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charris (75K)Cathy Harris
Afromerica Columnist
Atlanta GA.

Author Bio

The Truth about Grant Money and Businesses: Another Urban Legend
by Cathy Harris

Urban legends, old wives tales, community myths, misinformation, and misconceptions - no matter what you call it - they continue to plague the community......[more]

The E-Word - Education
by Cathy Harris

With all the talk of the N-word, everyone needs to focus their attention on the E-word - Education. The E-word comes up quite often but not often enough. You can usually hear the word thrown around when our so called would be politicians or incumbents make promises that they have no plans of keeping. Watch them when they crawl out of their holes during election season and use the E-word to get re-elected again......[more]

A Call to Action for Law Students
by Cathy Harris

Law students who are young and full of energy must be utilized in the community. This would not only give law students the experience they need, but it would also help with the workload of attorneys in the community. The community needs to build relationships with law students at law universities. These students usually hang out at law libraries and usually don't mind giving free legal advice to others. Community leaders should create opportunities for law students and paralegals to work cases in the community and earn credit for schooling......[more]

proflie (3K)The Many Forms of Racial Profiling
by Cathy Harris
April 20, 2006

Prior to 9/11, racial profiling was frequently referred to as 'Driving While Black.' Now the practice can be more accurately characterized as driving, flying, walking, worshipping, shopping, working, breathing, or staying at home while black, brown, red, yellow, and Muslim or of Middle-Eastern appearance......[more]

Ms. Cathy Harris will be keeping the Black community updated on issues of family, Justice and Law that will strengthen our lives. Visit regularly for new information that could help you pursue a more positive lifestyle.

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