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afrolosophy2 (4K)Everything moves in proportion to the moment, including your mind.

tombstone (3K)Afromerica Buries Black Leadership

At its 98th annual convention, the NAACP held a symbolic public burial for the N-word. Meanwhile, lying ivy league scholars, mainstream media newspapers and cable news stations publish negative studies and images of Black men, women and children sending negative racist messages of Blacks in America to the nation and world; bigoted court justices sentence Black youth to overblown jail sentences, city after city take from the poor urban schools and give to the rich ones...

Local and state police departments chase down, accuse, charge, and murder Black men, state social service systems neutralize Black men and women via bogus child support and family laws, welfare subsidies and low-wage employment; Home Land Security is co-opting a plan to tie Black America to Islamic terrorist so they can have a reason to shoot and kill us and ask no questions, the CDC secretly backed by the Federal Government is inflicting a gay white man's disease into the blood stream of Black women and their children, and Tavis Smiley is begging attention from white politicians at a kiss-ass fest.

While white students are afforded easy entrance into white universities where they have "nigger" parties, Black youth attend community colleges that guarantee them only the entry-level pay jobs at companies the white graduates of the white universities obtain the managerial positions; while racist conservative radio host say what they want about Black people and call it good ole boy fun, Democrat funded urban radio stations feed liberal ideological filth to millions of Black Americans through the mouths of hired Uncle Tom Negroes acting as radio DJs;...

While the banking system ask no questions of white applicants for loans and mortgages, predatory pay day loan establishments, car title pawn shops, and rip-off rent-to-own crooks all franchised extensions of those same banks and credit card companies, drain urban communities of hard-earned income; and while Black homeowners suffer the brunt of foreclosures from home sales all based on fraudulent lending companies financed by prominent banks and legally backed by white political legislation, filthy rich whites purchase those homes to add to their wealth, and Al Sharpton sits on his fake reverend ass radio show working for a so-called Black television network that is disillusioned about what being Black in America is all about.

Jesse Jackson just marched for some Civil Rights cause up the street to glory, while over 400,000 Black children who were systematically intentionally ripped from their families sit in a state-run institution called foster care awaiting for some well-off Black family who cares about the community to come by and decided whether or not any of the children there would make a good add to their suburban Black family agenda....

And while the juicy Black rappers and delicious Black actresses and singers cross the stage of one of the nation's most samboized Black television networks ran by a Black woman who could give a damn about what Black people need and or want, as they collect their gold-plated idols for dramatizing and mocking real Black life, close to 2 million Black students lay in their beds at night believing the lies about life told them by these Hollywood whores only to awake to a world that has their color plastered on the front page of every paper and center story of every cable news screen as being something to fear and disrespect, and while Fox News speaks up for whites, Bill Cosby talks down to Blacks.

Africa is an experimental ground for U.S. and European greed by which millions of Africans suffer and die daily from lack of anything and has for centuries; Blacks in Europe, the Caribbean, Brazil, and everywhere in the Diaspora live as second class under white oppression along side Black America; in addition, Africa is currently slowly being erased from history books, its culture is being undermined and treated as barbarian and believed to be barbarian by many Black Americans, and loved Black preachers such as T.D. Jakes, Creflo Dollar, and Eddie Long peddle the word of God like a commodity all the while suggesting Blacks are in poverty because they are not tithing to the church;...

Black history in the United States is treated as a holiday instead of a crime against humanity, Black culture is being transformed into a music video featuring violence, soft porn, and materialism and is now being blamed for the behavior of innocent white children from suburbia America who rebel against their capitalist parents; excuses are made for the rich while behavior is to blame for the poor, policy is created for the rich while laws are restricting the poor, safety and security is guaranteed to the rich while the threat of punishment and prison await the poor, while the Congressional Black Caucus is trying to get 50 year-old bills passed.

On July 12, 2007, Afromerica officially declared America's Black leadership, DEAD! The funeral will be held every day from this day on. The eulogy has been delivered by CR Hamilton and he asked all Black Americans and those in the Diaspora to pay your respect to the dead, to remember them and write of them as history, and if you should see the ghost of any while you help develop the future of the new Black America, do not be afraid, for they are mere souls without a place to call home, cause God cannot take souls that were purchased by the Devil.

May all Black leaders Rest In Peace next to the word "Nigger."

© July 2007 By CR Hamilton



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