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afrolosophy2 (4K)Everything moves in proportion to the moment, including your mind.

silhouette (1K)Identify Yourself: Gathering The True Black Soldiers

Let us get an understanding here. There is only one Black nation that make up the entire Diaspora, from here in America to the shores surrounding the Kingdoms of Africa, to the corrals of the Caribbean to the Nubian souls of Europe and anywhere on this earth a Black or brown face shines. We are not divided amongst ourselves or by ourselves; our one and only enemy have divided us, for us.

We only think we are divided because of political and religious affiliation, sexual preference, generationally, educationally, economically, shade-wise, and all other variables of the American demographical spectrum.

The so-called Black Democrats attack the Black conservatives. The Blacks Christians shake their heads at the Black Muslims. The older Blacks attack the younger ones, the darker Blacks attack the lighter ones, the educated Blacks attack the uneducated ones, and the wealthy Blacks attack the low-income ones. In return, those attacked react in defense. This is the way we are living and it must cease because the media instigates these wars within and exploit them as division.

The Black gays are attacking the Black Christians. The Black leaders, who are suppose to be Christian leaders are fighting for the Black gays in order to further their Black politics. The suburban Blacks are undermining the urban Blacks. The educated Blacks are snubbing the uneducated Blacks and the media uses the educated Blacks to publicly attack and humiliate the defenseless Blacks and the world shakes its head at the words and images.

Older Blacks are disgracing younger Blacks in public - in their schools and on television - and younger Blacks are rapping back in anger. Black men are disrespecting Black women and Black women, in return, are having no mercy on the Black man. These wars are the result of what we have learned from our enemies, not from the depths of our nature.

The Africa heard he is suppose to dislike the Africa American and the African America believes this is true so will not give the African a place in their world. The Euro-Black and the Canadian Black look to the American Black for role models but the American Black is too caught up in America and its false dream to care.

The Brothers and sisters from the Caribbean think they are better and wiser and more in tune, and the American Black believes this but does not care. Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Brazilians, Aboriginals, and all the rich thoroughbred Blackness of this earth are torn among themselves because this is what the enemy has led us to believe. These are the labels they have given us.

worldmap (2K)They are going to try to take the world for themselves and though we live in this world, all over this world, they are going to try to place us at the bottom, but it will fail in the end. We will rise strong and powerful, yet merciful because we have a spiritual calling on us that will break forth and shine like the sun to break the evil and corruption and division.

We only think we are divided. Our soul is as one and they cannot break the bond no matter how hard they try, even with every deception they can conceive. Check yourself and know what you believe. Position yourself to know and understand your brother and sister. Throw off the stereotypical games we have learned from them and use against ourselves. We are one and we are mighty. We must bind the strong man, our enemy, so Identify Yourself.

© January 2006 By CR Hamilton



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