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American_Christian (6K)American Christianity and the Devaluing of Black Life

Many conservative pundits and so-called patriots argue that America is a good Christian nation. Many citizens believe that God watches over the United States and has shed His blessing on them, and that they can do no wrong in His sight. They believe they are a just nation, a shining example of Democracy and good will toward all men, but when the light of truth is shed on America by God, the dark sin of America's treatment of Blacks overshadows that light.

The long-time running joke at the movies has always been, "why do the Black people always die first." Hollywood finally caught on and allowed Blacks to start surviving throughout the movie and maybe even become the hero. But that small token of diverse justice does not fool the keen eye nor does it cancel out the reality of young Black men being shot and killed by white police officers or young Black men and women being herded into heavily protected prison institutions.

The hypocrisy of America's claim to Christianity and their devaluing of Black life testify that they have no real understanding of God or the words in the Holy Bible they so claim to live by. In fact, there are white preachers throughout the country that will praise God yet sit on a jury and wrongfully convict a young Black man out of pure ignorance of what true justice is according to God.

jailministry (10K)The Ku Klux Klan mentality toward Blacks, "praise God and pass the rope," still exists in this country. It not only shows in the devaluing of the lives of Black men, but of the treatment of young Black women and Black children. White children will receive better health care and attention from doctors than Black children. White women will receive more attention at work than Black women.

The Black person does not suppose to earn more than their white co-worker; this is and has always been a hidden reality. Black families are not supposed to live better than a white family and if they do, there are 5-10 other white families that will be given more just so it can even out. White children deserve the best but Black children should appreciate what they have. This is why white schools get more money than Black schools. It has nothing to do with parent participation or responsibility, but has everything to do with being white or Black.

This mentality has everything to do with ignorance of what God is all about. There are no discussions about this on the news or in between television shows. There are no articles in the Times about this reality and certainly no one will become a politician and deal with this reality. They would rather remain in denial about it and blame the victim instead of the perpetrator.

Truth is an underlying concept with God. Justice, and love for one another is what God is all about. But this good Christian country clearly has no idea how to value life except their own kind. So when any Black person hears the words, America is a Christian country, open your bible and search for the passage that says Black life has no value.

© August 2008 by CR Hamilton || [TOP]


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