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There is Nothing Wrong with Us; there is Something Wrong with Them


Posted on 12 Jun 2019 

Seeing videos of Black men being subject to the barrel of police guns and authoritarian aggression, the message from the image is meant for the public to see the Black man as the villain. But when the public constantly sees videos of this sort, people begin to wonder who the villains actually are.

If the message the police wants to send is fear of the Black man, that message is surely backfiring toward fear of the police. Evolving intelligence gives people the ability to mature and understand situations they can see with their eyes and not based on hearsay or propaganda.

Social scientist are brought to the television screens as experts to diagnose mass murderers, serial killers and terrorist as mentally ill and have even categorized them as such; and follow up with various treatment suggestions. They figure these people are not in their right minds when they decide to shoot into a crowd of people.

Killing is definitely a psychological calculation that people have when they decide to take another person’s life. The same goes for police officers. If they can take a person’s life with ease and feel no remorse afterward but are told they are free and clear, this is a serious problem in society and a psychological misprint in the minds of those who condone such behavior.

The fear of being killed is not one that should ever again be placed on the presence of a Black man, but on the authority and presence of police officers, especially white ones. Black men or Black people or any person of color for that matter, are not the problem; the problem is white men with guns given the legal right to kill others for no good reason.

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