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Shiny Things:
The Beginning Dialog with Black America

We read the wisdom of Black writers and hear the words of Black voices that will never be heard by those who need it most. These minds are minds that see what changes need be done to create the best and strongest plans of Black unity, empowerment, and advancement. These minds - of past and of present - analyze the problem thoroughly yet will never be given any national attention as do the minds we war against. They will never be called on as experts in the fields of struggle or triumph but they will always be a voice in the distant wind heard only by the ears for which their words are meant.

Black knowledge of the problem means knowledge of everything contrary and opposing to mainstream knowledge: psycho and philosophically 180 degrees far removed from than the other man and his know-how and know-what. Common knowledge of things natural and deep belongs to the minds that experience the days and years, and decades of oppressing forces. What? We live in a world that has been preordained by people who are compelled by their own greed to have control over the many. They have set their agendas and planned their escape while the rest, the weak and powerless (yet profound little people), remain victims and pawns to their games of power. We walk in a world, which directs our paths toward self-defeatism and eventually targeted annihilation.

We are stuck in a deep rut. We have not the energy nor time to gather or the will or ambition to unify. Why? Because we have fallen into a trance set by the ones who seek our destruction. We have become lazy to resistance and sit and take it however they want to dispense it. We have become a dazed by what we see and are presented through the mediums in which we are programmed from our youth to obey and believe in. We eat and drink the foods and wines of drunkenness while they watch their plan unfold. We are not an enemy of ourselves if we have no fight within us. For if we cannot fight them who destroy us then how can we have the fight to destroy ourselves. We do not fight against ourselves; we are being destroyed because we are of ourselves.

We are not our own enemies, for that is what they tell us because they do not want us to become wise to the fact that it is they who are the real enemy. They want us to think that we are hurting ourselves when we do not succumb to their opportunities and take advantage of their shiny things. They want us to blame ourselves when we cannot seem to reach the controlled and bureaucratically manipulated goals set before us. They do not want us to think for ourselves using the God-given mind we were born with to figure out that it is not us who keeps us down, but the truth is it is they and their forces and inventions that keeps us neutral. We cannot be the enemy of ourselves when we are subjugated to their rules, laws, and policies and procedures.

We have to awaken but how? How do we shake ourselves from this slumber and gather and unify and organize and fight, and fight but with what tools shall we fight. With what artillery will we use to gain an advantage against the strong-willed and well-organized force that holds the keys to everything we need? How are we going to mobilize when we have no mobilization tools? How are we going to break the chains of psychological slavery and oppression if we have no knowledge of their strategy or understanding of their weakness? What are their weaknesses, these things we must know if we plan to wage a war against them. If we ever plan to be free of the devices that hold us back we must know and realize what keeps us where we are.

We have to train people to go into their camp and spy out their techniques and their secrets and bring those secrets back to the people so we can begin a plan. How are we going to fight a war when we have no plan? Where are we going to lay the camp and what are we going to do when they have realized that we have actually started a war against them. What is the plan and what will we ask for when they are ready to listen. These are the things Black America and all the people of the colored world must answer if we are to break free from the hands and the gunpoint of those who currently run the world and the affairs within it. Who are these people? They are of the evil-stock who believe in themselves as saviors and who deem themselves worthy of all the resources of the world.

We all realize and know that "not all white people are evil, nor all Black people are evil" but we have an idea of who those are who are evil. What are we to do with those that we know are not evil and those that want just - as much as we do - to remove the evil out of power? How will we organize with those without going into a power struggle and falling again into the conspiracy theory of supremacy? How are we going to unite with other groups who we know want to bring down the powerhouse without them thinking or us thinking that the other wants the power after we bring the main power down. How will we defeat human nature in order for it to regulate us without the corruptive forces of greed taking control? So, the question is, how do we defeat evil?

© December 2005 By CR Hamilton



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