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afrolosophy2 (4K)Everything moves in proportion to the moment, including your mind.

sunset (1K)There Is Only One Truth

Contemporary logic has distorted civilized and sound reasoning and transformed it into a bed of psychological mayhem. No one knows what is true and what is not. No one seems to recall that there can be only one truth about any given subject matter, which means, on any given subject matter, someone is wrong.

Something is or it is not; and there are no individual truths. The concept of what may be true to one person may not be true to another is nonsense; it is either true or not. And it is the latter kind of reasoning that has confused today's novice thinker, one seduced by the imagery of evil and deception.

A civilization cannot advance on non-truths but will eventually collapse into a chasm of myths, tales, falsehoods and fabrications, further infecting humanity by bringing forth a society of liars, impostors, frauds and thieves. And when truth has vanished from humanity, life no longer has real meaning but is what society depicts it to be.

On today's social and political issues, who knows what is true? There seems to be a movement toward confusing society on many issues, such as religion, human rights, the rule of law, gender, race, health and many other issues. Opposing groups form opinions and back them with supposed facts and statistics for legitimacy but even those - facts and statistics - have come into question as being authentic.

Any argument can have facts and statistics behind it to prove its legitimacy and someone who has no sense of reality will believe only the argument which has the most support by mainstream society. Because many people depend on television news stations for their learning and information about the world around them, many people tend to take what is dispensed to them and live accordingly.

However, if a television news station or information resource is partial toward any one issue by reason of support from any one group trying to make a point, the final information will be distorted and the public misinformed.

Politicians and scientist straddle the fence on issues more and more in an attempt to appeal to a certain sector of the voting or academic public, with no real intention of having an authentic stance or view of an issue. Scientists' are born from universities that have agendas created by groups who fund them thus the information that spills from these institutions are questionable.

Think tanks designed to inform the public are nothing more than groups with an agenda, either a political, social, or class agenda that is in place to serve that particular group. Issues from what we should and should not eat based on which group lobbied most or gave the most money toward the medium that reveals the facts and or statistics to the public about food consumption: to issues of lifestyle change based on fuel consumption, threats of disease, terrorism, or population control.

It seems now that issues are designed and or created at certain times in our lives for the purpose of fulfilling a specific agenda of certain organizations or groups. For instance, gas shortages by the decade, virus threats by the season, war when needed and even hurricane warnings when appropriate.

Knowledge is increasing everyday and information is spreading too rapidly for the human mind to grasp and process any one concept long enough to even learn or understand it let alone adopt to it for to live. This all leaves too much room for error, for misunderstanding, miscommunication, and unfortunately lies, false imagery, illusions, and mistaken identities.

Who knows any longer who is who or who one is supposed to be or be in support of? How much actual truth is there in what we see each day? Are we living in vain or are we even living for ourselves or for another? Are we happy or have we been told we are happy? What is happiness?

fork (1K)There is only one truth. Both sides cannot be right, someone has to be wrong. If one thing is true then obviously there is no such thing as the other. Either there is a God or there is not. Either the world is round or it is not. Either we are the only inhabitants of the galaxy or we are not, supposition leaves too much room for everything other than truth. Thus, no one can force upon society a supposition alone and call it truth.

Either a person is born normal or they are not. There is only one truth so someone is wrong. There is no compromise or middle ground on that issue as well as many other issues of the sort. The Democrats are not right nor are the republicans wrong. Communism is not wrong and capitalism is not all right, or vise-versa. One or the other can only be best for society at any given time in life, but not both coexisting at once.

As a person, one must grab hold to what is absolute and true or be tossed to and fro in the winds of falsehood and deception. One must know beyond a doubt what is and what is not. There can be no in between or time for doubt or doublethink. The time has come to skip the preliminaries of argument and debate and take hold of truth.

To find truth one must have a clear understanding of life and its design. We are here for one reason and one only; and knowing that reason is a must. Everything else contrary to the reasons for life must be destroyed quickly and never to return in the world of truth. Destroy your world of confusion and take hold of reality.

Understand that there is no one issue with two legitimate sides; none. Only one side is right and is true and is designed by nature and life and reality, everything else contrary to that issue is a lie. Choose what is true and apply it to your life. From that moment on will you have conquered your fears, doubts, and imaginations, in addition to the lies, illusions, and imagery of this world, and only then will you know the truth and will no longer be a slave to the vulnerabilities of humanity.

© May 2007 By CR Hamilton



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