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afrolosophy2 (4K)Everything moves in proportion to the moment, including your mind.

riot (3K)Preparing for the Coming Race War

Click to Listen to Strategies Against the Coming Race War
- Download MP3 - or download from Black News Radio

This is not about politics or the election. This is what the title suggest, an actual race war. This war was pronounced by prominent whites who are in the public's eye everyday, one in particular, a nationally syndicated radio talk show host who brags about the so-many point million listeners he has, who are all basically gutter-bred white boys who have deep-seated hatred for Blacks for no other reason than misplaced childhood emotional neglect.

This host - secretly backed and supported by racist groups such as Aryan militias, KK Klansmen, white prison gangs, the racist sector of the NRA, the ATF, the CIA, closet racist judges, police officers, military-trained white boys, covert Nascar and wrestling fans, and many other unknown white boys who are expected to join in the war once under way.

They will spring forth from every class and social spectrum, from every city and town around the nation with guns blazing and hate spewing, and on the attack for any Black person, man, woman, or child, who is in the vicinity. Remember, this was announced as what is coming in 2008 or in the near future: A full-blown race war against Blacks, and it was announced nonchalantly over the airwaves of one of America's largest radio networks, who themselves are nothing more than supporters of this murderous attack on Black people.

In preparation of this looming war, Afromerica and Black News Radio have put together a strategy of resistance for Blacks including men, women and children, that will help us to survive and not be taken by surprise. Many will not believe the words I am writing but when the day comes that the fears of white boys become manifest in their actions of taking their anger out on a people who have done nothing to them, Black America have been warned.

The strategy comes in a downloadable MP3, which you can burn onto a disk and distribute around your community to all Black men, women, and children. It is vital that as many Black people get this recording as soon as possible all over the nation because the war is eminent according to this nationally known white radio talk show host and the camaraderie of many of his followers.

It will not matter if you are an educated Black, if you have money, where you live or who you know. The only thing these blood thirsty white boys will have on their mind is "killing Niggers." Your social status, your celebrity, your religion nor your good looks will exclude you from being attacked by one of these ravishing wolves out for your head and neck. Please, download the audio, burn it unto disk and pass it around as soon as possible. Remember, the strategy is a powerful one that will manifest and work correctly if followed orderly.

Stay Strong, Love hard, and may God be with us always,
CR Hamilton

Click to Listen to Strategies Against the Coming Race War
- Download MP3 - or download from Black News Radio

© Jan. 2008 By CR Hamilton



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