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Barak Obama and America's Black Men
obamaspeech2 (9K) Black men petition God on this day; January 3, 2009. If Barak Obama ignores or persecutes Black men during his term, his just reward will be white betrayal. This message has spiritual implications because the plight of Black men in this country has been a sordid one and is now come upon the throne of God's judgment.

Barak Obama is in a very precarious situation because if he ignores the persecution of Black men to satisfy white demand, he risks the swift hand of God's correction; yet if he adheres to Gods request - to alleviate white fear of Black men - he risk his political base of white support. Golly gee, what will he do?

His first strategy will be to elude both by doing the Bill Clinton; using the age ole "play on the ignorance of Black people" trick. In fact, he has started already by allotting Joe Biden to address the issue of urban crime and Black youth murders by placing more police (50,000) on the streets. But we all know now that that did not work when Clinton was in office because the prison population today has boomed to the tune of white suburban prosperity and further urban poverty. Clinton used the nickel plated conservative welfare reform act, which plunged more Black women and children in poverty than welfare itself.

Of course it will sooth white fears because it looks as if Obama is cleaning up the streets of crime and menace, while in reality he will be accomplishing the old "neutralize the Black man" game. Hundreds of millions of Black people loved Bill Clinton as their so-called "First Black president," not realizing that he did more damage to Black America than the Republicans in office before him.

Blacks cry loud about the racism of the Republican Party but are completely blind to the subtle bigotry and racism of their precious Democratic Party. It is a damn shame how we are duped year after year by the same ole political games of deception; to the shame of Black pastors who allow white politicians into their churches to preach morality to them as if whites have the slightest clue or knowledge of its concept.

If Barak were smart and wanted to play both ends to the middle, he would use every inch of knowledge he learned in school and also draw deep from the well of his soul and address the issue at its root, which is white fear of Black men. He would gather together the most sensible white minds of America and reason with them by attempting to reach their human side instead of their American side. He would convince them that giving Black men a true equal chance at what is left of the American dream would be beneficial to the economy of all and not just white suburbs.

However, if he is not smart, by the end of his term the Black prison rates will be twice as high, more Black women and children will be in poverty, and white wealth will have increased twofold as a result of Black imprisonment and government sponsored urban programs. In addition, world perception of Black men will remain negative.

Another popular skirting that whites use as an excuse not to stop the persecution of Black men, and one that if Obama uses will severely threaten his favor with God, is the ole, "Black men are doing it to themselves" excuse. In all honesty, if this were true, then we must all regretfully accept the white-proven scientific assumption that Black men are born bad and destine to criminality, should be confined and locked out of civilized society and that we are primitive, uncivilized beings worthy of nothing more than animal-like treatment.

blkyouth (19K)If the latter is to be accepted, then why should we try to assimilate into a society we are not qualified for? Why perpetrate being someone that we will obviously never be, why contribute to a society that does not value our contribution, and why fight for a nation that would rather use us as commodities rather than soldiers. Hopefully, Obama will not take the coward's way out by continuing the great American pastime of refusing justice to a people based on the false and deceptive notion that we deserve to be treated as American livestock because of our primitive and undeveloped brains.

One would hate to hate Obama in 2012. It would be a disgrace for an entire race of people represented around the world, to drop their heads and turn and walk away in shame before the world because the first Black persona of the supposedly greatest country on earth decided to go the way of the devil and deny a sector of humanity decent treatment based on the fears of a few fools.

May God give strength to Obama and insert wisdom into his mind to do the right thing. That a path will clear to exalt bright and knowledgeable Black men and women to recreate the image of Black people in America. May God move toward the goal of diminishing the ignorance of elitist Blacks who feed into the stereotypes that have attached themselves to Black youth, such as the BET network, ignorant Black comedians who promote Black ghettoism, skeazy Black women who replicate the hate toward Black men by using the very system designed to destroy Black men, against Black men.

May the haughtiness of racist bigotry in conservative talk radio, cable news stations, and national newspapers, along with stereotypical typecasting Hollywood producers, Uncle Tom naysayers, loud mouth rappers, and vindictive Black women be brought down low to the ground and never regain the strength to rise again. For God's sake, we hope the guns, hate, and pressure from white fear pointed at Obama realize that if he falls, the world falls and if he betrays Black men, from whence he came, then the day he leaves office is the same day God passes judgment.

praying for obama rev (15K)

© Jan. 2009 by CR Hamilton || [TOP]


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