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afrolosophy2 (4K)Everything moves in proportion to the moment, including your mind.

blkpower (4K)Black Empowerment or Civil Rights

Ask Black people; does your social activist ideology stem from roots of the Black Power movement or roots of the Civil Rights movement? According to a poll conducted by Black America's only legitimate polling and research center - Black People Speak - majority Blacks, 56%, have roots that stem from the Black Power ideology. And the results must become the norm.

Not to take anything away from the Civil Rights Movement and its historical leaders, but there is another mass of Black people who go unrepresented everyday because of America's fixated and disillusioned love affair with the Civil Rights Movement. Its illegitimate representation of Black America has plunged Blacks into an irretrievable abyss of unrelenting disrespect, indifference, and mockery from whites.

Like a recurring bad dream, mainstream media continually drop the names of nostalgias Civil Rights leaders and today's throwbacks, such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. This is done for a reason; to instill division and disillusion into the hearts and minds of Black America and to keep us derailed from empowering ourselves against a racist society.

Black America and its representatives in mainstream media, such as BET and TV-One, must take heed to the voices of the masses of Blacks in America and promote the Black Power ideology as opposed to the old Civil Rights ideology. The problem is Black mainstream media have become to dependant on white mainstream and their advertising funds to actually stand behind the true thoughts and beliefs of the masses of Blacks.

They would rather feed what is left of Black America with nonsensical information that corrupts and dilutes the Black mind, such as entertainment, comedy, and irrelevant news, than feed the masses needed information, positive statistics of their peers, and ways to throw off systematic suppression and discrimination.

abuse (3K)With these non-effective-type strategies used by Black leadership, the masses must develop a movement not only for the mental liberation of Blacks collectively, but one against the mainstream propaganda machine we face and its attempted destruction of Black youth, families, and the overall Black mind. We must stand against all exploitation and stereotypical images, mockery, brutality, and injustice of Blacks in America, not with marches and protest, but with community and collective action and protection for ourselves.

No longer do we need to march against or on Washington, or march against one of America's unjust cities, but we need representation from someone who can strike at the root of the mind and capture the movement that once taught Blacks to stand for themselves and not depend on government law to make a way for us.

Black America must take back its images from mainstream America and its paid Civil Rights representatives and place the spotlight on minds and mouths that will speak truth to power, not for media exposure but for the purpose of freeing the minds of Blacks as well as white Americans from victimization and racism.

More Blacks in America would rather see community progress against any type of oppression from law enforcement and the courts rather than wait on government bills and laws to be passed on our behalf. More Blacks would rather take their lives and decisions into their own hands instead of depending on government family courts and social programs to dispense and decide the outcome.

More Blacks believe in the rule of life as opposed to death where it pertains to a woman's decision to abort her child. More Blacks would rather see strong marriages and families as opposed to alternative families, gay relations, or broken homes. More Blacks would rather live in a society that respects them for their efforts of self-empowerment and entrepreneurship than their dependence on jobs created by indifferent corporations that exploit workers for wages.

Black people do not want to live dependant on a people or people who are mere representations of a society gone wrong; politicians who lie more than do or those who promise from pulpits other than take action from the rule of law.

Stop supporting old Civil Rights ideology because it has gotten us (Black America) where we are right now; disrespected, mocked, ignored, warehoused, underfunded, unhealthy and in an impoverished and disillusioned state. If we adhered to the concepts and strategies of Black Empowerment, meaning doing for ourselves, teaching our children the truth and creating our own jobs and systems of justice, protection, and development of family, spirituality and psychologically, we would be a stronger and more respected people.

Raise your level of thinking to Black Empowerment

© Dec. 2007 By CR Hamilton



Black People for Black Empowerment Campaign

Afromerica is launching a national campaign to advance the concept and strategies of Black Empowerment as opposed to old Civil Rights strategies.

We intend on raising the level of consciousness of Black America to think toward self-empowerment, as in:

  • educating our youth to the truth
  • protecting our own communities from the current police state
  • developing programs to strengthen families and Blacks relationships
  • making religious leaders give an account of church money
  • promoting an Independent Black political official
  • stop supporting negative Black entertainers
  • and developing unity

…as opposed to government dependency on indifferent politicians, policies and laws that considers the Black agenda as second class instead of actually helping erase social racism.

We are determined to expose the fraud and misinformation dispensed by media-made Civil Rights throwbacks such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who are nothing more than tools of division used by white America to mislead Black America and keep them dependant on white policy and law.

We want your support in this effort. We are going to use every media outlet available to us including Internet websites, forums and radio stations; radio and television, and print-based distribution, Including the support of as many Black American's famous or infamous who will promote this change from continued trends of Black underdevelopment to new Black empowerment.

Please fill out the form below, which will be used to fight this battle. Your support and promotion will definitely give us a voice in the mist of a media-biased society with a propaganda stronghold.




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