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afrolosophy2 (4K)Everything moves in proportion to the moment, including your mind.

humanity (2K)Humanity and Survival

In the animal kingdom, instinct and knowledge of the environment determines survival, and when there are various species living amongst one another in a certain environment, having knowledge of the boundaries and habits of surrounding species helps certain other species to survive. The difference between animals and humans where it pertains to understanding the boundaries and habits of others ends with the knowledge of when to share and when to compete.

If Darwin's theory of natural selection (the idea that those organisms best adapted to their environment will be the ones most likely to survive and reproduce) bares any relevance to humanity, it would conclude that any populous of people located anywhere on earth must first understand their environment and those around them for them to have a chance at survival. Thus, if a people have no understanding of their environment or of others who share that environment, then at some point that people will become extinct.

A multitude of animal species can inhabit a vast terrain of open wilderness, understand one another's boundaries and habits, and still be able to survive by sharing the resources. Yet, in humanity, understanding how and what to share and what to compete for becomes blurred because of the concept of ethnocentrism - the idea that one ethnic group is superior to another, which have historically and to-date been a consequence of greed, unlike the animal kingdom, which is based on the significance of need.

Naturally, American society, like many other industrialized societies, do not live wholly dependent on the resources of nature to where there is a need to understand nature's laws for to survive. Theoretically, industrialized nations live simulated lives from generic modifications of nature, which in turn requires nothing more than a scientifically mass-model understanding of life.

Based on the social functioning today, there is no reason to know and understand the boundaries and habits of other species and people because post-modernist humanity have determined those boundaries - based on their own specifications - instead of nature determining them. In other words, instead of learning about the terrain and habits (cultures) of other people, policies of industrialized advancement have drawn the boundaries for everyone to live by, which is rooted mainly in its own need, greed, and stipulated rules.

To be more accurate, when it comes down to survival in American society, instinct and knowledge of the environment are naturally constrained by the boundaries set by social and political policy, which is determined by those who have developed and directed the current social structure. Thus, it will be those and their own species that will, not particularly have a better understanding of how to survive, but have an advantage from the policies.

The laws of nature are of no written laws. So animals survive by instinct alone. The laws of a society are indeed written, so humanity survives by knowledge of the laws and afterward the ability to comply with those laws. And because the laws are written and upheld from the concept of competition instead of shared compliance, those who are most privileged by the laws will survive and all others will become either extinct or underserved.

Individuals know what it takes to survive in modern-day society, in fact they are bred from youth into the ways of the social structure; but because the environment is controlled - and not by natural laws of human nature but by written laws of human competition - many people cannot comply simply because the individual will is born free but conflict with that of society.

A society that governs based on relative instead of natural law, especially one with a hidden agenda that puts into place a system beneficial for a select few in an attempt to weed out the weak will be a society chosen by natural selection for extinction. This is the reality of humanity and survival and has nothing to do with the species itself, but the species' relationship with nature.

© January 2006 By CR Hamilton



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