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The Struggle Against Oppression
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This is the age of the gut-wrenching phrase "personal responsibility," i.e., people should take responsibility for their actions. Solid concept and true to nature; however, what is true for some is not true for all, it depends on the situation of course. An act of personal responsibility could range from cleaning up your bedroom to appearing in juvenile court because your child has killed another child, or humbly admitting to the foolish act of spilling 120-degree coffee on your leg to smoking a pack-a-day.

These acts begin the delving into why either of the above could have happened and who is to blame. Is blaming the bedroom for being too big a justifiable accusation, or the reason for the others because of some dark, hidden childhood drama? We now enter into another area of the personal responsibility dilemma, which is whether the social condition of blacks stems from a lack of personal responsibility or is there some other dark, hidden drama that adopted blacks as the problem children of society.

Frankly speaking, blacks have always carried the label "problem children of society." When in doubt (or ignorance) blame the blacks and the Jews. If the welfare agenda is on the table before Congress or the topic of a recent study on IQ, blacks inadvertently comes to mind. If it is a question of government laws and programs that give rise to equality and supposedly drain the taxpayer's pocket, blacks are secretly pondered.

Cut the crap; it is an insult to the average person's God-given intellect to suppose that the above issues point to any other group, first off, than blacks. When talk radio host, cable news anchors, and academic scholars address any of the above issues before an audience of millions of Americans, we all know to whom they are referring. And this is how negative attitudes about black-America are spun into the wanting minds of white-America, and the rest of the hyphenated United States citizens.

Now that the ugly truth is out, let us reason together and convince the other hyphens that blacks cannot be blamed for their social condition. Poverty, crime, drug abuse, unemployment, and government dependency are not areas that blacks decided to major in at the school of Plantation Studies, these are areas that would attach themselves to any oppressed group; a group deprived for years of durable goods and necessities; of social law and justice, and of common human decency and respect. Let us view the timeline.

From 1670 to 1856, blacks were property of the United Stated government and of private citizens, treated as common stock and durable goods themselves. From 1856 to 1960, blacks were no longer actual property, but a social burden, at the basement of the economic high-rise, and the victim of a judicial system that winked at vigilantism at its cruelest. Then from 1960 to now, blacks are not really a social burden but a social tolerance; they are not in the basement of the economy, but on the first floor (since blacks own at most 1% of all American wealth); and they are no more at the butt of vigilantism as before, but are the bulk of the prison system.

Now analyzing the time line, it took almost 200 years for whites to actually see themselves in the mirror of humanity. Then it took another 100 years for them to swallow the fact that they were actually racist, and for the last 40 years whites have been facing the possibility that that racism still exist. Though they try very hard to pretend they are not racist, with all the government programs, educational opportunities and assurances that anyone can succeed in America if they try hard enough, there remains, not just a wink, but also an obvious stare of the jaundiced eye.

If there is one-thing blacks have done where it pertains to attempting to succeed, is try hard. Blacks have overcome many obstacles to reach the first floor and to not be hung from a tree. Blacks have tried hard not to depend on the white man and his political and economical policies, but for hundreds of years they were taught, and learned, to do just that. To accuse blacks of being social burdens is like asking the bear why he walked into the trap set for him. There is neither logic nor justice behind the question.

If a parent raises his or her child under the fist of abuse for the first fifteen years of its life, then deprives that child of a drivers license, an opportunity to get a job, and the right to a decent college education, the child would most likely end up living in a housing project or trailer park. After struggling for a few years, either the child (depending on its character) will continue to live an honest life below the poverty line, or throw their hands up and turn to drugs and or crime.

And if the parent does nothing more than make suggestions and point the child to resources and continually pound the words "opportunity" and "personal responsibility" into the child's head, one day that child will stare the parent into the eye and say, "you're a hypocrite." The child never had a fair chance in the first place.

In terms of blacks in society, some have turned toward the dark areas and some continue to live honestly but below the poverty line, and some have decided to push for success, but the push is much harder coming from a family faced with the same upbringing as the abused child. Out of all the black families born into the United States from 1670 to now, maybe 2% had families that did not have to dig their way out of the basement of American oppression. Regardless if there are 30% of black families now who live the middle to upper class lifestyle, they are only the descendents of the 5% of black families who lived decently just 40 years ago.

Statistics show that whites have, and always will be, ahead of blacks in any areas of social status. The lines will never cross at any point and the lines of the progression-level will never be equal; whites would never allow it. Before either of the two was to happen, society would probably resort back to slavery. Now, the job of the media, where people see what is presented to them, is to make people believe - through visual effects - that the lines have crossed, or at least are coming closer. But this is only an illusion of modern television.

Black news anchors, presidential cabinet members, Emmy Award winners, and all other tokenized visuals are shown by the media to ease the black mind, and to keep it from the realities of the chart above. The cruel truth is blacks will never meet white progression in the real world. Not saying that blacks cannot meet and surpass white industrialization, but whites will not allow them to as long as they have, and horde, the money base and control the media and what the rest of America and the world sees.

This all may be too much to handle right now, but there is a way out of this cycle of oppression. What to do about a 300-year reign of one big lie is to first acknowledge the truth. And that goes for whites. Before anyone can point to another and claim that that person is a nuisance to society or a social leach must look at the circumstances. Yes, there is opportunity out there and anyone can succeed if he or she has the right attitude and a little support. But when the odds are against them and there is no one in their corner, success is farther off. And when everything is going your way and the eyes and the hair are right, it is easy to point the finger.

If Jesus is God's Son, then the secrets of America will soon come to light.

© C R Hamilton


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