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  Liberation Theology

The Power of Black Unity
blkunity (16K) It would be distressing to divide Black America into ten to 15 parts like Radio-one did recently in an article on their website So instead, we at Afromerica will stick with reality and show it like it really is - that Black America is simply, Black America. We are seen as one by the world so we should be as one, so the power of Black unity can change the world.

From the Divine intercessory of the Pyramids of Egypt to the sweet spirituals of the southern cotton fields to the current landscape of millions of integrated Black faces, Black America holds the keys to the future of this country and the fate of the world. We are the soul of the world; the nexus of life and death, and the foundation of truth possessing the power of humility, endurance, and longsuffering; ordained of God as a sear on the conscious of man. In our weakness we are strong enough to withstand terrorism without pulling a trigger.

In our poverty we manage to prosper, eat and grow stronger despite the attempt at mental and spiritual starvation that overthrows weak minds. In our sickness in the face of global genocide, we continue to multiply bringing forth beautiful children who wisely maintain a mind of defiance against the face of persecution, and who do not bow to the demands of modern servitude. Yes, our boys fill the prisons but not willingly; but only as the result of brutality, systemic humiliation and annihilation.

Yes, we kill each other as do other races and cultures persecute their own, yet our plight is seemingly more problematic and disturbing to those who fear our capacity and willingness to kill. Go ahead and shake your head toward another generation of Black youth as they live through a socialist quandary designated for them labeled with hate and extreme contempt. No, we do not have to kill each other but neither does society have to hate us so excruciatingly.

Our Black women do not have to be alone and without a man nor do our children have to be fatherless, in poverty and angry. We must realize what we are up against before we label ourselves as derelict, incapable or dysfunctional. No, we do not have to live in the ghetto or in that state of mind; neither do we have to be a "mess." We should actually consider our surroundings, our opportunities, and our past. We must consider the forerunners of society and ask when we will be able to lead, to teach, to create and formulate.

Before we look down at ourselves in shame, before we throw in the towel and cast ourselves off as an entity divided by street names, computer labels, job titles, and name brand products, we must ask ourselves if this is our doing and if not then whose; exactly who the hell are we trying to be? What are we trying to accomplish and why? What did we learn as children saturated with images of specific rulers, overseers, and bosses? Where did we learn the art of killing, betrayal, thievery and apathy toward our fellow man?

We have withstood many years of the same social settings; the same atmospheric hallucinations of what life is; what we are suppose to say, do, and how we act, speak, learn, and even care for. Hell yes we angry! We turn and yell at each other because they will bind and chain our minds if we offend, (and bodies if we react), so we hush, stifled by the oppressive fist of conceit. Who can handle this like us, like Black America can? Who can stand against this kind of cruelty and still smile in the face of tyranny.

Opportunity presents itself like a man with a choice at a whorehouse. Either way we go, whichever we choose, we are subject to self-inflicted debasement rising and falling in immorality and in the filth of every evil man before us who was forced into this social desolation. Of our own free will we choose the lesser evil, which we feel will sustain us until the day we die a death of a happy and fulfilled servant. Disillusioned to a life forced upon us without ever knowing what real life is really all about.

Yes, it is wonderful to live in America. In a country that allows you the choice to ruin yourself promptly or gradually; to envelop yourself in greed, humility, or lust. To love the ideal of love never really knowing what real love is all about until we realize that everything we have and have done and have felt and will feel is everything but love. So we now yearn for something we wonder if we should even believe in. That which we desire but cannot explain. Yes, inflict humiliation on us like you do. Feel good about it and show the world how you are not and how we are; our shame, our mistakes, our decisions, our lifestyle choices while you live every inch of what you portray us to be.

We can take it. We took it yesterday. We took it the day before and the day before and year after years past, we have endured and do not expect anything less than what you bring our way, but by now, we see your weakness. You are weary, frail, dried bones in the valley of God's discarded children used to bring the world to the promise of an end.

Black unity lives on like no other. Disguised and described as dysfunction, sadistic and contrary to civilized society; backward, wayward, and even primitive at times. Yet we have occupied this world longer than any man on it and we will be here long after all men have passed away. The power of Black unity is strong, and so is the state of Black America. Without the soul of Black unity in America, and the life it has breathed and continues to breathe into the nostrils of this country, it would have died long ago instead of sustained on our Black life support.

© Jan. 2009 by CR Hamilton || [TOP]


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