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gunsandbible2 (13K)Guns and Bibles Defend Against the New Socialism

From Baseball and apple pie to guns and bibles, the traditional American pastime is regressing back to a more revolutionary state. Like the days of the early settlers, an abnormal negation of existence continues to afflict the minds of America's leaders; whether to trust in God and pass the ammunition or to destroy God and print more money.

Built on the concept of religious liberty and freedom from oppression, America is returning to the type of society they so desperately suffered to escape, the tyranny of The Great Britain. Inadvertently and over the past 20 years, both Bushes, Clinton, and Obama, have transformed the country into a mirror image of the old world with American citizens as its subjects.

Revolution ripped through the early country with religion as justification. War, murder, servitude and vigilantism tore across the east and old west in a greedy rush for riches and power, and that same paradigm is rearing its head today as division looms and becomes even more threatening. Terrorism does not threaten this country, but internal conflict does.

Soon, America will divide into two to three independent societies. An up-rise is brewing on the horizon in a resistance to socialized government and half the country is resorting to their best known defenses, guns and religion. The true face of America is going to rise and patriotism will take a backseat to the new revolution.

Conservative right wingers are not going to stand much longer for the regulation of industry or the so-called redistribution of wealth and the liberalized America will continue to push hard their idea of government paternalism for the betterment of all. Contradictions are everywhere. Immigrants flood our borders and are given rights as normal citizens, jobs continue to go overseas, and traditional American industry continues to falter and fail the people.

gunsandbible (7K) History has taught us that a strong foundation can withstand a break in the structure, nations fall and some rebuild, but many do not. The foundation of America is a shaky one because it is contradictory. The Democrats and liberal America want to destroy God and ban guns but the Republicans want to keep God and guns. However, there is contradiction even in the two strategies.

Logically, if God is taken out of the equation, more people will need guns, yet if a person possesses the knowledge of and trust in God, they do not need a gun. Thus, the dilemma of American society is destined for division. People will soon have to choose sides, but whichever side they choose, there will still remain a contradiction.

Nevertheless, there is a simple answer; to keep America as one, they have to keep God and do away with guns. But because of the forces that overpower rational thought and have long abandoned the practice of stabilizing a true foundation, American leadership will bandage the country with the most illogical solution, which will be to destroy God and arm thyself. This in itself is going to bring revolution.

The forces of greed, power, and social control eat away at the fiber of America and obviously cannot be controlled by the minds of today. Science and the liberal arts fail to understand the human psyche and in turn the people of society suffer by misinformation, ignorance and arrogance. Because of this extreme lack of contemporary aptitude, the United States will soon come to an abrupt end, divide into two more societies of opposition, and further disintegrate into the depths of hell.

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