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poverty (18K)The Object of Social Control is to Create more Poor

The future of the average working individual and family looks bleak in America and worldwide. Greed and the desire for power are soaring because desperation and a need for survival have increased. People are worried about their families and nations are concerned about their people. So the next decade is sure to bring a struggle between the rich and the poor.....[more]

gunsandbible2 (13K)Guns and Bibles Defend Against the New Socialism

From Baseball and apple pie to guns and bibles, the traditional American pastime is regressing back to a more revolutionary state. Like the days of the early settlers, an abnormal negation of existence continues to afflict the minds of America's leaders; whether to trust in God and pass the ammunition or to destroy God and print more money......[more]

7_sins (2K)The 7 Sins of Materialism

Only a mind capable of perceiving the needed level of clarity when interpreting the metaphoric meaning of a "thin line" can understand the difference between materialism and modesty. There is no sin in having nice things; and having nice things and having a nice life are extremely dissimilar though often interpreted as one. But the true test of character is revealed during the battle of possession between the owner and the things. Does a person own their things or do the things own the person?.....[more]

doublemind (10K)Unconscious DoubleThought: The Flaw of New World Thinking

If only the social and political correct restraints were removed from around the people of color in the United States and world, then everyone could see the true nature, desires, and capabilities of white people.If it were not for Civil Rights laws, Civil Liberty policies, and the Constitution; those religious commandments, cultural mores, natural laws and basic damn human decency, white folks could have it their way. Just in case it is unclear what white people really want, here is a list:......[more]

urbanhood (13K)Taxpayers Money in the Hood

When listening to news anchors, economic and political analyst and comments from the average citizen about "our tax dollars" and where they are being spent, one would think that the biggest burden on taxpayers are the poor and underprivileged by way of government entitlement programs, which in traditional American society usually points to Black folks. As a result, white America - and some Blacks - believe that Black folks are essentially to blame for America's rising tax on the working class and recently to blame for the entire economic crash of America's financial system.......[more]

Insurgent Whites Declare Open Season on "Niggers"
hate (16K) If you have not noticed, young Black men are being killed and unjustly persecuted by law enforcement authorities, militia hate groups, and roaming bands of white assassins throughout the United States; and if this does not bring a cold chill to your bones, the white media and United States Justice system have all but publicly sanctioned this national fear campaign against Black Americans.......[more]

The Power of Black Unity
blkunity (16K) It would be distressing to divide Black America into ten to 15 parts like Radio-one did recently in an article on their website So instead, we at Afromerica will stick with reality and show it like it really is - that Black America is simply, Black America. We are seen as one by the world so we should be as one, so the power of Black unity can change the world.......[more]

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The Quiet Revolution: Black Americas Solution for Complete Liberation defies all mainstream tactics in Black Americas war for equality and liberation from Americas white supremacy oppression.

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