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Black Leaders' 'Covenant' vs. The Afro National Federation

On the weekend of February 25 2006, a conglomeration of America's most public Black leaders convened to measure, discuss, and possibly implement a "Covenant" for Black America: the "Covenant" purportedly meaning a promissory commitment for these leaders to better "The State of Black America" on various socioeconomic levels. Conversely, Afromerica has been in the process of implementing a similar concept, yet on a more independent level.

After careful review of the "Covenant", Afromerica has determined that it reeks of integrationalist tactics, which could only deepen the troubles of Blacks in this country. Each "Covenant" article (which are 10) is laced with liberal, defeatist, ineffectual Civil Rights pleas, which are the exact same pleas that brought Black America to its current position in the first place.

Through the liberation of the Afro National Federation, Black America can opt-out of America's system of injustice and racial disparity and opt-in to a free society dependant on its own sources and resources. We are establishing a separate political party, separate educational institution, and separate economic base to operate the Nation. The new Federation opposes the "Covenant" unequivocally and because of its weakness.

We will now review these articles and rebut its theories.

Covenant says:
1. Securing the right to healthcare and well-being

Afro National says:
As long as racism and discrimination is a factor in the health care system, no amount of "securing the right" (which only means voting for the candidates who prostitutes Black churches and talks the most of equal health care), can change the mindsets of whites in America's power positions of health care or Congress.

Afro National is seeking Black doctors who will offer their services throughout the country to under-treated and misdiagnosed Black men, women, and children, funded by the peoples of the Afro National Federation.

Covenant says:
II. Establishing a system of public education in which all children achieve at high levels and reach their full potential

Afro National says:
Does this mean establishing a system of Black educators, or lobbying American politicians for more funding, what the hell does this mean?

Afro National is seeking Black educators, from administrators to kindergarten teachers and aides to join the Online Home School Institute so to teach our children the truth about the world and society.

Covenant says:
III. Correcting the system of unequal justice

Afro National says:
Again, how is this suppose to be done unless they have a plan to personally influence and change the hearts of judges along with the minds and policies of the entire Legislative system based on a mere plea for human rights, which means nothing to a system established on racial injustice, profiling, and incarceration.

Afro National is seeking legal professionals to advise the masses, students to study the law and to write new ones for the operation of the Federation. We seek to soon withdraw from the America legal system by way of nonsupport of it.

Covenant says:
IV. Fostering accountable community-centered policing

Afro National says:
Fostering how? Who? Giving account to whom? What the hell are they asking and whom are they asking? The police force in Black communities are out for one thing - to lock-up young Black men - and no policy will change their agenda regardless of what President passes it and what legal ramifications come of it if broken.

Afro National is currently recruiting and implementing a community defense force against the current police state. We are seeking young Black men and women to organize defense groups ready to address any unethical, immoral, or unjust incident that happens again in the Black community because of an overly aggressive cop.

Covenant says:
V. Ensuring broad access to affordable neighborhoods that connects to opportunity

Afro National says:
If this does not have the stench of integration on it the nose is not working. This is a weak, politically correct plea for Blacks to beg whites to allow them into their communities.

Afro National knows where they are not wanted and do not want to be there. We will build and rebuild our own communities, funded, developed, and constructed by our own people, thus creating our own opportunities.

Covenant says:
VI. Claiming our democracy

Afro National says:
How can one claim their democracy in a non-democratic country? No thanks.

Afro National has proclaimed freedom and independence already. Simply join and be free.

Covenant says:
VII. Strengthening our rural roots

Afro National says:
On this there is agreement but not if it means compromising with the current political system or using any funding or any means from the government.

Afro National wants to strengthen not only the rural roots but most importantly the urban roots and possibly offer freedom to those Blacks caught in the zone of American suburbia that they may regain their freedom.

Covenant says:
VIII. Accessing good jobs, wealth and economic prosperity

Afro National says:
No thanks. This means being further educated/indoctrinated by their institutions to qualify for their jobs at their businesses and becoming financially dysfunctional like so many Americans rights now.

Afro National will create jobs through a means of production of goods sold to our consumers. We seek economically astute Black minds to develop business and employment networks for Black prospects.

Covenant says:
IX. Assuring environmental justice for all

Afro National says:
What does this mean, equality in the environment or in the legal system? Huh? Does this have anything to do with Global Warming?

Afro National is based on the laws of nature, i.e., man + woman = baby, understand the earth and the substances in it, and give just due to a man's crime.

Covenant says:
X. Closing the racial digital divide

Afro National says:
The digital revolution is a trend that will soon die its death because of capitalist greed. The concept is to reach the Black mind through grassroots means, by old fashion print and writing. Visuals leave too much room for stereotypes.

Afro National is seeking writers (from ancient wisdom) to offer up their knowledge in every area of social development. We will pass this knowledge along to the cracks and crevices of every Black community in America.

Afro National has just deemed the "Covenant" a threat to the development of the Black community and hereby decree liberation from the ideology of the American political, educational, judicial, and economic system. We seek to build on a foundation of true Democracy from the moral foundation of the Almighty God, the Creator of the universe, and from the written Bond of the Afro Nation Federation.

Preview the site and structure here

To join or work within the Federation, please contact

© March 2006 By CR Hamilton



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