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Junious Ricardo Stanton
Lawnside, NJ

Junious Ricardo Stanton was born on February 18, 1948 and raised in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He attended Philadelphia public schools graduating from Germantown High School in June of 1965. He enrolled in Cheyney State College in September of 1965 and graduated in May of 1969 with a B.A. in Liberal Arts, English major and Social Science Minor.

Upon graduating from Cheyney Junious enrolled in the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Fine Arts earning a Master of City Planning in 1971. He married Sonjia Harmon in August of 1970 and in August of 1972 he began working as a juvenile probation officer in Philadelphia.

In November of 1990 Junious began producing and hosting a weekly radio program on WHAT 1340 AM called POSITIVELY BLACK . Shortly after he started the radio program he began writing a local column by the same name for Scoop USA a community newspaper serving Philadelphia., Chester Pa. and New Jersey. Later he self -syndicated the column to the National Newspaper Publishers Association becoming one of several popular NNPA columnists.

Mayor Mark K. Bryant offered Junious a position on the Lawnside Planning Board and he began serving first as an alternate and eventually moving up to become the Planning Board Chairman. When Councilman Vernon Moore died in 2001 Mayor Bryant asked Junious to fill out the remainder of the councilman's term which he did and he successfully ran for re-election with Councilwoman Juanita Johnson Clark in 2001.

Currently Councilman Stanton is the President of the Borough Council and Chairman of the Public Safety Committee. In addition to his civic responsibilities Councilman Stanton continues to contribute to several newspapers and Websites, he is still involved in activist radio producing and hosting two Internet radio programs The Digital Underground and The Cyberspace Sanctuary on and the Blake Radio Network respectively.

The NeoCons Rob From The Poor, Give To The Rich
By Junious Ricardo Stanton

The conmen, crooks and shysters of the Bu$h Crime cabal under the guise of Compassionate Conservatism have succeeded in fleecing the AmeriKKKan public yet one more time. Using their cronies who operate the corporate mind control apparatus these rogues and sociopaths have surpassed even the predatory and bloodsucking antics of their robber baron forefathers by using a cunning campaign of disinformation, fear-mongering and intimidation to distract, dummy down and coerce the populous into believing evil is good, wrong is right, war is peace, theft is charity and privation is prosperity.......[more]

Elites Admit The Real Goal In Iraq
By Junious Ricardo Stanton

The Bu$h administration and the corporate mind control apparatus have floated another trial balloon to test the reaction of the comatose AmeriKKKan public. The Bu$h cabal little by little are preparing Joe and Jane Sixpack for the real agenda of the ruling elites, the long term presence of US occupation forces in Iraq (and other places)......[more]

Democrats Sold US Out
By Junious Ricardo Stanton

If there ever was any question the Democrats tricked the AmeriKKKan people and sold us out by siding with the Bu$hites, Zionists and NeoCon warmongers, their capitulation to Bu$h on the recent Iraq funding bill should erase any lingering doubts......[more]

The Economic Reality of Racism
By Junious Ricardo Stanton

In case any black folks are living in total denial and think things are rolling along smoothly and all is copasetic, the harsh reality is the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting shafted and black folks are losing ground economically and politically......[more]

The Problem Reaction Solution Con Game
By Junious Ricardo Stanton

The ruling elites are using the bogus issue of immigration to ratchet up their surveillance and gulag system of repression and lock down. This is a classic example of what some call the problem-reaction-solution scenario where the shot callers manipulate or foment a situation, like illegal immigration, (allowing immigrants to stream across porous borders spurred by devastating economic conditions in their home countries exacerbated by IMF and World Bank policies and imbalanced trade agreements like NAFTA and CAFTA) and they use the media mind control apparatus and staged events like the massive nation wide demonstrations we witnessed several weeks ago to create tension and controversy about a particular issue.....[more]

richandpoor (25K)The Rich Get Richer While The Poor Increase
By Junious Ricardo Stanton

The mainstream media better known as the AmeriKKKan corporate mind control and propaganda apparatus has better things to do than tell the truth, provide meaningful analysis of current events, pertinent economic trends or challenge the status quo. No their objective is to serve as stenographers and cheerleaders for the NeoCon agenda and for the most part obfuscate the dismal failures and wholesale treason of the Bu$h administration.....[more]

The AmeriKKKan Police State
By Junious Ricardo Stanton

It is clear the United States of AmeriKKKa has descended into a moral abyss that will be its' ruination as the megalomaniacal depravity of the ruling elites and their stooges like George W Bush force their New World Order agenda on the gullible masses. Joe and Jane Six-pack suffer from what I call the "ostrich syndrome".....[more]

Tell and Share Our Story
Junious Ricardo Stanton

Things aren't always what they appear. Looking around the world today one could say, the white skinned peoples are the most technologically advanced, have the highest standard of living and enjoy a lifestyle that are the envy of the rest of the world. If you had no sense of history, geography or the past, you might believe this was the way things always were.....[more]

blkwomen (3K)Let's Honor and Celebrate Our Women
By Junious Ricardo Stanton

The Indo-European (Eurasian, Aryan, Semites etc) cultural legacy of psychopathic patriarchy and oppression towards all women, even their mothers, ala the Western Oedipus complex has manifested itself everywhere Caucasians set foot on this planet and interacted with First World (indigenous) peoples.....[more]

More Power To Ya
Junious Ricardo Stanton

The mind control apparatus of the ruling oligarchy is actively dummying us down, desecrating us (debauching our divinity) and orienting us towards total manipulation, soon the whole world will be subsumed in their debased values, virulent class stratification, wage and debt peonage.....[more]

The Media Is Making Us Crazy
By Junious Ricardo Stanton

Africans in AmeriKKKa spend an inordinate amount of time watching television and consuming mass media in general. The content, imagery, values and music in the programming are taking a massive toll on our psyches and nervous systems.....[more]

The New New Orleans
By Junious Ricardo Stanton

New OrleansI watched the US Supreme Court decision in Kelo v New London with great interest because as a borough councilman in a small historically African-American incorporated self governing town we are facing opposition to a proposed redevelopment plan ourselves. I must admit at first I was surprised by the 504 decision. However after thinking about it, given the influence of corporatism in contemporary AmeriKKKa, I'm not shocked. After all, this is the same right wing leaning court that awarded the presidency to George W Bush in the infamous Gore v Bush decision of 2000.....[more]

Race, Rescue and The Politics of Hurricanes
By Junious Ricardo Stanton

The recent category 5 hurricane named Katrina that devastated much of the Gulf Coast has exposed the hydra of racism, incompetence, callousness and crass class warfare percolating beneath the AmeriKKKan psyche that usually is covered by a phony veneer of social equality and color blind openness.....[more]

Look Beyond The Headlines (Lies)
By Junious Ricardo Stanton

The racist corporate media mind control apparatus likes to portray Sub-Saharan Africa as a disease, famine, poverty ravaged region exacerbated by government corruption and malfeasance but the truth of the matter is Africa is in the position it is in due to five hundred years of European invasion, colonization and neo-colonial administration. Africa was carved up partitioned and galvanized by Europeans at the infamous Berlin Conference of 1885-86. ....[more]

creditcard (1K)Higher Minimum Payments Coming
By Junious Ricardo Stanton

Analysts and financial observers are predicting more personal bankruptcy filings this summer because the new bankruptcy law which was passed by the US House and Senate recently goes into effect on October 17, 2005. The law essentially drafted by the credit card companies and lending institutions makes it harder for working folks to declare bankruptcy....[more]

Self-Love the First Step In Self/Group Healing
By Junious Ricardo Stanton

For us to truly understand the underlying reasons for our self-destructive behaviors, the lack of trust and respect for one another that fuels the high rates of fratricide and suicide in our communities we have to look at the ongoing trauma we experience as a result of our condition in this country....[more]

War Clouds on The Horizon
By Junious Ricardo Stanton

The corporate media mind control apparatus is serving as propagandists, stenographers and megaphones for the warmongers' incessant clamoring to launch yet another ill advised war against another weak nation that has done the U.S. no harm and in so doing will solidify the world's opinion of AmeriKKKa as a ravenous rogue state...[more]

Conspiracy Skeptics
By Junious Ricardo Stanton

The two words the mind control apparatus use to marginalize anyone who dares suggest the AmeriKKKan ruling elites are attempting to transform this nation into a fascist state or that massively rampant corruption and criminality exist at the highest levels of the AmeriKKKan government are: conspiracy theorists and liberals.....[more]

Freedom of The Press?
By Junious Ricardo Stanton

There is an old adage that says, "The first casualty of war is truth". Since George W Bush decided to launch his bogus War on Terrorism, Truth with a capital T has taken a major hit. The corporate mind control apparatus serves essentially as cheerleaders and megaphones for the Bush administrations lies about 9-11, the reasons for invading Afghanistan and Iraq and now offers its services in imperialist insanity by trumpeting the party line about Iran and North Korea!...[more]

It is Your Duty To Throw Off Such Government

As we stand on the threshold of a brand new year and the ruling elites hoped for New World Order, we must reassess where we are, the country's direction and determine what, if anything, we can do to alter the insane direction they are leading us...[more]

Reasons To Celebrate African History
By Junious Ricardo Stanton

Amidst the cacophonous clamor of disinformation, Orwellian spin and outright lies, a piece caught my eye in the local newspaper. It was from the New York Times News Service and it told of a recent announcement of findings by a group of scientists geologists, paleoanthropologists, biomolecular researchers and anatomists who have concluded the bones found by Richard E. Leakey along the Omo River in southern Ethiopia in 1967 were about 130,000 years old.........[more]

This Is How They Are Dummying Us Down
By Junious Ricardo Stanton

Looking at the state of AmeriKKKan culture we are witnessing alarming tends that do not bode well of us now or into the future. AmeriKKKans are more obese and getting fatter at an earlier age which will lead to adverse societal health complications.........[more]

The Unraveling of the AmeriKKKan Dollar/Empire
By Junious Ricardo Stanton

"It is now obvious the invasion of Iraq had less to do with any threat from Saddam's long-gone WMD program and certainly less to do to do with fighting International terrorism than it has to do with gaining control over Iraq's hydrocarbon reserves and in doing so maintaining the U.S. dollar as the monopoly currency for the critical international oil market.........[more]

The U.S. Is Failing World History
By Junious Ricardo Stanton

As AmeriKKKa drunk with ambitions of global hegemony and empire staggers and stumbles in Iraq and Afghanistan it is becoming clearer and clearer on the home front the ruling elites and plutocrats who were counting on an "easy A" have not done their homework in world affairs and history.........[more]

Shutting Down Independent Thought and Dissent
By Junious Ricardo Stanton

Last week the US FBI moved to shut down over twenty Independent Media Centers by seizing the servers used by the grassroots collective. The servers were located in England according to an original report in the Guardian. No information was provided for the rationale for the warrant and seizures............[more]

Iraq And The AmeriKKKan Empire
By Junious Ricardo Stanton

If the corporate mass media truly had the best interests of the AmeriKKKan people at heart, there would have been robust debate and discussion prior to the invasion of both Afghanistan and Iraq...........[more]

Religious Warmongers
By Junious Ricardo Stanton

Slogans like "Civilizing The Heathens For Christ" "Manifest Destiny" "The War to End All War" "Making the World Safe For Democracy" to the current "War on Terrorism" are propagated to rally the gullible to do the bidding of the plutocrats..........[more]

The Income and Information Gaps Are Widening
By Junious Ricardo Stanton

The Bush administration in a move reflecting an ongoing pattern and standard method of operation (MO) has attempted to suppress the fact more AmeriKKKans are living in poverty and increasing numbers of AmeriKKKan citizens lack basic health insurance. The Bush administration ordered it's representative at the Census Bureau to release figures earlier than usual at a time when the alarming numbers will not emerge following the Republican National Convention.........[more]

The Same Ol' Same Ol' In The Sudan
By Junious Ricardo Stanton

There are extremely legitimate reasons for the Africans in Sudan to oppose and resist Arab hegemony and oppression but the Europeans have colluded to undermine and co-opt this legitimate liberation struggle for their own nefarious purposes........[more]

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