America is about Skin Color, not Ethnicity

White America is so consumed with the color of people's skin, that they base their census on skin color, not race or ethnicity. So when you see terms like, "we do not discriminate against race, ethnicity or national origin," it is a lie. They do.

There are many immigrant communities in America who are from different countries all over the world, but God made us all different with varying colors and skin tones. But when you come to America, you are classified by skin color and treated accordingly.

In order to determine how tax dollars are portioned out and to which communities get more, the Government uses the census data to allocate those dollars according to communities and neighborhoods.

"At stake in the decennial count is nearly $800 billion in federal tax dollars and the number of seats each state receives in the U.S. House of Representatives. Many of the services people rely on are tied to funds and programs determined by the census."

Banks also, use zip codes to determine who is worthy of loans and mortgages and business can determine who to market their products too and where to open their stores.

Many immigrant communities are advocating for more distinct classifications based on national origin so they can have a sense of identity. "Advocates say the category goes beyond issues of self-identity and has real-life implications for Arab and Middle Eastern communities, including the allocation of local resources."

Some feel as though they are not being counted as a self-identifying people. What they do not realize, however, is that regardless of how a person is counted in America or what nationality they are, the color of your skin determines your destiny.

Under the current administration, the Government is seeking to tighten the census down by classifying people to an even more specific division. According to the new census collection form, people will not only be divided by color, but will be asked what part of the world they are from.

However, it does not matter where anyone is from; the important thing to white folks is what color their skin is. The whiter the skin, the better off you are in America. Even an Egyptian (who is by nature dark skinned) is considered white as long as their skin is white.

Below are people in America who are considered white even if they come from parts of the world where the skin tone is naturally darker. This is nothing more than racial bigotry, not racial tolerance.

As long as white America remains hung up on skin color, nothing will be fair in this country. They do not see, nor respect peoples' heritage or nationality; they only respect them if they are closer to their own color.