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ccnblack (2K)The Voices of Truth are silenced: CNNs Made-up Black America

The mistreatment of Black America will continue indefinitely as long as the voices of truth and justice are restrained, silenced, and hushed. Yes, there are successful Black speakers and representatives according to the qualifications of mainstream academia and politics, but the true voices of those who live the Black American nightmare, and who shed light on reality, are surely shut up or ignored.

As long as society can keep those voices quiet, they can draw from the puppeteer voices of Blacks who have learned to speak the language of whites and their stipulated stereotypes of Black people. They can say what they want and have the rest of the country and world believe what they say simply because they can make up lies and exaggerations about whatever issue they want affecting Blacks.

This is a tragedy because it lacks basic justice and human rights. Not only white, but Black media are taught to hire only Blacks who will spew the rhetoric of white ideology about Blacks, who act out stereotypical images of Blacks, and who will discuss this issues that whites have deemed important to Blacks.

dyson (2K)For instance, the CNN special on "Black in America" is nothing more than an agenda put forth by people who think they know what it is like being "Black in America" and those who want to place emphasis on issues and topics that are either divisive, degrading, or simply untrue about Black people.

As long as the topic can be manipulated by the author, the focus will be on the negative and a passified positive. However, if the topics were to be put forth by a Black man or woman who can see through the racism and hypocrisy of what mainstream America say and believe about Blacks, the story would be completely different. But this will not happen.

Black leaders who speak on such shows and specials are paid to speak and think according to the agenda. They are expected to defend against accusations made by the author of the story not having a chance to bring for the their own agenda, and this is why Blacks have no future of liberation in this country. We have allowed our direction to be written by those who want to see us lost.

© July 2008 by CR Hamilton || [TOP]


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