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afrolosophy2 (4K)Everything moves in proportion to the moment, including your mind.

diversity (22K)Moving Beyond the Primitivism of Racism

This is getting old. Proving over and over, day after day, time and time again, beyond a humanly reasonable doubt that racism against Black America is alive, strong and kicking. They know it, we know it, and now the world knows it. Let us now move beyond the pettiness and primitivism of white racism and toward cultural development.

It seems that regardless of how many marches we march, how loud our voices are at protest, or how many people show up for the cause, white America has it in for Blacks here and around the world. We must stop here; throw off the psychological shackles of defense, and begin the offensive strategy of laying the foundation for liberation.

How do we do this? First, we should find a Black bank in America and transfer our funds into it. Then we should contact the bank manager and ask for a means to promote them and every other positive and progressive Black cause from here on out. Next, we should withdraw from the systems of America i.e. credit card systems, health care systems, social services systems, and educational and political systems.

There is an alternative to each of the above if one dares to actually use their minds to think of them. Once we do this, we must enroll in a Black online home school educational system that is prepared to teach our children things about us and to renew their minds and prepare them for their generation. If there is not one, we'll make one.

Moving beyond the psychological bondage of racism by thinking toward progressive construction of the Black community will strengthen the minds of the young and old. Dwelling on and continually fighting a losing battle drains the energies of creativity and lessens the quality of our innovation.

Mentally strategizing ways to assimilate into a society that obviously does not believe in assimilation is a waste of time, effort, and wisdom. We must not throw our pearls before the swine of integrationist any longer but must ignore their wishful rhetoric and turn our thoughts toward interdependence of one another.

To compete in this world today, one must align themselves with cultures that seek peace among the races and who know beyond a doubt who the real enemies are. We must reach out to the brown, red, and yellow men, mend all past misinformation and earn respect while offering respect toward them and their people. No more can we continue to practice the ways of the oppressive people by accepting and believing in stereotypes, wanting to conquer instead of barter.

There is only one God and we are a nation under that God. No man has seen God and no man can ever lay claim to a god if that god is not directing him. The one God, the creator of man, shaded humanity with colors of love, peace, and a desire to live without complications. Now, denounce the god of evil and embrace the future of Black America.

© March 2006 By CR Hamilton



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