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doublemind (10K)Unconscious DoubleThought: The Flaw of New World Thinking

If only the social and political correct restraints were removed from around the people of color in the United States and world, then everyone could see the true nature, desires, and capabilities of white people.

If it were not for Civil Rights laws, Civil Liberty policies, and the Constitution; those religious commandments, cultural mores, natural laws and basic damn human decency, white folks could have it their way. Just in case it is unclear what white people really want, here is a list:

White people want:

  1. Complete autonomy of their own society, nation, and/or world
  2. A god to justify their right to this autonomy
  3. Ownership and control of every natural resource, plot of land, and anything of value on earth
  4. People of color living below or apart from them
  5. People of color dependant on them
  6. The power to kill people of color and anyone who tries to stop them
  7. Justification for their killings

By looking at the above list, one could conclude that whites already have everything they want. And this is true except for complete control of the entire world, which they are currently working on through their design of the New World Order.

Of course multiculturalism is a fašade presented to the rest of the world because they would never think of publicly and blatantly announcing their plans. The world must first believe that whites want world peace and brotherly love before they take absolute control. Like preparing a dog for the vet, one has to deceive the dog by pretending to be going in one direction when all the time they are going in another.

Any resistance to this conceived plan of whites is considered an act of terrorism. Any people of color or nationality that raises questions as to the white world's goals are deemed threats to civilized society and should be branded as dangerous, uncivilized, and criminal and should be annihilated with all malice and of course with God-given justification.

In the grand scheme of things, world domination is the goal, but to attain this goal takes smaller, covert steps that lead to domination. These steps are ones we all see and experience each day but have become blind to and acceptant of as normal or business as usual. There are three ways whites establish these covert steps, which are:

Steps to white domination:

  1. First right privilege
  2. Control of highest positions of authority
  3. Bearers of all knowledge
First right privilege is attained everyday by whites. They believe they should and position themselves to have the first and best of any and everything: the best jobs, the most important status, the highest pay, the best neighborhoods, cars, amenities, luxuries and technology. Once they establish dominance in the first right privilege, they can set themselves up for the other two steps to dominance.

luxury (11K)To maintain control of all the amenities of life and luxury, they appoint themselves as leaders and administrators over the goods; the manufacturing, distribution, and consumption of the goods. Though people of color occupy high positions in many areas of society, whites are always at the very top. In politics, law, education, medicine, and any other area of life.

To implement and expand the latter two steps, they write the books on all goods and services, positions and how they are to be operated, their own stipulations of history and the laws to which society obeys. They can then change, diminish, or make null any law, fact or amendment that becomes a flaw in their plan of domination but they will enforce to the fullest degree all consequence against people of color or disobedient souls.

Once they have perfected the order of covert steps, they leave the rest open as opportunity to the masses, people of color and immigrants as illusions of success, advancement and equal opportunity. The public have become so mentally disillusioned to what is left to them; they truly believe all opportunity is equal. And as stated earlier, if anyone person or group of people question the motive behind this scheme, they are deemed anti-American, government or even uncivilized.

Social Maintenance
There are even smaller steps to maintaining order to the covert steps, which is usually enacted in forms of biasness, bigotry, and discrimination. Acted out in innocent forms of national security, public safety, media satire, and personal/class credibility, whites subtly deceive the people into accepting these smaller steps as normal acts of life applicable to everyone. The examples below give a clearer understanding of the type of social manipulation whites have over the people:

Steps to social maintenance:

  1. Mass media targeting of particular groups
  2. The credit/class system
  3. Selective and limited access to health care and education
  4. Domestic internal colonialism of various people of color
  5. Alternative and second rate financial and lending institutions
  6. Military service option for the poor and low income
  7. Para-military force to protect the wealth of the rich

In order to maintain their covert operations of privilege, authority and bearers of all knowledge, they must provide the masses with an alternative to all the above. Society is given second rate treatment facilities, medical/medicine, education, and employment to keep them behind, misinformed and ignorant. They are pumped full of digital images to amuse their minds and ease their sufferings.

desire-pleasure (38K) Society is encouraged to eat, drink, and be merry while their rights, security and opportunities are taken little by little right from under them. Once we the people are lackadaisical and in agreement with the way society is being run, when we are polled time and again asking questions of our satisfaction and happiness, then we are told we are happy by the very same people who are the bearers and authors of knowledge. As simple and unthreatening as it may seem right now, whites are planning complete control of the world and if given the chance, will fulfill their dream of a world with everyone else in complete subjection.

To thwart this attempt at world domination, one has to find the weakness in the overall plan. See, the reason they seek this dominance is to one day sit back on the throne of world dominance looking out over the rest of the world while sipping the finest wine, smoking the most genuine tobacco, and having the most exotic sex and then claim to themselves victory over the highest God of the heathen people of color. Afterward, they can then claim to be the God of all.

Perplexity of thought leading to an extreme case of disillusioned schizophrenia will eventually destroy the plan. Twisted facts, misguided words printed in volumes of books over the years to confuse the masses, miscalculation of money values, hoarding of useless goods, greed, guilt, murder and finally self-hatred and mutilation will bring the white plan to an unexpected arrest. Not only will it throw their universe out of orbit, but it will lead the most brilliant of thinkers in the white world to a psychological collapse.

The day is nearing because this world is not designed to contradict itself, but man is destined to destroy himself in a state of Unconscious DoubleThought.

© Mar 2009 by CR Hamilton || [TOP]


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