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infinity (2K)Hypocrisy Infinity

Searching for the most accurate words to describe the hypocrisy and pretentiousness of the upper and elitist class of the American population is an endless venture. Like a thirsty fire unquenched by the oceans of the earth, the depths of elitist arrogance and distance from reality cannot equate to anything describable except an image of hell itself, where all is eternally unappeasable.

The elitist pathetic attempt to relate to the lives of average people is comical and extraordinarily erroneous. A hungry lion would have a better chance at establishing a mutual bond with an antelope by convincing it that his invitation to dinner is strictly out of respect. But what is most discomfiting and outlandish is when the lion tries to convince the antelope that he understands why he would feel reluctant to attend.

The proliterate populous far outnumber the aristocrats, which gives rise to the notion that money is power and power begets vanity. Unfortunately, vanity is absent of wisdom. For, if wisdom were an attribute of vanity then vanity would not be. This fact alone nullifies the elitist mind as being more refined in deliberating the issues of a society. In fact, the issues of society are the direct result of the miscalculations of the elite.

Like an uneducated parent giving advice to its offspring, the elite can never suggest the pathways to life if they themselves never learned to walk. A parchment proclaiming all the steps taken to success is no replacement for the stench of wore out shoes, so the college degrees of the rich is nothing more than a sophisticated excuse for laziness. And the blueprints of life hatched from behind those degrees are mere extravagant ideas of social romanticism. Such is the case of the New World Order.

The idea of a unified world where everyone uses one in the same everything is a fantasy simply because the world and humanity is not fused as such. Diversity is a reality. The flaw, however, in a unified world is that there has to be a ruling force to maintain unification because humanity and life will not and can never follow. Nevertheless, the audacity of vanity fueled by money and power believes that those two ingredients are all that is needed to bring about such a world. But again, the elitist mind is void of wisdom.

In place of wisdom is what the elitist call cleverness; wisdom's fleeting understudy. Surrogate blocks of time that compile the elitist knowledgebase; witty catch phrases and comebacks drawn from druggie databases stupefied by truth, reality and the meaning of life. Superficial appearances using society as an audience is the elitist cure for insecurity, guilt and social seclusion; those believing society adore their words and choice of apparel.

Presumptuous souls convinced that what they perceive as probable becomes concrete when theoretically applied to the public. Void of the ability to process the concept of truth makes these new age degenerates less than primeval philosophers who at least sought out truth, but these complacent vagabonds of filth and riches are empty of innovation, drive, and inspiration choosing instead to amuse and appease themselves through humiliation of the poor and disproportionate measurement of the poor against themselves.

It would be best to ignore their theories, predictions, and suggestions because there is no stability to them. Their science is whack, their academics have become water, and their logic is fading; blurred between cinematic fiction and extreme lust where realty has no real value. They have convinced themselves that what they speak is heard and practiced by the masses and they multiply it and continue perpetually into a pathetic state of hypocrisy infinity.

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