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JimNeusom (36K)James "Jim" Neusom
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A Myspace Conversation With EA's Top Black Game Developer
By Jim Neusom
May 31 2006

Los Angeles - Anthony "Otacon" Inman ( is a lead developer for EA Games. Anthony Is a graduate of MIT, he is a child prodigy game designer, currently working for EA Games. Anthony has worked on gamer classics like Halo, Madden, and he just put the finishing touches on what's sure to be everyone's favorite Christmas stocking stuffer...Superman.......[more]

Net Neutrality and You
By Jim Neusom
The City Lights Reporter

Los Angeles - Net Neutrality is a new age term that you should be very aware of. Currently congress is reevaluating telecommunication laws that will define the future of the Net. As an online activist, I'm always encouraging my readers to take action. Most of us, only think of our governmental representatives come election time. But what they do everyday, affects your freedom, opportunities, and most importantly your pocket.......[more]

CES in Black
By Jim Neusom
Jan 13 2006

Las Vegas NV - Last week the consumer electronics industry held its annual showcase of products and services for the coming year, the 2006 International CES show (CES). As my readers know, I advocate participation in trade shows and conventions as a priority for Black business and self-empowerment.......[more]

temptations (19K)Survey Results - 100 Most Popular Black Christmas Carols
By Jim Neusom
Dec 31, 2005

Los Angeles - I sent out a message on December 2nd, asking readers to name their 5 favorite Black Christmas carols. The message was seen by approximately 10,000 adult Black Net citizens (meaning they have subscribed to a specific online community), on over 300 websites, newsgroups, bulletin boards, and online communities.......[more]

shoppingonline (3K)Holiday Shopping with Black America
By Jim Neusom

Greetings family,
The holidays are quickly approaching and all the industry reports are pointing to an up year in online sales and purchases. Last year established the Monday after Thanksgiving, as officially the Internet's best online shopping day of the year...Cyber Monday! Web shoppers are expected to boost holiday spending online to $18 billion this year, a 25 percent increase from 2004, according to Forrester Research.......[more]

lbj (21K)The Legacy Of The 1965 Voting Rights Act
By Jim Neusom

August 6, 2005 marked the 40th year of the Voting Rights Act, signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson on August 6, 1965. In celebration (or patronization) of this historic event, many of you saw a lot of specials and features, by the mainstream media.......[more]

pinguin (2K)What's Worse - Mexico's Image of Blacks or Hip-Hop's
By Jim Neusom - July 2, 2005

I've written many times on the bastardization of hip-hop by corporate America. Now the question is; has Hip-Hop become the politically correct, new age "Sambo" caricature of our time???.......[more]

Websites That Promote Your Video/Film For Free
By Jim Neusom

Los Angeles - Since I reported on Google's new video search engine beta test, I've received a ton of emails (and surprising enough, phone calls) asking how independent film, and music producers can get in on the action. Unfortunately, when I reposted the original story , I simply forwarded it to my online journal/blog (see links below) as part of my normal distribution to newsgroups and bulletin boards........[more]

African American Business Summit 2005
By Jim Neusom - May 2 2005

As many of you know, I'm always happy to help publicize events that promote pride in our culture and/or share needed knowledge to our people. Turning Point Magazine, California's premier Black business publication, has announced the itinerary for this years African American Business Summit 2005........[more]

A Strong Black Women Needs Your Help - Save SciFiNoir
By Jim Neusom - May 15 2005

Tracey de Morsella (formerly Tracey L. Minor) is a nationally recognized and honored Black technologist. I have been knowing and seeing her good work for over 10 years. If any one has earned the title of "Old-Men-Of-The-Net" (sorry Tracy) it is this dynamic strong Black Women. She needs YOUR help, right now (see original message below).......[more]

newtech (3K)CES Review - The Five Technologies To Watch In 2005
By Jim Neusom
Jan 10 2005

This year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada (Jan 6-9), set multiple records for attendance, exhibition space and exhibitor participation. CES has become the world's largest annual consumer technology trade show and exhibition.........[more]

The ABCs of Online Film Distribution
By Jim Neusom - 11/04/04

The 2004 elections proved one thing for sure; Yes Virginia...There is a point-to-point online consumer film market. Websites such as Atom Films ( and iFilm ( with their politically based low-budget short animated films, did this year to movies, what Napster did to music...........[more]

The 2004 Buying Power of Black America
By Target Market NewsR (
The Black Consumer Market Authority - 9/08/04
Contributed By Jim Neusom

Despite tighter economic times, African-American households are significantly increasing their expenditures on consumer electronics for the home, according to the newest edition of "The Buying Power of Black America" report. In many categories such as video games, televisions, CD players, cable TV service and sound equipment, black households are spending more on average than their white counterparts..........[more]

Dealing With Spyware
By Jim Neusom

It happens to the best of us and at sometime in the life of your Internet experiences it will happen to you .... a Spyware/Browser attack!......[more]

blakely (7K)Is Blakely A Get Out Of Jail Free Card?
By Jim Neusom - Sep 24, 2004

Tens of thousands of cases have been affected by this decision, past and present. Essentially the Blakely decision strikes down most State sentencing guidelines and throws into question whether or not even the 20-year-old Federal guidelines are constitutional under the Sixth Amendment right to a fair trial......[more]

Brother Jim Neusom will be keeping the Black community updated on the most current social and technology news. Visit regularly for new information that could help you overcome and make the best of your everyday experiences.

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