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urbanhood (13K)Taxpayers Money in the Hood

When listening to news anchors, economic and political analyst and comments from the average citizen about "our tax dollars" and where they are being spent, one would think that the biggest burden on taxpayers are the poor and underprivileged by way of government entitlement programs, which in traditional American society usually points to Black folks. As a result, white America - and some Blacks - believe that Black folks are essentially to blame for America's rising tax on the working class and recently to blame for the entire economic crash of America's financial system.

Black people have been the scapegoat for whites since the time they were considered chattel because it is easier to blame ones problems and failures on someone considered unworthy or burdensome, and especially those who cannot defend themselves against such claims. However, since the mythical advancement of race relations in the United States, Blacks are not completely being blamed any longer, but other minorities, illegals, and poor people have become the target.

As of this day, defenders of "our tax dollars" are browbeating anyone they consider a burden to society by receiving public assistance or government funding, such as the California woman who already has six children and who gave birth to eight more children by In Vitro Fertilization - a scientific discovery they initiated - as a means of making a point about people who abuse the system by draining government of tax money. But such claims only reveal the selfish and stinginess of elitist who would just as well punish or imprison the poor for simply being poor.

To justify arguments for wasted government spending, elitist point first to what they consider entitlement programs, or programs in place to assist those in financial need, such as welfare and Medicaid. And listening to mainstream media one would think if it were not for these type programs, the country would never have a deficit. Instead of focusing on the bigger government spending ventures like military spending, they feel better when they can convince themselves and the public that our problems start and end with the poor, specifically Black people.

When government taxes your check, they are constitutionally responsible for using that money to protect the country against outside invaders, and without a doubt, this is the number one reason for government spending, not entitlement programs. But this argument is never used when elitist talk of government spending because they would rather dodge responsibility and place blame on the weaker of the people.

warspending (18K) "U.S. military spending - Dept. of Defense plus nuclear weapons (in $billions) - is equal to the military spending of 15 countries combined.

These numbers show military expenditures for each country. Some say that U.S. military spending will naturally be higher because it has the highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of any country. The United States accounts for 47 percent of the world's total military spending, however the U.S.'s share of the world's GDP is about 21 percent. Also note that of the top 15 countries shown; at least 12 are considered allies of the U.S. The U.S. outspends Iran and North Korea by a ratio of 72 to one."

Instead of browbeating government officials, Congress people and state representatives about the massive amounts of spending on military, they take the cowards way out and beat on the poor. This is typical. They use phrase like, "our tax dollars are funding state welfare and food stamps, " and "I am tire of paying for poor people to live," and "they are taking my money and using it to help people who do not want to work."

These arguments have very little to no validity when compared to where our tax dollars actually go. They talk as if each day, someone from the government approaches them and reaches into their pocket to pull out three dollars. They talk as if they get off work and stop by the state welfare office to drop their three dollars into the cup.

In reality, they are not personally funding someone on welfare no more than they have paid for the semi-automatic weapon or the guided missiles to kill an innocent family in another country. In reality, the few dollars or cents they have contributed to a poor family in America via taxes cannot compare to the misery, pain and suffering they have contributed to in places around the world for the past 100 years.

Government Spending

usspending (15K) In fact, the money being used from any one persons check to pay for government assistance is not even a third of what is used for defense. A person's state tax is always far less than their federal tax. The federal tax is used for military while their state tax is used for state spending.

But cowards will not complain about, publically humiliate, or even begin to get angry at their officials but instead take their frustrations out on the poor. A seriously hypocritical and stingy nation America has become. They would rather fund killing and maiming instead of assisting the poor.

State Spending

"According to the most recent edition of NASBO's State Expenditure Report, estimated fiscal 2008 spending from all sources (general funds, federal funds, other state funds, and bonds) was approximately $1.55 trillion, with the general fund representing 44.3 percent of the total. The components of total state spending for estimated fiscal 2008 are:

  1. Elementary and secondary education, 20.9 percent
  2. Medicaid, 20.7 percent
  3. Higher education, 10.3 percent
  4. Transportation, 8.1 percent
  5. Corrections, 3.4 percent
  6. Public assistance, 1.6 percent
  7. and all other expenditures, 35.1 percent, which may include the following:

  • Grants to municipalities
  • Employees' retirement system and health insurance
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Workers compensation
  • Public welfare
  • Lower and higher education instruction programs
  • Children and adult mental health and correctional facilities.
  • Debt service
  • Department of Rehabilitation Services

Medicaid accounted for 20.7 percent of total state spending in fiscal 2008 and is slightly less than the amount budgeted for elementary and secondary education, which in fiscal 2008 is estimated to be the largest single portion of total state spending."

So if a little more than 20% of state spending is used for government entitlements, the rest is used for expenditures that we all use and or benefit from. This amount would equate to mere pennies a month for any one individual, which is not even worth mentioning. The problem, of course, is that elitist cannot seem to bring themselves to talk down about their failures but feel better about themselves by discussing and blaming the poor. In fact, instead of complaining about any of the other expenditures, they focus on welfare and Medicaid just so they can point to the poor - Blacks in particular - even if facts state that the welfare state is made up of majority white folks and not Blacks. This is shameful and a smear on the integrity of supposedly decent and so-called educated people.

In comparing the cost of inmate incarceration as opposed to a welfare recipient (who is predominantly white) the costs are similar in total spending. However, they will complain about spending on welfare but not on the cost of incarceration. The reason is because they do not care about how much is spent on the prison system because the inmates are mostly Black and Hispanic. But if the inmates were mostly white, they would certainly find a way to decrease the cost and somehow rehabilitate the inmates. But that is not the concern because prisons are filled with Blacks.

They would rather not "give" anything to the poor via welfare entitlements but have no problem spending just as much to "give" a prisoner a place to live or to fund world murder. What hypocrisy. "Operating costs averaged $22,650 per inmate in fiscal year 2001…The increase in cost of corrections outpaced the cost of health, education, or natural resource; State spending for corrections increased from $65 per resident in 1986 to $134 in 2001. Per capita expenditures for State prison operations alone rose from $49 in 1986 to $104 in 2001."

State spending on education is the only other cost higher than welfare entitlements but we all know that schools in the urban areas hardly see a dime of that money because most of it is used toward suburban schools and white communities. So by depriving the poorer areas of decent schools, they are increasing the risk of criminality and joblessness. In addition to being deprived of public money, poorer areas and municipalities are taxed at the same rate as other areas in any state. In terms of revenue:

"In fiscal 2009, states enacted net tax and fee increases of $1.5 billion. The largest enacted increase was in corporate taxes ($1.36 billion), while states also enacted increases in fees ($805.2 million), sales taxes ($676.8 million), cigarette/tobacco taxes ($270.6 million), motor fuel taxes ($67.7), and alcohol taxes ($7.5)."

Corporations are given larger tax breaks by relocating to lower tax counties, which are predominantly white areas, while more corporations leave the inner cities to avoid the higher tax rates thus bringing greater levels of poverty to those areas. So when suburban residences can find no other reason to complain about taxes other than government entitlement programs, is shows their complete refusal to face or admit the inequalities in the overall tax structure and by what ways we are taxed. Nevertheless, government leadership in state and local municipalities is never held accountable for the mismanagement of state funds.

Blaming the poor for America's financial problems has become an easy out for the elite and rich. Talk about double standards. The truth, statistics and facts have no place in their claims, but they commercially apply age-ole stereotypes to their reporting on public airways. Because of this denial, no problems will ever get solved but only ignored and grow worse. White guilt and racism is the true cause of America's financial problem because instead of laying the blame on where it should be, military conquest and attempted world domination, whites feel better about blaming the poor, Blacks in particular.

Rarely does one hear Black folks complaining about where "our tax dollars" are going, and if one does hear it, it is only a pretentious characteristic of "acting white." Blacks already know and have always known where our tax dollars are going. We know they go to military spending, world wars and the white communities, are we are not gullible enough to believe otherwise. So let it be known, taxpayers money is NOT in the hood.

© Feb. 2009 by CR Hamilton || [TOP]


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