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poverty (18K)The Object of Social Control is to Create more Poor

The future of the average working individual and family looks bleak in America and worldwide. Greed and the desire for power are soaring because desperation and a need for survival have increased. People are worried about their families and nations are concerned about their people. So the next decade is sure to bring a struggle between the rich and the poor.

Like an unimaginable, psychological sci-fi, the world's ruling powers have gone berserk and have resorted to a most insane plot of world dominance. And the result of this psychosocial madness of the rich is a siphoning of people from decent income-earning jobs, proper healthcare, and the ability to have the basic needs such as food and shelter.

Mainstream society says that people should take individual responsibility for their own lives, however, to secure your life, you must have a secure job, and to get a good job you must have a good education, at least a Bachelors degree in the current job climate. But if you cannot afford a good education, you will only land a mediocre job earning mediocre pay.

With a mediocre job you can only afford mediocre health care - that is if your employer is willing to pay for it. And once your paycheck is eaten by rent or mortgage payments, utility and car notes, insurance, and groceries, people are left with very little disposable income. Today in America, less people can afford good schools, and more employers are cutting back on wages and healthcare.

So how can a person take individual responsibility when they are left with so little options? Some amount of responsibility must lay on the social climate and those who set the standards. Nevertheless, no one wants to take that responsibility and will just as well lay it on the individual. They say do not blame the system but who can ignore it?

According to reports, "Personal income decreased $29.1 billion, and stands at (-) 2.3 percent, and disposable personal income (DPI) decreased $10.5 billion in February, 2009, down from (+) 6.9 percent in first quarter of 2007, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis." -

In other words, more people are making less money yet the cost of living continually grows higher. The credit crunch requires tighter credit standards, so does buying a new or even used car. College tuition is up and healthcare cost is ever rising. Yet, jobs are scarcer than ever and outsourcing is encouraged by United States policy makers and businesses. How can people take individual responsibility for this?

The answer from many "survival of the fittest opportunist" is to work harder, two jobs if possible. Save money, do not spend. But if we do not spend, no businesses make money and the cycle continues. They say, become an "overcoming hero" so you can tell your story years to come. The problem is that there are hundreds of thousands of people who have far worse stories than the American hero, but those stories are never heard or are silenced from the public.

What is even more scary, is that more people are falling into the poor category and nothing is being done about it, and it seems that mainstream media simply mocks the situation. In an article by Ari Fleisher - the ex press secretary for President Bush - when speaking about who pays the most taxes, the rich or the poor - in 2001 60% of the country made less than $44,300, (Everyone Should Pay Income Taxes,, which means a very small number of taxpayers -- the 10% of the country that makes more than $92,400 a year -- earn more than 40% of the nation's pre-tax income.

Sixty-percent of the country earns less than $44,300? That is crazy numbers. Another 30% earn between $45 and $91,000, which makes them middle class, and the remaining 10% would be considered rich. Does anyone else see something wrong with these numbers? Hell yes! There are millions of poor people in America; poor as in their ability to meet the basic standard of living or get a firm grasp of the so-called America dream.

Look at it this way; if 10 people are standing in a room, 6 of them make minimum wage, 3 of them are making $12 an hour, and 1 is making up to $25 an hour. This means the one making $25 an hour is the only one who can reasonably afford to get a good education, a nice home, and a car or two, the 3 making $12 an hour can possibly get a home if their credit rating is decent, yet the remaining 6 are soon to be shut out of the system entirely because they can only meet their basic needs such as food and shelter.

Of course, the 6 making less money will struggle with healthcare, car notes, child rearing, their ability to save money, go to school, and do not mention have any disposable income left over for any type activities they may want to partake in. And where taxes are concerned, of course the 1 person making $25 an hour can afford to pay more taxes and still live comfortably, but when the 6 pay taxes even at a lower rate, it takes whatever else is left of their income and still does not guarantee them social security, a pension, or proper healthcare regardless of how much they pay. And as income drops - which it is currently doing in the job market - so does tax payments.

Is it fair that those 6 people pay federal income taxes on top of the cost of living and receive only highway repairs from the government and pay into overblown military budgets while the other 1 person gets that and retirement security, good healthcare and whatever else they want? Survival of the fittest opportunist' says yes, it is fair because that 1 person worked hard for what they have. The problem comes into play when researching the background of those 10 people.

wealth (7K)Wealth is passed down generationally in America, and as we can see, there are fewer wealthy people in America as opposed to those who have not, yet critics are fighting hard to protect the wealth of those few at the cost and suffering of the poor. Yes, let the wealthy keep their wealth but give the poor a fighting chance. When the wealthy create the rules of society to protect their wealth, they should consider that that wealth came about through the needs and consumption of those trying to survive.

Most people work hard for a living and did not have a silver spoon. For the rich to criticize the poor for being poor is hypocritical at least if not simply cruel. There should be no discussions of what the poor are paying in taxes or what the government is doing for the poor, the rich should mind their business and let the rest of society figure out how to make things better for the majority.

To hell with critics and politicians who speak against the poor while they lay up on their riches, why should they even care? Their stinginess shows when they claim someone is taking from them to give to the poor, yet taking from them to support the poor is not the underlying meaning, the truth is their bank accounts are safe yet their greed is shouting for more.

On the surface, the object of the game is to get rich, whether by working, investing, robbing or playing the lottery. But flip the coin and look at the game from another perspective. Not many people are considered rich, only a select few and the majority of people are poor. So the object is not necessarily to get rich, but to increase the poor.

Indifference toward the poor is growing fast in America. The media daily mock the plight of the poor and pander to the lifestyles of the rich. Politicians speak to the middle class (the 3 making $12 an hour) and ignore those at the bottom, which is 60% of the country. Companies continue to bilk, gouge, and take advantage of the poor so the 10% can increase their wealth at the expense of the working class.

Eventually, the middle class will fall because this is the plan of the rich, to create more poor so they can increase wealth. As long as there are more people depending on the perverted generosity of the wealthy, they can maintain power and distribute the resources they horde daily through plots of social control.

The creation of wealth is infinite along side the ever revitalizing resources of the earth, so man will always find a way to be wealthy for the duration of earth's existence. So man's plan is simple, to horde the resources in order to increase wealth, men throughout history have claimed limited resources yet possess unending wealth, even though there are enough resources in the world for everyone to have a hundred fold each to his own.

So now that we know men lie, we can see the game for what it really is: the game of power, not wealth. Men want control of other people, which is of the most primitive of human desires. The more people man has control over, the less competition there will be. The crises of American society will grow stronger and opportunity will decrease to the point that no one can claim personal responsibility because they will no longer have that control.

Down from 6.9 in first quarters of 2007 -

© Apr. 2009 by CR Hamilton || [TOP]


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