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goliath2 (4K)The Goliath Project: the Answer to Eradicating Racism and Achieving Black Liberation

The crises facing Black America will not change any time soon because the current Black leadership and representation of Black America are either sell-out or ineffective. The education, health, judicial, and governmental systems will continue to degrade us and the police will continue to kill and abuse us until the Goliath Project is put into place, which will topple and completely eradicate racial exploitation.

Complete Black liberation cannot be achieved with marches, protest, meetings, or empty threats against the system, but it must be done with psychological tact that addresses the weakness of white thinking. Obviously, the current Black leadership and activist have not the mental capacity to think beyond the former tactics of achieving Black liberation because racism in its past and more present form persist.

There is a way to disarm racism in this country. There is a way to silence the mouths of bigots, stop the abuse of police officers, soil the negative imagery of public stereotypes of Blacks, redirect education to enhance Black thought, and finally, change hands of financial prosperity for Black America. If Black America truly wants to see these changes, they must be prepared to make a serious psychological transformation to their way of doing and thinking.

Writing books is not the answer, yelling obscenities into a microphone is not the answer, publicly humiliating Black families from a public platform will not make change, bringing "needed dialogue" will doing nothing, and certainly crossing the country for a meeting or a march has proven ineffective. Voting has not stopped brutality, appearing on television news has not altered the bigoted mind, and rioting has only begat more violence against us as a people only feeding the hate inside our white aggressors.

New age progressive political candidates painted Black will not bring change but only bring increased hate. Reacting to the actions of race hatred has not gotten us anywhere but where we are today; warring against the very racism we abhor and wish would simply go away each and every generation we live. The change must come in a form we have not yet tried; a strategy that will have an effect on the thinking and behavior of our oppressors. A tactic they have not had to respond to and do not have any pat answers for. And there are many.

The Goliath Project to combating and defeating racism and slowing its role does not include violence, anything illegal, any extreme religious practice, or any playbook tactics that has been written before. It involves a simple thought process followed by words and practical deeds that the white mind will never be able to comprehend nor out maneuver. They have no constitutional amendment for this strategy, no law on the books or any laboratory concocted psychological twist that would make it null and void.

In fact, it is beyond their God-given ability to function mentally because it involves an ingredient in intelligence that is not included in their grand scheme of things. It is what one would call, "the one thing they forgot" in their plot to destroy and control Black America. Once implemented by only a few, it would free all Black Americans from here on out and vindicate hundreds of millions of dead Black and African souls that suffered at the hands of white supremacist racist.

Courage is needed to bring about this new change and courage is something the current Black leadership and representation seriously lack. They are sell-out Black conformist and cowards fearful of losing corporate and governmental support in the form of press coverage, grants, and funding so they can never truly help in bringing about liberation for Black America. Lack of media exposure for smaller Black activist stifles their objectives and can never make change if only a few know of their plans.

Of course, the Goliath Project comes with a cost and a sacrifice. It will take two years, 1 million dollars, and three prominent Black public figures to achieve. Three figures that are willing to sacrifice their names and prestige for the liberation of millions of past, present and future generations of Black Africans and Americans, the money to execute the plan, and a mere two years time for the plan to show results. If interested in liberating the Black race forever, please make contact using the information below with the ability to accommodate the three requests.

History awaits you.

© May 2008 by CR Hamilton || [TOP]


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