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orisis (16K)Osiris
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Black Folks Need White People to Verify Everything
By Chief Elder Osiris

When you do not know who you are, then you set yourself up to believe anything and everything Arabs, Jews and Caucasians tell you about yourselves, we Black People act as if there is nothing that is True until White folks and those other people with a History of oppressing Black People give their approval to us to believe......[more]

It Is Time to Raise a National Black Militia In America
By Chief Elder Osiris

In every aspect of the Descendants of our Enslaved Ancestors Life, we today and always have been, since our forced coming to this Land in North America United State, we have been vulnerable to the ways and action of the United State Powerful leadership......[more]

Hypertension, High Blood Pressure And Blacks in America Diaspora
By Chief Elder Osiris

Some of us might ask, what does Hypertension and High Blood Pressure has to do with Black People in the Diaspora, here by way of the Middle Passage, and has not it been the accepted claim that Black People in the Diaspora and the america United States......[more]

Reparation Is A Legitimate Debt Owed To Our Enslaved Ancestors
By Chief Elder Osiris

Hoteph Beloved Sisters and brothers.

Tell me beloved, why is it that there are some Afrikans that is in such a hurry to offer a reprieve to white folks, a pardon if you will, for the Crime they committed against our Enslaved Ancestors?......[more]

Black Nationalism=Afrikan Unity=Afrika Reclaimed=Afrikan Liberation
By Chief Elder Osiris

Of all the slogans and symbols of Afrikan pride and connection, none supersede the mandatory need for the cry and pursuit for Black Afrikan Nationalism, so let us be clear, Black Nationalism is just another way of saying the Land of Afrika belong to the Black so call Afrikans and the Black Nationalist mean that no Black Afrikan, regardless of where we might be or what socialist, Economic and Political doctrine we adhere to,.....[more]

Black Folks Submit To Political Correctness Rather Than Spiritual Truthfulness
By Chief Elder Osiris

So tell me beloved, what does it take to be able to embrace Truth and acknowledge Reality, two principals of Life that really is not that difficult to recognize, that is if you are a serious seeker of the profound in Life and Truth and Reality, which happen to be the supreme of all that may be profound, which is information emanating beyond your sense ability to generate.....[more]

The Extermination Of The Black Mind
By Chief Elder Osiris

What Is An Original Truthful Thought?
A Truthful original thought is a Thinking process using Reasonable, Rational, Logical Thinking to reach a conclusion about events that happen without piggy backing off of the opinion of others about the event or matter under observation or discussion.....[more]

Institutional Religion An Unworthy Opponent To Religious Spirituality

You know what beloved, let me say this to you, when one is in the know of Truth, it become that One responsibility to oppose all Lies that might be in opposition to that particular Truth, for instant, Religion as an Institution and not an act of Spiritual service, and I Think I need to draw that distinction because today, we have been duped into integrating the two actions together to make it seem as if one is synonymous to the other, Religion I speak of.....[more]

Professor Kamau Kambon, All White Folks Should Be Exterminated
By Chief Elder Osiris

Kambon"Kambon, who owns Blacknific[e]nt Books in Raleigh, told the panel that "we are at war." He said that white people had set up an "international plantation" for blacks, which made "every white person on earth a plantation master." He said that, "You're either supporting white people in their process of death, or you're for African liberation."....[more]

What Are You Meeting For?
By Chief Elder Osiris

During the sixties we had plenty of meetings going on and it was necessary because we had a clear mission and objective and that was to tear down the visible vestiges of segregation in america; and such a fight required meetings and strategizing about what our next plan of demonstrated attack would be.....[more]

lamentationsOsiris Lamentation For Afrikan People

Hear me oh people of yestertime, a Time when you walked and talked with the gods that reside in another portion of the Universe, you who know the secrets of all there is to know of and about the Universe, you out of your loins did a strange and Divine people descend and now I beseech you to Turn not your ears away from our cry, a cry that is in need of being heard with an action that will drive away that pain that cause such a crying sound.....[more]

Chattel Slavery Requires Reparations
By Chief Elder Osiris

Beloved, to study Reparation is to imply a certain unawareness of its origin, meaning and purpose, thus to debate/study, whether or not such an action is and will be justified in the appropriation of Reparation, is moot.....[more]

africans (2K)Does Africa Need, or Want the White Man
By Chief Elder Osiris

You know beloved, after pondering the statement, "Afrikans need the White Man," I have reached the conclusion that the first Time I saw the message about how much the Afrikan need the white man and that is, the Afrikan do not need the white man, we just want back what the white man has taken from the Afrikan and that is peace, comfort, justice, freedom, independence, and joy to come back to the Afrikan soul; and now the Afrikan is on a journey to find it amongst the criminals that took such a way of life from them.....[more]

The Art Of Deception

Well now beloved what we have here in term of what just happen in London is an act by a force that is an expert in deception and such is a display of confidence and arrogance of how confident the actors of such a force is, in manipulating continuously the mind of the World.....[more]

Afrikans Will Never Be Free in America
By Chief Elder Osiris

Well now beloved, do you not know that I know what to say to generate your approval of what I say to you, if such is my objective? Do you believe I do not know what it is that you yearn for and hope for in america and all I need to do is enforce your wants by telling you what you hope and pray for every day and it will happen for you in america?.....[more]

The True Black Leader
By Chief Elder Osiris

Beloved what black folks in america do not like nor do we want to hear, is the Truth!!! So what I am about to tell you is the Truth and such is going to piss the Truth haters off and I say, so be it, because I have come to share the truth with you and you can either accept or reject it and I move on......[more]

The Afrikan Has Surrendered
By Chief Elder Osiris

Hoteph my dear Beloved Sisters and Brothers:

Beloved Afrikans, who and what have we become, because we now do not favor our Black Afrikan selves. We have lost all knowledge of our Afrikan selves and now we have surrendered to the human forces that now command and control our Black lives, without opposition.......[more]

Chief Osiris on Vincent Fox

Black People, Black People

Black people, Black people, where is your pride, sleep as usual and never to make an effort to reach your stride.......[more]

The End Time

You know my beloved I have attempted to stay away from revealing to you this message, because I know how clouded and disoriented we have been made not to view such a message with respect and a humbleness of Spiritual Thought.......[more]

afrikanwoman (1K)Theology of The African Woman

Hoteph My Dear beloved sisters and brothers:

Well now, I see there is conversation going on about Black Afrikan women, a subject that is so profound until only the wise and profound mind can adequately discuss this wonderful and amazing Being without prejudice........[more]

graves (61K)Why is There A Conspiracy to Silence Boyd Graves?

You know my beloved, I have been around in this world and have lived the life as a Black Afrikan for a respectful amount of Time and I think I know who my enemy is as for as preventing the Black Afrikan from having a creditable voice in the world with respect and influence where it counts, and that is on the world stage where opinion is respected.........[more]

The Power of Fear

Ah yes my dear beloved sisters and brothers, here is a mental emotion that can and does prevent many lives from experiencing the greater extreme of life pleasures, Freedom/independence.........[more]

Is There Such A Thing As A Devil?

Hoteph, My Dear Beloved sisters and Brothers:

You know beloved here is a topic we fear because we accept it as being fact, based on the mental conditioning given by the religious order as handed down by those who created it.........[more]

Religion and Soulful Spirituality
By: Osiris Chief Elder

Our Ancient Carbon Afrikan Ancestors taught us to think and not believe when seeking the higher knowledge about God, University And Being and such knowledge is required when seeking enlightenment about the three, the Trinity of Truth, and we cannot have understanding of One without the other, such learning come together.........[more]

jealousy (15K)Jealousy and Envy: A Misguided Energy By Black Folks

Hoteph my Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

You know beloved, it bother me not when I tell you how much I love Afrika And Black Afrikan people: what makes it so unbarring is when one is in the know of who and what we are as a people, Black and unique.........[more]

Which Way Is It, Who Owe Whom?

Black Woman And Man, know the tree by the fruit it bear, now that mean not only by how some one act and behave in life, it also mean how some one Think, through conversation as well...........[more]

The America That Count Has Spoken

Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

Well beloved the way it is looking today in america presidential politics, america has chosen George Bush for four more years, now what does that mean to Black People in america, I will tell you what it mean, in term of change, not one thing, our Black life will continue to suffer the abuse and disrespect as usual and would have even if John Kerry had won..........[more]

Afrika, The Holy Of Holies, Now Allowed To Be Treated As A Whore By The World
By: Osiris - Chief Elder

She once was the darling of the world, Holy and divine, so decreed by that which made her, residing in all of her majesty, fearing no man as she was protected by the gods among mankind, Carbon in appearance and godly by nature, I speak of none other than Mother Afrika and her Natural Children.........[more]

Brother Osiris will be keeping the Black community updated on the most current Black experiences effecting our lives. Visit regularly for new information that could help you overcome and make the best of your everyday experiences.

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