roddenbery) wrote down the words: "The United States of Africa" as the birth place of Uhura, yes I know it's fiction, but do you think an Africa that Uhura could emerge from would be one of the many African countries in turmoil like Liberia or from "A United States of Africa"? In reality, it was Nkrumah, also of Ghana who proposed the idea in the 1950's before Roddenberry.

Listen to the theme song of the movement "The Ballad of the United States of Africa" based on Bob Marley's freedom song for Africa.

Go to
or and play the song from the link.

Psssst…Wanna start a NEW revolution?

Best regards,
Mark Wood
661 270 0798
Founder, USA 4aUN of Africa
Screenwriter: The United States of Africa - The Movie
The Movement - The Music - The Message
Publisher, The Green Valley Reporter 661 270 0798

© June 2005 by Afro Staff

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