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My name is Dan Hardman, and welcome to the Burning Bush, where traditional Bible teachings are intelligently challenged for the purpose of highlighting truths and exposing myths concealed in the scriptures we hold so dear. If you go to, you can visit my home page and read more about my credentials, and me, and get a peak into my own personal philosophies, and send me your responses.

You can also review and order your copy of my book, Essays from Church - Volume One: A social commentary on one of the world's most anti-social organizations - The Christian Church.

Love Train
By Dan Hardman

The O'Jays had a song back in the '70's called Love Train. It went, "People all over the world, join hands. Start a love train, love train…" I am calling for all men in America to start a love train, a love train that will carry our children and ourselves out of the darkness of loathing and into the light of true love. As you read the following, I hope you will be moved to get on board this new love train that is moving albeit ever so slowly at present, but I believe will soon gather a full head of steam......[more]

akeela (1K)"Akeelah and the Bee" - Can you say, "Academy Award Nominee"?
By Dan Hardman

OK, I knew I was in for something special, but I didn't know how special. Today my son and I went to see this movie and we were blown away. So, I thought I would come home today and put my new education (graduated on May 13th with a BA in Film & TV) to work for you. I will attempt a basic analysis of this film, and give my reasons, although they carry no weight, for why "Akeelah and the Bee" should be nominated and hopefully win an Academy Award for "Best Something"......[more]

Who's in Control?
By Dan Hardman

Genesis 1v26: "And God said, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And, let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth."......[more]

blkfather (2K)A Father's Love
By Dan Hardman

In the Bible, there's a story about two women's dispute over a child. The women and the child in question are brought before the King who makes an unthinkable decision - split the baby in half by sword and give one half to each woman! One woman immediately speaks saying, "no, let the baby go with the other woman so the baby may live."........[more]

Essays from Church, Volume 1
by Daniel Hardman

Why do we have Christians, Muslims, Catholics, Buddhists, and so many religious sects? Why are there so many varieties of the same thing? Because there are so many different people. But in our society today, this American society, variety allows for competition. Does the old saying, "Variety is the spice of life" have a deeper meaning when it comes to religion in America? I think so.....[more]

Party Over Here
By Dan Hardman

Recently, I was listening to talk radio, as I am want to do, and I heard a young sister call into this show (that will remain nameless), and begin to talk about the ongoing Christmas flack that has become a standard talking point on conservative talk radio. Mind you, this was a "liberal" talk show.....[more]

New Title - By Dan Hardman

Penknife Press introduces another new author, Daniel Hardman. His debut book, Essays from Church, Volume I, is a collection of thoughtful musings reminiscent of some of the writings from the 1960s. The ISBN for the book is 0-9741949-6-4. Here is the introduction. Visit our website at for more information.....[more]

Essays from Church - Volume One (Penknife Press: ISBN 0-9741949-6-4; $10.95 paperback),
by essayist Daniel D Hardman is a call for action to African Americans to reform their religions, social practices, and culture for recreating new attitudes and behaviors in both themselves and America, and introduces him into the mainstream of Black critical thinkers and motivators.....[more]

Delany"The Quest for Black Power" Part 3

I have been immersed in the writings of one the most remarkable and inspiring black men ever to walk within the borders of the United States of America, Martin R. Delany. I am moved to say that if ever a man could embody the idea of Black Power, Martin R. Delany did....[more]

A Change is a-Comin'

Over the last few years some interesting developments have made me aware that drastic changes are at hand. It's been a while since I wrote anything for my column specifically religious, but this is certainly required. I do not mean to alarm, only to inform and make aware to you that the changes we have seen here in America may have a deeper meaning far beyond merely paying more at the pump or the loss of a few thousand jobs.......[more]

The Quest for Black Power - Part 2

When on a quest in search of something it helps if one can recognize what one is looking for. Black power has been buried by centuries of white oppression and legalistic dog piling. Ironically, African American's anxiety over Black Power, despite all the talk about having it, has caused us to avoid it like the plague. In truth, we would not know Black Power if it jumped up and bit us in our Afros and dashiki's........[more]

blkpower (2K)The Quest for Black Power

Since the beginning of the Black man's time here in America, actually from the time he was first captured in Africa, placed in chains and forced onboard the first slave ship, he has searched for a means to restore himself to a place of power.......[more]

"Black Leaders" in America: Jesse #1 or Jesse #2? Part 2

Recently, several incidents occurred in the black community that left us stunned. 13-year-old Devon Brown was shot dead in Los Angeles by a police officer that, after a brief, low-speed pursuit, shot and killed young Devin for driving a car. He was unarmed......[more]

"Black Leaders" in America: Jesse #1 or Jesse #2? Part 1

I mean really, has anyone ever heard Jesse Jackson say, "I am a leader in/of Black America"? If yes, then the first question to him should have been, "And who (s) elected you, Jesse, to this position?" If no, then why all the hullabaloo over the media's portrayal of him as such?......[more]

Signs of the Times:
The State (?) of Black America - The best reason ever to have a "state" of our own.

A few weeks ago, I delved into a subject that many have heard about, but few have seriously considered Black African American independence. As I explored this topic on Afromerica Morning Talk, we ventured into many areas. Subtopics related to this proposition were discussed at length........[more]

Unemployed Warriors - Part II

This past weekend I watched that classic black movie "Car Wash". It was a trip back to the 70's, when everythang was everythang, and cool was spelled "kkul'. My wife and I watched and laughed, enjoying this trip down memory lane. At the end of the movie came, for me, the point of the whole thing.........[more]

Unemployed Warriors

I must confess I am at a loss as to where, even how to begin this article. Its subject matter is so delicate that I almost tremble as I type these words. Last week I read a book called Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, an African author.........[more]

My Resolution - Part Two

I know many of you will disagree. You will say that we should turn to the church, to the servant, to God for our salvation. Poppycock!! How many churches can you count along a two-mile stretch in any black community? Now, how many intellectual meeting places can you count in that same two-mile stretch? Exactly, none!........[more]

My Resolution - Part One

This being the beginning of the New Year, I thought it a good time to clearly state, with appropriate resolve, my purpose for this column. The still Burning Bush is not only for religious issues. In time, I intend to address, from the perspective of the whole black person - religious, social, political, economic, psychological, biological - every element of black life through critical analysis.........[more]

The Lord's Prayer - Part Two

So, onward and upward we go. This month, I want to examine the example Jesus gave in the scripture on prayer. Here it is:.........[more]

The Lord's Prayer

Last month's article dealt with the purpose of religion in man's life. Do you ever wonder why man is the only creature to practice religion? Goats don't go to church, birds don't take communion, and dolphins, tuna, lions, or water buffalo don't hold Bible studies. One may think it asinine to entertain these thoughts for more than a second, but let's examine this in light of a larger issue, school prayer..........[more]

Moving On Up!

The next question is, now what? What is the motivation to be a Christian, or religious, or try to live good or right?

This is the question we left off with last time. If we all are born again after, in, through death, then what is the advantage to being a Christian, or a Jew, or a Muslim or anything else? Religious groups claim to serve the purpose of opening the door and granting access to God and heaven.........[more]

You Must Be Born Again!

There is a lot of church doctrine that has its basis in mythology rather than the truth and reality of what Jesus taught or that God is supposed to have said. Being born again is just such a doctrine. The importance of this subject requires a look at the actual scripture (KJV) for reference in order to begin the discussion:........[more]

warflag (7K)The War At Home

We have a lot of nerve, huh. Being more concerned about gay marriage than about America being at war with another country that neither attacked, threatened to attack, nor provoked an attack. White America, so plagued by its own historical racism that it so desperately tries to escape it by, of all things claiming to be "color blind", has only succeeded in causing their own hypocrisy to become more visible.........[more]

Addressing the Gay Marriage Issue

It is time to let freedom ring with such a deafening thunder that it's ringing shakes the very foundations of our nation, inspiring peoples on every continent to find heart and launch their own move toward breaking the oppression that binds them. It's July, hot and sweltering, so let's keep it hot by jumping right into the thick of things, and start by addressing the Gay marriage issue........[more]

Brother Dan Hardman will be keeping the Black community informed on issues concerning the church and righteous living. Visit regularly for new information that could help you overcome and make the best of your everyday experiences.

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