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Recent Advice from Brother Sobukwe

Love Again?
By Sumumba Sobukwe

Cell phone attached to her ear, she seemed to be 'enthralled in her conversation. She was cute but nothing immediately stood out about her. In fact I wasn't' all that enthralled about being at this event, being that I'm not a ''smooth' jazz fan, but I also knew that the performer Mike Phillips had some serious chops and was a helluva a performer. I hadn't been out in a while and had been in a dating 'rut' for more than a minute......[more]

blkcouple (1K)Dumbin Out- Dating between the ages 20-30
By Sumumba Sobukwe

Maybe I should have listened to my runnin partner Truck from college who warned me against dating women under 30, but since I was under 30 myself at the time I really wasn't trying to hear the cat......[more]

Why I Wrote This Book

I suppose I've had similar life experiences as many black men when it comes to dating, relationships and sex. Most statistics say that many of us were raised in a home without the benefit of a male, not to mention a positive role model and culture to pattern our life off of. Even if most statistics are wrong I far too many of us have lived, and learned through lies......[more]

Nice Guys and Ex-Boyfriends-The Louisiana Years
(Excerpt from Dating Games-THE BOOK)

Despite my many difficulties and shortcomings in relationships. I was always taught to treat others the way I want to be treated, being raised in a single-parent home by a black woman. I always marveled at how my mother made ends meet......[more]

She Hate Me

What the heck was I thinking? Until she opened her mouth I had almost forgot how annoying, shallow and 'caught up' she was. Maybe because it had been over a year since our last date or maybe because she lives on the same floor as I and I am almost forced to see her everyday......[more]

Summer, Single and Still Celibate in the City

I'll be honest, sometimes I cannot believe I'm still celibate. I've certainly had my opportunities to do the 'wrong' thing, and I've actually recently had a few good offers swing my way. Maybe I'm getting old, maybe I'm getting wiser, in any case, I'm actually ok where I am without sex, most of the time at least......[more]

Brother Sumumba Sobukwe will be keeping the Black community updated on the state of Black relationships. Visit his advice column regularly for new information that could help you overcome and understand the other side.

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