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afrolosophy2 (4K)Everything moves in proportion to the moment, including your mind.

blkman (2K)Operation Multiply: A Covert Strategy Against Black Male Genocide

Everywhere we turn there is a new study about the failures of Black men in America. No where is there anything positive about Black men, or even negative about white men, Hispanic men, Jewish or Asian men, just Black men. This acute observation warrants the question as to what the hell this society has against Black men or what its intensions are toward them. Operation Multiply deduce there is something directly pointed at Black men in America and has designed a strategy to combat this negative stigma. Read on.

The media proudly report that half of Black men do not graduate high school, a large majority are ending up in prison, many more are contracting HIV, just as many are possibly on the down low spreading HIV to their Black sisters; Black men are negligent as fathers, irresponsible, thieves, drugs dealers, users, and thugs. This is what the public knows about Black men and they think in general, that all Black men fall into one of the above categories, and this is what the media wants the public to think and believe.

However, white men do the same things and every other race of men commit these and even worst immoralities against society, but are they targeted as Black men are and stigmatized as they are? No. There are no studies concluded and published in major newspapers and magazines and profiled on news channels about no other men accept Black men. And what is more disturbing is that so-called Black leaders suck these negative stereotypes up like dope from a crack pipe and pass it on to their doped up buddies then drown themselves in despair and a need for change for the Black man.

african (2K)Little do these so-called Black leaders think. It is not the Black men who are the problem, the fact is; Black men are feared and have always been feared by the white man and are and have been targeted for elimination. From the first time they set foot on African soil, white men cloaked themselves in fear and reacted accordingly. When one wants to conquer their fears, they must destroy the essence of their fear to overcome it. That was the strategy then, and that is the strategy now; to destroy what they fear most, which is the Black man.

What is left of the legacy of Black men from the time of slavery to Jim Crow to today is currently under attack by means of what systems are in place. Since Jim Crow laws are no longer socially acceptable and since hanging and slavery would be a bit much in today's politically correct society, white men have resorted to using what means of punishment they have, which are the prison systems, i.e. the courts, the police, and any other structures tied to crime, punishment, and social exclusion.

The white man is not so much as smart in conquering his fear, as he is desperate to. It is an urgency on his part that Black men are reduced to low numbers, whether by confinement, police shootings, Black on Black crime - fueled by America's illegal drug trade with other countries- the FBI, CIA, and other covert operations, or by social exclusion by way of lack of skills, education, or finance. The plan is to withhold as much opportunity to as many Black men as possible so when time comes to report on who is doing worst in society, news makers can point to the Black man.

Not to suggest that all Black men are or have been a target at the same time, see this is the genius of his strategy, because if all Black men were subject to the same genocidal tactics, it would look suspicious thus they work the system a few at a time but now the numbers are noticeable. This tactic enables the Black men who have succeeded in this society to question what the fuss is all about when someone stands up to speak on this human crime. Thus is born the Uncle Tom blind to the white man's long-term plan.

lynching (4K)See, white men can sit and plan for the future. They have patience to wait for the fruitition of their seeds. They can implement a plot and ten years later see the results. The problem with Black people is that they cannot see the very plan that was hatched behind their backs ten, twenty, or 100 years ago; they cannot connect the dots. But the dots are now connecting and the picture is coming into focus. There is a plot to annihilate the Black man in America.

When a people begin to notice that their population is dwindling away, they panic, and that is what Black leaders are doing right now, panicking. The second thing a people do is attempt to solve the problem by thinking reasonably about the problem using logic. Logically, when a people's population begins to dwindle, eventually the people figure that repopulation of their society is the only answer, common knowledge, to reverse death, create more life. This is where Operation Multiply comes into play for the Black man's continued existence in American society and the world.

Not to suggest that Black men up their ante on having illegitimate children by increasing the number of babies mamas, no, because it takes two to make a life. Therefore, Black men cannot repopulate the Black community alone. It will take the cooperation of the Black woman as well, as it does now. So, the Black woman can no longer look to the abortion clinics for assistance and birth control methods for support, but they must understand that their men - including their sons - are de facto a target for genocide, and simply be willing to bare the seed and bring to fruitition a new generation of Black men.

hiv (2K)Of course whites will retaliate with one of their diabolical schemes to encourage birth control among Black women and by threats of disease, plague and death, and they will try to frighten the Black woman into believing that to have a child with a Black man means death, and of course, eventually, the white man will figure out a way to sterilize Black men without their knowledge, but what else should we expect from a people so psychopathological by nature? So to avoid these roadblocks, Operation Multiply suggest to Black men that they do not limit their sowing of the oats to Black women alone, but to spread their seed to women of all races; especially white women. We do not want to appear to be biased or reverse racist.

Yes, many will scream that what Operation Multiply is promoting is free-will sex without consequences but this is far from the truth. We never say how and under what circumstance Black men implant their seeds, whether in marriage or just running the streets, or maybe start a business. The plan is to play on the fears of the white man by using the ways of nature (nothing sinful about being fruitful) and reproducing to remain in existence. Is that so wrong? Fear, has encapsulated that man and he will stop at nothing to rid himself and the world of what he believes and wished the world to believe, is a danger to him and to the world, which is the Black man.

He has and continues to take for himself the Black women and make her socially acceptable in the boardrooms and corporate world and he has succeeded in convincing her that her man is no good and deserves death, and that he is the answer to her future: He has succeeded. He has inoculated the Black man with disease, attached the stigma of thievery to him, reduced him to an ignorant, uneducated, intellectually inferior being according to his studies, and he has done this in the dark even to where some Black men themselves cannot see what has happened. He is a sly one indeed.

In the long run, Operation Multiply will repopulate the Black community and even if that next generation is a bad generation, there will be more of them so the white man will have to build more and bigger prisons, enforce more child support laws, higher more police, more bigoted judges and indifferent teachers, eventually straining his public funds. He will have to try harder to convince the Black woman that we are no good. He will spend thousands, millions, billions of dollars to accomplish this feat because he is afraid of the Black man and believes money is the answer to all things: all because he does not want the Black man to be in control of his or his own life.

mixrace (2K)He does not want the Black man to have too much or even enough money. He does want too many Black men with too much or enough money. He does not want Black men to know anything about conventional society or have the experience to run and operate his own society. He does not want the Black man to own too much property, have too much stock, work too many places, teach in too many class rooms; he certainly does not want Black men around touching shoulders with white women or his white women having Black babies.

The white man fears the size and strength of Black men. He sees him coming and shivers. He sees him looking and shakes because he knows the Black man sees what he is thinking and what he has done and what he wants to do. See, Black women do not see these things because they are women, but Black men read the minds of white men and know that he is afraid of him. He fears him because he is brown and Black and shaded and divine and is shined upon by the gods even through all he has been through, he remains. The white man is insecure around the Black man.

The Black man questions the white man's system and can solve the white mans problems better than the white man can and he knows this. In his right environment, the Black man is empowered, innovative, humanitarian, passionate, caring and capable, especially when he is not influenced by greedy and exploitive minds and or the target of a worldwide plan of extermination. Operation Multiply: A Covert Strategy Against Black Male Genocide says, Black men, be fruitful and multiply and to hell with death.

© May 2006 By CR Hamilton



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