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sullivan (15K)E. Lee Sullivan
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Everything I Believed Was A Lie
By E. Lee Sullivan

From Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy (as Moms Mabley said, "And when I found one, it was drag." To Jesus was white with blonde hair and blue eyes, God is a white man, Columbus discovered America, (which is still taught in school today), to black skin, big noses, wide lips, naturally curly hair, (i.e nappy) was bad and a sign of inferiority, to Iraq had something to do with 9/11 and AIDS/HIV came from monkeys....[more]

Please, Call Me Nigger!
By E. Lee Sullivan

Thank God for the Internet, even though, right now, at this very moment, plans are being laid to overtake, control and limit, its' continuous, uncensored spread of factual information to the populous, someone e-mailed a fantastic article describing the origins of the now infamous "N" word.....[more]

Are We Having Sex Too Fast?
By E. Lee Sullivan

Back in the day, (don't you just hate that phrase) relationships were built, formulated, designed and had true direction.....[more]

Black Mothers Need To Wake Up!
By E. Lee Sullivan

Oprah began to cry as she interviewed New York Jets football star Laveranues Coles, who first released his story to The New York Times about being molested for years by his stepfather.....[more]

burningflag (3K)America's On Fire.... We Don't Need No Water, Let The Mother *#@~%^! Burn!
By E. Lee Sullivan

Watching Travis Smiley's State Of The Black Union 2006 on C-Span, Dr. King's historical statement concerning integration, "I fear I might be sending my people into a burning house." was made by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, who retracted his invitation because of medical reasons but chartered a plane to be present (not to mention it was Savior's Day weekend).....[more]

The Willie Lynch Curse: Can We Lift It In 06?
By E. Lee Sullivan

There was much emphasis on The Willie Lynch Papers in 2005, from the movie "Animal" with Jim Brown and Terrance Howard, to radio talk shows, to the Internet, newspapers and magazine articles, and if you don't know who Willie Lynch is, then what is said about you is true, you don't read.....[more]

plantation (3K)A Slave and Plantation Mentality
By E. Lee Sullivan

The present Bush regime has caused the greatest job deficit in decades. Nine million Americans out of work, social services cut, and here in Georgia Medicaid went broke. So are African American people banning together to overcome our specific hardships or are we acting like slaves on the master's plantation.....[more]

drama (3K)How To Be "Drama" Free
By E. Lee Sullivan

Once I asked my father for financial help to have a root canal done. His response was "I had help, I should have kept it."

Even though he did give me the money, I understood that he is "Old School" and believes that a woman should stick a marriage out, no matter what the circumstances. ("Tina should have stayed with Ike." a quote from James Brown).....[more]

Negroes Made In America
by Lee Sullivan

Before you say you aren't a Negro I suggest you check the definition, anyway, I see them as they prioritize their energy for chasing sex and drugs instead of efforts that would lift African Americans out of the throes of modern day slavery and the fears imposed upon us by our oppressive enemies.....[more]

Are African Americans Facing Genocide?
By Lee Sullivan

Just in case you don't know the meaning of the word genocide, it is defined as "systematic measures for the extermination of a cultural or racial group"....[more]

The Question of Peace and Happiness…Spirituality in 2005
By E. Lee Sullivan, BS, MA

The age old question of what brings one peace and happiness could still be brought into debate: money, security, pleasure, self gratification, power, are but a few considerations when it comes to answering this question....[more]

Are African Americans The Descendants Of Christ?
By Lee Sullivan

Recently I watched "The Secrets of the DaVinci Codes," (by the way there are two available DVD's at Blockbuster you can rent if you care to research this issue further and not just wait for the movie to come out, which I'm sure will be tainted) and saw Christ and his wife Mary of Magdalene portrayed and portraitured as white people and was compelled to write this article....[more]

praying (1K)Where Can I Find God?
By E. Lee Sullivan

A man was under a street light on a corner searching for his key, when another man approached him and asked what he was doing. "Looking for my key." He replied. "Can I help you?" "Sure!" So after searching and looking, the second man said, "I can't find it, are you sure you lost it here?"...[more]

The Internet: The Truth Is Out There
By E. Lee Sullivan

Sculley and Mulder believed it, but do you?

The Internet is now being blamed for the report that questioned President Bush's service in The National Guard. NBC's anchor Tom Brokaw, who stepped down on December 1, blasted what he called an attempt by the Internet to demonize CBS and Dan Rather who aired the story on 60 Minutes..........[more]

Morals or Money?
By E. Lee Sullivan

Putting my house on the market, I've discovered that wonderful line from Jasmine Guy in Eddie Murphy's movie, "Harlem Nights" was true, "In the business you can't trust anybody cause everybody is a crook." .........[more]

Black Relationships-Black and Ugly
By E. Lee Sullivan

There are many ways to interpret this title. Black relationships are black and ugly because of the high divorce rate among African Americans. The high cases of AIDS reported from Black women who contacted the disease from their Black husbands/significant others who are bisexual or as it's termed in the new millenium, on the down low, or simply the large number of African American males and females with HIV and AIDS..........[more]

Is America Wagging the Dog?
By E. Lee Sullivan

As we move closer to the November elections, the current events are liken to a soap opera, As the World Turns, Days of our Lives, The Young and the Restless, what we need is Guiding Light.........[more]

downlow (4K)Are Sisters On The Down Low?
By E. Lee Sullivan

This millennium has ushered in a vast number of articles on and about a relatively new catch phrase "Down Low" or "DL", that decades old lifestyle, (if not centuries old). It's been no secret that for an awful long time men have been sleeping with other men while perpetrating a fraud that they were heterosexual. Some were even married with wives who appeared clueless. Men on the other hand, in the past, have revealed that they could spot a "closet sissy"; it's just that those conversations were "closeted"........[more]

mckinney (2K)Who is Cynthia McKinney?
By E. Lee Sullivan

Cynthia McKinney became one of the first members of Congress to demand a thorough investigation into the events of September 11 and responsibly asked the questions "What did this Administration know, and when did it know it about the events of September 11?" Who else knew? And why did they not tell the innocent people of New York? Since then she has been vilified and targeted by Georgia and national Republicans.......[more]

Why Are We In Iraq?
By E. Lee Sullivan

As the death toll mounts in Iraq, tens of thousands of Iraqians, over one thousand American troops, dozens of suicides, thousands wounded, I keep wondering, why are we there, what good does it serve?......[more]

blkvote2 (14K)Tavis Smiley's Commentary...Should We Hold Our Vote?
By E. Lee Sullivan

Recently Tavis Smiley gave a commentary on The Tom Joyner Morning Radio Show, his theme was, I feel, holding the Black vote (amongst other issues). He began by quoting from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and continued with a quote from Harriet Tubman, "I freed hundreds but I could have freed more if they only knew they were enslaved."......[more]

Ms. E. Lee Sullivan will be keeping the Black community updated on the most current social issues effecting our lives. Visit regularly for new information that could help you pursue a more positive lifestyle.

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