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From Humility to Honor: Black America's Rise in Power
black_power (18K) Not many will accept the following theory explaining the phenomena on the recent plight of Black America's rise in power, but God has broken one of the many strongholds on America's oppression of Blacks. How we now use that power will be the challenge.

It all began in September of 2005 when Katrina hit New Orleans. Based on the biblical proverb, chapter 15 verse 33, the scripture reads,"...before honour is humility." Black America came under attack from America's most vicious racists' in the highest positions of authority during the aftermath of Katrina, and now, a Black man has been placed in the most powerful position in the world. The irony is astounding.

However, from a spiritual perspective, this profound twist of social positioning of Black America is one in which only God can perform. The only other explanation would be that the guilt of racist America finally got the best of them and they attempted to fulfill the unforgiving minute by making up for Katrina and placing a Black man as president. But we will not lay that much credit, or power, to their charge.

The sequence was fulfilled in this manner: after the humiliation of Katrina, Bush's approval ratings began to drop because many simply did not want to be associated with an administration of such indifference toward Black life. Next, oil and gas prices began to rise as a result of the damage done to the oil refineries in the Gulf, gas prices rose higher and higher, the cost of food rose, and afterward the cost of living began to soar.

Fear gripped retailers, investors, banks, and credit agencies and the housing market was the first to fall under the pressure. Once the snowball took off downhill, the financial crises became larger and larger and Bush approval ratings dropped lower and lower. Ironically, out of sheer desperation and denial, racist looked hard for a reason the blame Blacks for the housing market crash. But God, once again, had other plans.

The plan of hate backfired and anyone remaining in their right mind realized that the problem was much bigger than Black folks in low income areas. All the time, God's eye watched the treatment of Blacks by the hatred of racist whites and He implanted courage into the heart of one man that would bring deliverance to America; Barack Obama announced his run for the presidency.

Many doubted and many hid their faces. Fangs of vengeance envy and jealousy dug into the possibility. Rumors, lies, extreme accusations and blasphemy spread like wildfire throughout media houses, press and bedrooms and Bush's approval rating dropped to its lowest for any US president in history.

The people panicked and reached for the first source of comfort to believe in, however, the resistance movement, blind to God's unfolding will, dug deeper in an attempt to destroy what they would suppose is racist worse nightmare: A Black man as their president.

The harder they hit, the worse the economy becomes. The more they try pointing to Blacks as the cause of America's problems, the worse the problems become. Eventually, it has hit bottom and they are now setting the stage of failure for Obama claiming the problems are too large for him to handle.

Now, again, racist America is in a catch 22, because the more they want Obama to fail, the more they would hope the economy gets no better, thus cutting off their noses despite their vindictive faces. And again, if they decide to support the economy to help it grow, they will be making Obama's presidency that mush easier. Oh what a dilemma.

Now that the once impossible has become a reality, beware that God's plan is not yet complete, but has just begun. Racist America must realize that the humiliation Blacks suffered during Katrina was the catalyst of what we now know to be God's breaking point. From this point on, all the fears of racist America will now come to past.

If they continue to resist, as the Bible has foretold, the results will be inevitable, such as was in the book of revelation, which reads: "For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?" Revelation 6:17.

© Nov. 2008 by CR Hamilton || [TOP]


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