Urban Gun Violence: The Result of Ignorant American Leadership

Urban gun violence is the big issue right now in the country and instead of addressing the root cause of the problem (guns), or even figuring out what the root cause is, America's leadership has resorted to applying the band aid of authoritarianism instead of doing any real cognitive work to solve the problem.

As always, leadership race to dispatch every resource they have to plug the damn as the water rushes into the city instead of bringing a construction crew out (which would require physical work and mental ingenuity) to actually fix the damn.

In the case of gun violence in the cities, the problem is the amount of guns, which is the result of America's love for second amendment rights and open carry freedoms as opposed to what leadership would have the public to believe is the cause of the violence, which is protesters, MS-13 and crime-prone Black people. Once again, they escape responsibility for their problems and blame them on someone else.

First of all, guns give a false sense of invincibility to the carriers along with a haughty attitude toward unarmed people called the 'itchy trigger finger' syndrome. Police especially, carry this mentality, which triggers violence against unarmed citizens and eventually the murder of innocent people. Culturally, it also contributes to the murder of school children or citizens enjoying a night out at the movies, who all become victims of a privileged, suburban brat.

Afterward come the publics' intolerance of senseless murders, which eventually lead to community protest. As a result of the protest and as we have seen, police respond with overkill by enacting more violence toward people in a show of defiance and military might for confining their authority; and then comes the refusal the do their jobs out of spite for public contempt.

With a refusal of police duty comes a belief that crimes can be committed more easily and out comes the crooks, thugs, vigilantes, and racist; who take advantage of the situation by mixing into legitimate protest against police brutality. But of course, American leadership does not have the mental capacity to look this deep into the problem and instead resort to authoritarian force.

Instead of addressing the root cause (guns), the reaction of the government is to deploy troops against the people who are accused of confining the police. More violence ensues and the cycle continues. Not once do leadership consider the fact that guns are the problem. They philosophically conclude that guns do not kill people, people kill people without figuring guns into the equation at all; and that if people did not have guns, there would be no problem.

But again, the second amendment and a 500-year gun culture take precedence over logic and human life by catering to patriotic pride, indifference toward human life, and influence of political policy. So continues school shootings, racist attacks on people of color, police brutality and murder, and America's history of being the most violent country in the history of the world.