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The United States Government War on Black Men
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This issue is irrefutable. The continuous systemic operation to immobilize the progress of Black men in this country is an undeclared, publically unaddressed reality, and no one dare correct it because of the twisted psychological propaganda instilled in whites, other minorities and even the Black population itself.

Many millions have been trained to be suspect of conspiracy theories hatched by bitter opponents and victims of government corruption, cover-ups and injustices, (which are simply self-testimonies and stories of truth) by appealing to the false notion of patriotic love for America and its claim to Civil Rights protection of minorities. Nevertheless, through media half truths, the US government has created a nation of disillusioned idiots in fear of questioning the ethical treatment of US born citizens for fear of being considered, "unpatriotic."

According to studies, "the effects of previous incarceration and strict child support policy enforcement on the labor force behavior of young black men. We find that past incarceration is strongly and negatively associated with such behavior. We also find some evidence that child support enforcement limits labor force activity, especially among those age 25-34. In fact, our results imply that past incarceration and child support can account for most of the declines over time in labor force activity for this age group, though somewhat less among those age 16-24."

obama4 (2K)If anyone seriously believes that Barak Obama is a means to the end of the disproportionate ill-treatment of Black men in this country, they are seriously deceived. Barak Obama will only do what is in the best interest of the whites who helped promote him to this current status, and who would just as well make sure the populous of Black men remain stagnant.

With help from additional white-washed so-called Black leaders, the United States will continue its terroristic reign on Black men because everyone would rather feel safe in knowing the Black man is being systematically constrained than search for any humanistic trait in themselves for seeing Black men as normal citizens.

It is a damn shame that people, especially Black women, feel the need to punish Black men simply because they are the chosen stock of people to cast as dangerous to society; chosen by government forces to treat as an example to others and as a commodity used to employ white suburban dwellers, feed their families and fund their college education, while at the same time, stripping Black men of equal rights, opportunities, and their natural-born right to life, liberty, and justice.

The United States government is the most hypocritical, low-down, and dirty Black men haters in the world and will soon suffer for the intentional underdevelopment and mistreatment of a people who had no chance in obtaining success in a country built to serve whites only and who have suffered at the hands of white hate from the day they arrived in this country.

They will reap the rewards of falsely accusing Black men of being public and social threats to this society by creating negative and stereotypical images of Black men being violent, dangerous, sex-starved criminals and social misfits. They will suffer for depriving young Black boys of proper education, job opportunities, and the right to fair trials in the justice system.

If anyone seriously believes that the United States Government's war on Black men is only a theory, look at the numbers of unemployment, incarceration, educational attainment and family status and you will realize that it is Black men only who have yet to achieve the promise America presents.

And it is not because Black men do not want success or because they do not believe in family or an honest days work, it is because white America has set Black men as a threat to society and have produced a system that performs perfectly in substantiating their fear of the Black man.

Even some of themselves know the treatment of Black men is wrong and have put forth a plan to stop the injustice or at least curb it. Below are solutions presented in the study:

Beyond programmatic efforts, some broader policy changes might be needed to address the negative effects of incarceration and child support policy on employment of young black men. Regarding incarceration, policymakers at the state level should review the barriers to employment that they generate for ex-offenders, perhaps distinguishing those that are sensible from those that are strictly punitive and perhaps counterproductive (like drivers' license revocation and other bans on occupational licensing for those with criminal records).

Efforts to link ex-offenders to the private-sector labor market should begin while they remain incarcerated, by lessening restrictions on the ability of private employers to use inmate labor, especially in tight labor markets. And the use of other tools, such as federally sponsored bonding and tax credits to employers, should be explored further as well.

Regarding child support, states should be encouraged and assisted in efforts to review the practices by which child support orders are developed for low-income men- often without any direct evidence of their potential earnings. Arrearage forgiveness efforts need to be explored for non-custodial fathers who make a good-faith effort to keep up with current orders-especially if arrears have accumulated while they were incarcerated or otherwise unable to work.

Full Report:

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