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afrolosophy2 (4K)Everything moves in proportion to the moment, including your mind.

immigration (1K)Slavemaster Mentality: White America's Exploitation of Illegal Immigrants

We often hear the term "slave mentality" where it pertains to Blacks, and unfortunately, many of us continue to possess remnants of this mind-set, meaning they live to please whites and or strive to prove themselves acceptable to whites in behavior, i.e. achievements, intellect, or something as simple as dialect. However, rarely do we contemplate the mentality of the slavemaster as it pertains to whites, even though it is the slavemaster mentality that gives rise to the slave mentality. Well, current social and political events prove otherwise.

See, a slavemaster has to believe he is superior to his slaves as life would have it, of course, and they believe they should be reverenced for their person - and in the matter of whites their person meaning their whiteness. Because whites at one time were actually slavemasters and Blacks were slaves, they have always felt and believed that they were superior to Blacks and many Blacks reluctantly, and many times ignorantly, accepted this subordinate status, thus producing the slave mentality.

The trick to white America's success in establishing a slave state came by way of brute force, not willingly or naturally on the part of Africans. Whites literally forced Blacks to be slaves and from there maintained an atmosphere of violence to control the institution. Overtime as the violence factor died down, social, political, and economic disparity became the strategy to maintain control of a people whites believed were inferior. Today, much of the same mind-set remains systematically and on a large scale against Blacks, and the violence factor - in terms of forcible control - has been replaced with generational deprivation, medical and scientific malpractice and institutional confinement.

As white America's struggle to feel superior over Blacks wanes, that sly fox over the years have created another institution of slavery right under America's noses; one that fuels the economic machine of capitalism thus enabling them to enjoy life without hard work but from the labors of others, just as they did during the enslavement of Blacks. Amazingly, when whites talk of how "hard work pays off," and how they "worked hard to get to where they are," they are not referring to physical labor or toil or actual sweat, hell no. They are talking of the hours of mental energy it takes to stay atop as superior to others.

To correct a huge media blunder when everyone talked of how Mexicans do the work that Blacks will not do, think hard about that statement. The truth is, Blacks and Mexicans work hard and do the work whites will not do and have not done, yet they somehow own most of everything in the country. This is and has always been the plan people. Whites do not like to actually work, they just want to reap the fruits of the labor while at the same time treat like dirt those who actually do the work.

You have heard about wage inequality among Blacks, whites, and others. Well it is true and always has been. Whites pay themselves more than Blacks for the same job and less work. The illegal immigrants in this country are by no means an accident or an unexpected crisis now reaching uncontrollable proportions, no. This was planned every since whites realized that they had to give Blacks their due during the Civil Rights era and during the rise of the Black middle class. Though their fight for racial superiority persists against Blacks, a definite back-up plan has been put into motion.

That plan was to open the borders to Mexico's poverty-stricken people and into America's fruited plains to work the grounds, populate the country to guarantee a work force in the future, and to slowly edge out low-income Blacks from the work force and into the confinement of prison industrial labor. All this stems from the mentality that whites so evilly possess; that slavemaster mentality. Their mistaken notion that white people should be by nature superior to all other people. So if anyone has a criminal, slothful, and psycho-distorted mind, who do you think it is?

© May 2007 By CR Hamilton



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