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  Liberation Theology Overview

Liberation Theology is a concept based on the spiritual protection and deliverance of the oppressed from those who oppress. Like a child or spouse in an abusive relationship; groups, cultures, and races of people are powerless, abused and oppressed throughout the world. Liberation Theology speaks to them with the assurance of the truth and just power of God to deliver.

Liberation Theology is not a teaching of hate toward the oppressor but to encourage the oppressed to realize what tactics are used for majority domination of any minority group of people. Whether by race, creed, religion, gender or economic status, oppression of the many by the few has always been a problem in the world and liberation groups have always fought to free themselves from that oppression.

The Liberation Theology section of Afromerica will enlighten believers to the ways and forms of oppression that still exist and are being used to maintain a predominant power rule in America and throughout the world.

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The Quiet Revolution: Black Americas Solution for Complete Liberation defies all mainstream tactics in Black Americas war for equality and liberation from Americas white supremacy oppression.

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Mothers With Sons in Prison Community Support Group
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A ministry out of Richmond VA for every other city
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Website based on the book Going-Natural
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Intensified energy from the urban streets
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