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Insurgent Whites Declare Open Season on "Niggers"
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If you have not noticed, young Black men are being killed and unjustly persecuted by law enforcement authorities, militia hate groups, and roaming bands of white assassins throughout the United States; and if this does not bring a cold chill to your bones, the white media and United States Justice system have all but publicly sanctioned this national fear campaign against Black Americans.

We will not be as so conventional to draw back to slavery or the Jim Crow terrorism that plagued the country, but we will go back as far as a decade for a starting point of this campaign. Honestly, who knows how many Black men, women and children have been murdered and judicially railroaded by these forces, but ones that were made public is a shadow and type of image of what clearly marks a growing and seriously covert trend.

As an example of the extremity of this wicked campaign, it does not necessarily discriminate particularly on Black men, but police are performing these tactics on Black children and women too, regardless of age. For instance, the 6-year old Black child in Florida who was apprehended and handcuffed by a team of St. Petersburg police officers; the 70-year old elderly Black woman in Atlanta whose home was raided as she sat in her chair, shot and killed by officers, and the recent incident in Jena La. that testifies to the fact that the justice system is the backbone of it all.

But nothing can more of a testimony to the hatred of this campaign than the blatant killing of Black men by police officers.

Over the past decade, numerous Black men have been killed in what the media would suggest are justified killings by police officers just doing their job in the face of dangerous Negroes. However, evidence has told more often than not, that the killings were in fact, not only unjustified, but heinous murders committed by power-possessed white officers and [Black] blood thirsty white vigilantes.

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The media have obviously made it a point to conceal most evidence and fact, choosing rather to turn the tables from white hate to Black pathology. They attempt to blur the scales of injustice by heightening the incidences of Black men who kill each other as opposed to the number of them killed by white cops, but the scales come clearly into focus when one considers that the white officers are representation of United States justice and should be held to a higher standard.

For example, kids fight among each other all the time: in school, at home, on the playground. Also, parents abuse kids all the time, but the number of parents that abuse kids compared to the number of kids that fight among themselves is considerably less overall, in addition, parental abuse is a far greater heinous act than kids fighting.

Not to diminish the seriousness of Black men killing each other, but we must realize the fact that police officers who kill Black men is far more serious. Abusive parents need psychological help and likewise police officers that abuse their power on the public.

Now if Black officers were killing Black men, then we would have scientific reason to believe in this so-called Black pathology because we would have to come to grips with the fact that Black men simply hate other Black men. But this is not the case, especially when judges and the courts are playing a large part and have decided to defy the Constitution and Bill of Rights to practice injustice toward Blacks by filling the prisons with them. Any reasonable mind has to question this so-called logic and balance of justice.

We now know that there are no reasonable minds in white America. So we cannot continue to remain passive in this obvious covert war on our people. Because there is no real Black leadership, and because protests, marches and political campaigns have not stopped these killings, we must fight back by either arming ourselves against this violence or organize a world crusade against the United States' terror campaign on Black people.

Neither can we continue to accept this false notion that because we decide to take up arms against police terrorism that we are feeding the problem. This concept is obviously not a daily part of police thinking so we cannot allow them to disarm us while they continue to arm themselves and murder us. The media can and will continue to undermine and mask our attempts at defense as counterproductive while continually justifying the insurgency of white terror until we ask ourselves and prove to the world who really has the moral deficiency where it pertains to practicing routine and premeditated manslaughter.

Again, the fact that police officers - sworn to uphold the law - along with private citizens, so-called Christian folk who have pledged to protect their rights and property, are protected under the distorted discretion of the United States justice system when a Black person is found dead, in addition to mainstream media's misleading, indifferent, and vague coverage of this obvious form of national terrorism, confirms that we live in a country that is equal to, if not greater than, a low-level form of a Western holocaust and genocidal structure of ethnic cleansing.

police (10K)To remain on the safe side, and in order to protect the lives of every Black person in America and not give reason to the white forces to shoot to kill every Black in their path, instead of taking up arms to protect ourselves against such cruelty, we could gather evidence and facts and continue the legal process with a higher authority, such as the United Nations, World Court, or Throne of God, take your pick.

Below is a compilation of a decade of terror committed against Blacks by white vigilantes, police officers and the United States courts. We ask that if you know of others and wish to add it to the list, please, please Contact us.

These are just some of the few incidences reported on and known by the public. Who knows how many Black people have been killed, tortured, or unjustly treated by the US civil and legal system in this new insurgency of white American hate? Most have gone unreported from the back alleys, highways and byways of America's cities, towns, and suburbs. And most of these acts the system have ignored, thrown out of court and simply refuse to further investigate, confess or admit to?

Like the hidden sundown towns - that only allow whites to live - we thought were a distant memory of American racism but still exist today, we cannot naively continue to believe that these are the only killings and acts of domestic terrorism committed against Blacks. Only God knows and will someday reveal the level of hate embedded inside the hearts of white America, not only in rebels of race hatred, but in the minds of authority in high places.

© Jan. 2009 by CR Hamilton || [TOP]


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