America's Racism Keeps Getting Stronger; by Design

Police brutality and violence against Blacks; armed white supremacist marching in the streets, Karen's yelling and calling the police on people of color and a president calling for a race war are just the outward signs of a country bent on racial hatred. But the seeds and basic concepts of racism is implanted into these people's minds subliminally every day by America's institutions of media propaganda; television, cable and local news, and via streaming social media.

Projection is rampant because white culture is under attack. White folks are embarrassed for their behavior and are attacking back. Not the ones in the street you see every day, but the ones who write the day-to-day narrative of the country's business on race relations; who purposely publish racist statements and deeds of prominent leaders and gatekeepers knowing those words and deeds implants racist thoughts and give racists new ideals to keep the racial animosity burning.

The object is to cast the shame they feel and openly receive throughout the world onto Blacks and other people of color, even onto nations such as China, Africa, and South America. Yet the more they deflect onto others, the more their shame and dirty deeds continues to shine through. For instance, their president staged a rally of racists at Mount Rushmore where U.S. presidents stole the land of the indigenous people of America by blatantly breaking a treaty. That is shameful.

Statues of a treasonous south continue to come down across the nation as history reveals to a new generation the horrors of the oppression and cruelty toward Blacks. Model Asian Americans and other immigrants minding their business suffer slanders and expletives from rebellious whites, day after day. The incompetence of political leaders is clearly seen in the handling of an airborne virus having its way with the population as people go without healthcare, financial stability or basic concern.

The shame and failures of white America are on display, and they hate it. So, they make it a point to highlight the troubles, misdeeds, and actions of Blacks and other non-white people as a way to change the subject, hide their guilt and failures, and to pacify other whites. The New York Times, CNN, Fox News and the rest of corporate America are at its best under such pressure. This way they can ease the guilt and shame of whites by distracting and pointing the news toward people of color, especially Blacks.

Like a woman scorned who hides her pain under her smile when in public, white America displays all smiles behind the camera while their conscience and souls suffer an extreme level of reprobation. Their only reaction is to lash out harder in order to protect their damning image, so in between reports about their derelict president, racial protest and the virus, they throw in some negativity about Blacks; their main go-to deflection being Chicago.

Over and over and over, they resort to the violence in Chicago even to the point they have Black folks complaining about it. "What about the shootings in Chicago?" Blacks killing Blacks. And if "Black Lives Mattered." This is their favorite. They will never, ever tell the public that there are whites posing as Blacks doing the killings in Chicago more often than not. Is there data on that? Of course not, it would severely damage their image and destroy their whole argument. But the media can tell the people whatever they want, whenever they want and not have to justify it.

The New York Times is the best at racial projection. They proudly headline how Blacks and Latinos are contracting the virus more than whites under the guise of informing people of color of the risk and of highlighting racial inequality. But the underlying motive is to send a dog whistle to whites that they are fortunate and invincible, which is why there is such a backlash from whites about facemask and social distancing and why they exploit the virus at large gatherings.

In their pride and privilege, however, whites are destroying themselves because sooner or later the economy will suffer a large hit because of lack of healthcare, infection fears and simple stubbornness. Indifference from their president and political leaders will and is, currently bringing the country to a deceptive form of medical genocide because they subliminally believe that the longer they ignore it, the more people of color will die. But as always, this strategy will backfire one way or another.

In addition, the more their sins and shame is revealed, the more resentful they become and the more they lash out. It is like being caught in a lie; people either excuse the lie out of shame or resort to a defense of retaliation to save face. American police brutality is exposed. The world knows it exist. But before white America will fix it, they will further corrupt justice and seek protection from the courts to legally hide it as they have done throughout history, and the media will justify it as the American way.

Do not be fooled by the so-called racial solidarity being portrayed in the media as progress toward race relations; the real work on race relations is strengthening itself to further divide, not mend the problem. The plot is to keep white America believing that Black is bad and white is good. Business as usual goes on and whites maintain prominence in society, horde the money and enjoy the higher power while people of color suffer silently under the grip of white privilege.

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